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Female Artists With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Beyonce / Taylor Swift

United States- Beyonce had released at least a total of five studio albums. All of those albums debuted and reached the top of albums chart. Her first solo album which is “Dangerously In Love” debuted at number 1 and remains her biggest seller. It was followed by her record “B-Day” which was a fast seller and certified 3x platinum by RIAA. One of her notable albums was her third number 1 album “I Am… Sasha Fierce”. Her obviously fourth album “4” might have been her lowest selling album, but it still debuted at number 1. “Beyonce” was her fifth album, as well as her fifth number 1 album, topped the charts despite a surprise release, and was her fastest seller too.
United Kingdom- Beyonce got the same success in United Kingdom despite only two of her five albums went to number 1. Those non-number 1 albums peaked inside the top 3 and went platinum to multi-platinum status. In fact, her third album which peaked at number 2 “I Am… Sasha Fierce” was her biggest selling albums in the country with BPI certification of 5x platinum. Her two number 1 albums in the country were “Dangerously In Love” and “4”.

Taylor Swift
United States- Taylor Swift is among the biggest female singers during the last 10 years in America. She at least scored four of her five albums reached number 1. Her self-titled debut album may only had peaked at number 5 but it went to 5x platinum by RIAA. Her first number 1 album was her second release “Fearless” which was her top seller with 7x platinum. “Speak Now” was a success for selling more than a million copies in just a week and was certified 4x platinum. The same happened with “Red” forĀ  first week million sales and 4x platinum status. Her recent album “1989” also sold a million in one week and now at 5x platinum mark.
United Kingdom- Taylor Swift had her two of four albums to reach number 1. The other two albums went to top 10. “Red” was her fourth album which became her first number 1. Her album “1989” reached number 1 and was her biggest seller at 3x platinum by BPI.

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