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Song Reviews: Beyonce, Zayn, Rihanna, Flo Rida, and Future

There are tons of new songs recently and here are my reviews with those songs:

Beyonce- Formation
It’s been quite a long time since Beyonce released a single. It seems she is back with this new song “Formation” which has been highly controversial. The song which talks about discrimination against black people, Louisiana, police brutality, etc. received backlash as well as its music video. She is even accused of being a racist. The song’s structure is hip-hop and R&B and reminds me of her own song “7/11” and I don’t think the sound is something new compared to her other songs.
Rating: 6.75 out of 10

Zayn- Pillowtalk
Finally, Zayn got to release his first ever single as a solo artist after almost one year of leaving One Direction. The song is about in a relationship which feels like a paradise and warzone, according to its lyrics, which simply means the relationship is strained. Zayn finally got to take control of his own sound which is R&B with electronic sound.
Rating: 8 out of 10

Rihanna ft. Drake- Work
Rihanna is finally back with a single for her new album “Anti”. The song which she collaborated again with Drake after some singles they released in the past already accessed the top 5 in many territories. The song wasn’t just as good as her past carrier single songs, though it is catchy. The phrase “work, work, work, work, …” was just too overused.
Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Flo Rida- My House
The song may be released a few months ago but it just gaining a momentum at this moment as it finally reached the US top 5. The song is a mid-tempo R&B hip-hop song and it is undeniably catchy.
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Future ft. The Weeknd- Low Life
Rapper Future this time collaborated with R&B singer The Weeknd and the song sounds like exactly the fusion of the two artists. The song which is in slow-tempo is something you can hear from old records of The Weeknd.
Rating: 8 out of 10

Yearend Special: Top R&B and Hip-hop Albums of 2015

R&B music may not be as hot as it was a decade ago but there are lots of R&B albums released this year. However, at this yearend chart, most albums that made impact were from rappers and there’s only one artist who’s purely a singer. Here are the impactful R&B/hip-hop albums this year.

Drake- If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late
Drake may be one of the biggest rappers this day and I think behind Eminem when it comes to success. This record incredibly debuted on top again and even crossed millions in sales.The album was successful both commercially and critical response.

KendrIck Lamar- To Pimp a Butterfly
This is highly praised by the critics and I also included this album for the ten top albums and underrated albums of the year. Despite the success it wasn’t too overstated. The album easily entered on top of US’ Billboard 200.

Drake & Future- What a Time to Be Alive
Drake is undoubtedly the top male artist this year. His collaboration with Future and also released surprisingly easily sold thta fast to settle at the summit of American charts. The album also contains some nicely written tracks.

Fetty Wap- Fetty Wap
He can be considered as the top breakthrough artist this year due to surprisingly successful and viral hit songs. This self-titled debut from the rapper climbet to the apex as expected. It may not be as huge as the singles but still considered one of the top R&B/hip-hop records this year.

The Weeknd- Beauty Behind the Madness
The Weeknd is a no stranger in music as he already scored some top 10 albums. But just this year when he received mainstream attention. It started with the successful collaboration with pop star Ariana Grande for “Love Me Harder” and the “Fifty Shades of Grey” contribution “Earned It”, it led to the release of his new albums which received commercial and critical appeal and even settled with two number 1 songs.