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Five- Invincible: Top 10 Singles in US and UK / Memorable Chorus of a Song

Five- Invincible

United States- Five didn’t do much impact in United States with their second album “Invincible”. Despite charting at number 108 with their second album, no singles charted at the Hot 100, thus, no top 10 hit.

United Kingdom- Five maintained their popularity with their second album “Invincible” because of its singles released. In fact, they even did better as they produced number 1 hits unlike their self-titled debut album. Four singles were released from the album. Check their top 10 hits in the country:
If Ya Gettin’ Down- #2
Keep On Movin- #1
Don’t Wanna Let You Go- #9
We Will Rock You (with Queen)- #1
Apparently, all the singles released from the album peaked inside the top 10. They had two number 1 single which were “Keep On Movin” and the remake which featured original artist of the song “We Will Rock You”. “Don’t Wanna Let You Go” was their lowest peak at number 9, but still considered a hit. “Keep On Movin” was the album’s biggest selling single reaching Gold Record by BPI. The guys repeated their history with all of the singles ranging 4 to 5 released reaching the top 10 which started with the number 2 hit lead single “If Ya Getting Down”, one of their big hits then.

“Keep On Movin” was the most known single by the group internationally. It was also a hit in Asia, not just in United Kingdom. Their other single “We Will Rock You” was not their original so I picked “Keep on Movin” to share. Enjoy the video which is a live performance below and the song’s chorus:

Keep On Movin (Chorus)
Get on up When you’re down, baby,
Take a good look around.
I know it’s not much, But it’s okay.
We’ll Keep on movin’ on anyway

Credits: OCC / Wikipedia
Lyrics from azlyrics.com and songwriters of the song (Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher, Jason Brown, Sean Conlon, Richard Breen)
Video from Youtube / MonsterlyInLove2

Five- Five: Top 10 Singles in US and UK and a Memorable Chorus of a Song

Five- Five
United States- Five did well in United States after scoring at least three singles to chart there. But they only had 1 top 10 single which was:
When the Lights Go Out- #10
“When the Lights Go Out” was their only top 10 single and became a Gold Record by RIAA with repodted sales of 800,000 copies. However, they peaked at number 86 with first single “Slam Dunk (Da Funk)” and number 53 with “It’s the Things You Do”.

United Kingdom- Five at least released five singles in their country, UK. All of those songs reached top 10 namely:
Slam Dunk (Da Funk)- #10
When the Lights Go Out- #4
Got the Feelin’- #3
Everybody Get Up- #2
Until the Time is Through- #2
With all of those five songs reached the the top 10, Five became the biggest UK boyband in the country. “Slam Dunk (Da Funk)” started their success but “When the Lights Go Out” gave their first international success. Their biggest selling single in the country though was the number 3 peaking “Got the Feelin'” based on its sales.

Five had these songs became successful internationally too. To see their biggest hit combined, it was “When the Lights Go Out” which was the most successful. It is mys econd favorite single from them which became big in Asia. But my favorite single from the album was “Until the Time is Through” despite sounding a boyband cliched song. Check the chorus of the song and enjoy the music video.

Until the Time is Through (Chorus)
Baby now and forever,
Until the time is through (Until the time is through),
I’ll be standing here,
Waiting and never give up my faith in you (Give up my faith in you),
Trying to make it clear,
Without your love, I’d be half a man, Maybe one day, You’ll understand,
Now and forever, Until the time is through

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Lyrics from azlyrics.com and songwriters of the song
Video from YouTube / FIveVEVO

Album’s Singles Review: “Invincible” and “Kingsize” by Five

Invincible (album)
Five released their second album “Invincible” which did pretty well in UK and some countries. The album reached number 4 there and went 2x platinum. In United States, it was less successful compared to their debut album. It is no different from their debut album as it contains pop, dance pop, and hip-hop songs.

If Ya Gettin’ Down
“If Ya Gettin’ Down” was the first single from “Invincible”. The song is dance pop and became a hit in many countries as it reached top 10. In United Kingdom, it reached number 3.
Rate: 7.0 out of 10

Keep on Movin’
“Keep on Movin'” was the second single from Five’s second album. The song is a pure pop song and it sounds catchier than its predecessor. It was as successful but it was notable for reaching number 1 in UK.
Rate: 7.25 out of 10

How Do Ya Feel
“How Do Ya Feel” was part of “Invincible” but used for Pepsi The pop song was not able to chart though.
Rate: 7.0 out of 10

Don’t Wanna Let You Go
“Don’t Wanna Let You Go” was the official third single from Five’s “Invincible”. It is a pop song which sounds too cliche for boybands. It was a top 10 hit in United Kingdom.
Rate: 7.25 out of 10

We Will Rock You (with Queen)
“We Will Rock You” is actually a cover song which featured the original band of the song Queen. The version has went to number 1 in United Kingdom, the second chart-topper from the album.
Rate: 6.75 out of 10
Kingsize (album)
Five’s third and last studio album was “Kingsize“. It reached number 3 in United Kingdom but sales was too low compared to their previous albums. The same sound was incorporated in this album.

Let’s Dance
“Let’s Dance” was the first single off “Kingsize” album. It is a dance pop song with rap verses. It reached number 1 in United Kingdom.
Rate: 7.25 out of 10

Closer to Me
“Closer to Me” was the second single from Five’s third album. The ballad seemed a farewell song from the guys and it reached number 4 in UK.
Rate: 6.75 out of 10

Rock the Party
“Rock the Party” was the last single by the group. The guys were shown in animation on its music video.
Rate: 6.25 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / FiveVEVO

Boybands Who Had Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Backstreet Boys / Westlife / Boyz II Men / Five

Backstreet Boys
United States- In US, Backstreet Boys scored 2 number one albums. It was their second US album “Millennium” and “Black and Blue”  Not just reaching number 1, both albums sold more than a million on its first week.
United Kingdom- Despite scoring more than ten top 10 singles in UK, Backstreet Boys never had a number 1 album there. However, 2 albums peaked at number 2.

United States- Westlife wasn’t that successful in America so they never had a number 1 album there. Their only album to chart was “Westlife” which only peaked at number 129, a very low position.
United Kingdom- Westlife has been the most successful non-UK band in United Kingdom. They had a total of 7 number 1 albums there. Their first album to reach number 1 was their second album “Coast to Coast”, followed by “World of Our Own”, their compilation album “Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits Volume 1”, “Turnaround” (last album with Bryan McFadden), (their first album without Bryan) “Face to Face”, “The Love Album”, and their last number 1 album was “Back Home”.

Boyz II Men
United States- Boyz II Men is one of the most successful all-male R&B group. They had multi-platinum albums and scored at least two records to reach number 1 in Billboard 200. Their second album which is simply called “II” went to number one and was a diamond awardee, followed by “Evolution”, their last album to go multiplatinum.
United Kingdom- Despite scoring hits in United Kingdom, Boyz II Men never scored a number 1 album there. Their highest peaking album in UK was “Cooleyhighharmony” at 7th.

United States- Five may had cracked the US market but didn’t have a number 1 album there. They only had two albums to chart with “5IVE” as their most successful only peaking at number 27.
United Kingdom- All of Five’s 3 albums went to top 5 in United Kingdom. However, their only number 1 album in their home country has been “5IVE”, their first album.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Top 15 Boyband Hits of 2000s to Present

Boybands may have gone hiatus during the first half of 2000s but some of them remained while others existed during the last five years. Here are the biggest hits from them during the said period.

One Direction- Live While We’re Young
Being dubbed as the biggest boyband of their time, this song carried their second album which was a big seller. It hit the top 10 of many countries as well as UK and US both peaking at number 3.

NSYNC- This I Promise You
One of the most romantic ballad from a boyband, this song which was Richard Marx penned, propelled to US top 5 in late 2000.

Five- Let’s Dance
This may be from the last album of the group but it still became a huge dance hit topping UK’s official chart.

One Direction- One Thing
This song was from 1D’s debut LP and hit the top 40 and top 10 in US and UK, respectively. But it was a bigger hit accross Asia. Also, the video is among any boyband and 1D’s most watched videos on YouTube.

Westlife- Uptown Girl
This song topped UK and parts of Europe and Asia in 2001. The Billy Joel original was intended for Comic Relief in UK for 2001 and eventually became the group’s seventh UK chart-topper.

NSYNC- Girlfriend
This is officially the last single from the boyband and was huge closing for them as it was hit as it hit topped 5 in several territories including US and UK.

98 Degrees- Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)
The guys tried something different incorporating Latin music is a success for them when this song peaked inside the top 5 in the US and some countries.

Blue ft. Elton John- Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
This song failed the US charts but the impact in Europe is too wide and even stretched to Asia. It was the biggest hit from the pop/R&B group which featured the original singer of the song.

Backstreet Boys- Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely
Taken from their 1999 album, this one was released during the wake of 2000. It was a top ten hut in many territories which was a good opening for the decade for BSB.

NSYNC- It’s Gonna Be Me
Following the success of “Bye, Bye, Bye”, this song never failed and even became the group’s first number one hit on Billboard. It was top ten hit in major charts worldwide.

The Wanted- Glad You Came
When this song was released, it seems another boyband will break records. But this song was not duplicated by The Wanted. Still, it was multiple platinum in the US after number 3 peak and number 1 hit in UK.

Backstreet Boys- Shape of My Heart
As a carrier single for BSB, this song will surely be a big hit for them. It was huge in major charts but was a number 9 hit in US. Lowest among their top 10 hits.

One Direction- Story of My Life
Due to incorporating folk in this song, it was well received by many people. Even non-Directioners loved the song which was a top ten hit globally.

NSYNC- Bye, Bye, Bye
Who can forget the fastest selling album of all time in US? This song propelled the album’s sales as it was a top ten hit worldwide. The video was very iconic that made it a big impact in music industry.

One Direction- What Makes You Beautiful
The song was the boyband’s first single and yes, it topped their native UK and top 4 of US. It was a sleeper hit as the song eventually became the biggest selling boyband single ever. It is also the most watched boyband video on YouTube ever.

Top 16 Boyband Hits of 1990s

Boybands became very popular during 1990s, particularly in the second half despite boybands already existed during the first half. It is the time when the term ‘boyband’ became known. Boybands were hated by many especially those rock fans and they were even stereotype in music. Other boybands even deny themselves as boybands. In the list below were the top 15 boyband hits during 1990s. It is not according to sales, rather, how much a song made impact.

98 Degrees- The Hardest Thing
The group made big hits in 1999 which included this R&B ballad that hit the top 5 of Billboard. Guess what? It even peaked higher than Backstreet Boys’ biggest worldwide hit.

Five- When the Lights Go Out
The five (apparently with their band name) hit the charts with this song and shown a potential to come on par with Backstreet Boys. However, it was not sustained and this song became their biggest and only top 5 in US. While internationally, it was huge especially in Asia and Europe.

Backstreet Boys- As Long As You Love Me
This is a top 5 hit in majority of the countries but did not made it in Billboard Hot 100, though it was an airplay success. It remains one of BSB’s signature mid-tempo hits.

98 Degrees- Because of You
This was 98 Degrees’ first top 5 hit and was cool enough for the ears with its R&B melody. The song was also successful in Asia.

Westlife- Swear it Again
This was the Irish lads’ first ever single and started a string of number 1 hits in the UK. In the US, it remained their only hit as it reach the top 20.

New Kids on the Block- Hangin’ Tough
Before Backstreet Boys, NKOTB already made a handful of hits and this upbeat track is one of their staple hits.

NSYNC- I Want You Back
With the song’s sound, you will think it’s a BSB song. But wait, they eventually became rival of BSB when this song hit top 10 in many countries.

Backstreet Boys- Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
This upbeat track is one of the most memorable song and video of the band because of its horror theme. It was a top ten hit in many countries.

Boyz II Men- On Bended Knee
One of the biggest ballads of early 1990s and followed the 2 number one hits of the band.

Boyzone- No Matter What
The song only charted in component charts of Billboard and did not made a huge impact in the US, but it was huge elsewhere and one of the biggest selling boyband singles.

New Kids on the Block- Step By Step
This is the memorable hit of the band. Once I heard the words “step by step”, the song comes to my mind. It was a big number 1 hit then.

Backstreet Boys- Quit Playing Games
This is officially the group’s first big hit as it hit top 10 elsewhere it charted, which included a top 2 position in the US.

Boyz II Men- I’ll Make Love to You
This song about romance is a brother of the group’s previous hit at the time with its sound. It eventually became the longest number 1 hit in Billboard Hot 100 by a boyband.

Take That- Back for Good
This beautiful ballad became a big hit anywhere and finally their entrance to US market for hitting the top 10. Nevertheless, it is their only hit there.

Backstreet Boys- I Want it That Way
This song hit number 1 or top 5 in every country it charted. Yet, in the US, it failed the top 5 and only sat at number 6. Still, it remained their biggest hit due to huge impact on people.

Boyz II Men- End of the Road
This is one of the biggest boyband hit ever. It topped the US for 12 weeks! Wow! It was an achievement that only Boyz II Men only achieved! Their succeeding song topped for 13 weeks but this song was a bigger hit internationally.