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Female Artists With Number 1 Albums and Singles: Madonna / Selena Gomez

United States- Madonna can be said as the most successful female artist around. In United States, she scored a total of eight number 1 albums. But if we include her top 10 records, she has a total of 21 to reach the top 10 which included her compilation and soundtrack albums. Her first number 1 album was “Like a Virgin”, which was certified 10x platinum by RIAA. It was followed by the 7x platinum awardee “True Blue” and 4x platinum record “Like a Prayer”. She came back to number 1 in 2000 with “Music”, the controversial “American Life”, disco-inspired “Confessions on a Dance Floor”, urbanized “Hard Candy”, and “MDNA”. She recently went number 2 with “Rebel Heart”. Some of her albums went to top 5 but were successful to which includes the 4x platinum electronic-inspired album “Ray of Light” and the compilation “The Immaculate Collection”, which was 10x platinum. She scored platinum and multi-platinum in some of her albums.
United Kingdom- Madonna is the most successful female artist who able to grace the music industry in United Kingdom. She had a stunning total of 12 number 1 albums in the country. She also attained numerous top 10 albums. All of these albums were studio albums, soundtrack albums, and compilation albums. Her number 1 albums were: “Like a Virgin”, “True Blue” (7x platinum by BPI), “Like a Prayer”, “Evita” (soundtrack album she topbilled), “Ray of Light” (electronic album, 6x platinum), “Music” (5x platinum), “American Life”, “Confessions on a Dance Floor” (dance album), “Hard Candy”, “Celebration” (compilation album), and “MDNA”. Her most successful was the compilation album “The Immaculate Collection” for scoring 12x platinum by BPI.

Selena Gomez
United States- Selena Gomez has scored two number 1 albums in United States with her albums “Stars Dance” and the current one “Revival”. As Selena Gomez and The Scene”, she never had a number 1 album, but all went to top 10.
United Kingdom- Selena Gomez never had a number 1 or even a top 10 album in United Kingdom, but all of her albums, including as Selena Gomez and the Scene, went to top 20 with “Revival” as the highest charter at number 11.

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