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Female Artists With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Norah Jones / Nelly Furtado / Dido / Meghan Trainor

Norah Jones
United States- Norah Jones has one of the biggest selling albums since 2000 in the US with “Come Away With Me”., her first number 1 album and certified 11x platinum by RIAA. Her two albums “Feels Like Home” (sold more than 1 million on its first week) and “Not too Late” became number 1 albums too.
United Kingdom- Norah Jones scored three number 1 albums in United Kingdom. The first album “Come Away With Me” went number 1 with BPI certified 8x platinum. It was followed by “Feels Like Home” and “Not Too Late”.

Nelly Furtado
United States- Nelly Furtado has scored one number 1 album in the US which is “Loose”. It was double platinum there, however, “Whoa Nelly” which peaked lower has scored more sales, though with the same double platinum certifications from RIAA.
United Kingdom- Nelly Furtado failed to reach number 1 in UK albums chart. However, her debut “Whoa Nelly” was very successful but where it peaked at second.

United States– Dido failed to reach number 1 in Billboard 200. Nevertheless, she peaked at 4th with “No Angel”, while 2nd with “Life for Rent”. The albums went 4x and 2x platinum repsectively, by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Dido did well in her country where her first two albums went number 1. “No Angel” and “Life for Rent” were both big sellers in UK, with 10x platinum for the former, and 9x platinum with the latter.

Meghan Trainor
United States- Meghan Trainor had a huge debut album in the United States with “Title”. The album was one of the biggest sellers in 2015 when it reached number 1 and a platinum certification from RIAA. A new album is under way and might be a charttopper again.
United Kingdom- Meghan Trainor’s “Title” was also successful in United Kingdom, where it also debuted at number 1 and BPI certified platinum.

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