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Female Artist With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Demi Lovato / Ariana Grande / Kelly Clarkson

Demi Lovato
United States- Demi Lovato scored a number 1 album with her second release “Here We Go Again”. She had a total of 7 top 5 albums including the “Camp Rock” soundtracks. Two of her albums went to number 2. Most of her albums were certified Gold Record by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Demi Lovato never had a number 1 album. She had two top 10 albums though with “Demi” (number 10) and her current “Confident” (number 6).

Ariana Grande
United States- Ariana Grande has two albums that were released and both albums went to number 1. Her first album “Yours Truly” did very well and went Gold Record. Her second album “My Everything” did even better which has gone platinum by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Ariana Grande’s two albums didn’t go to number 1. However, both albums went to top 10. “Yours Truly” went to number 7. Her second LP “My Everything” went to number 3 and was certified Gold Record by BPI.

Kelly Clarkson
United States- Kelly Clarkson is one of the top female artists in the US since 2000. She had scored three number 1 hits which started with her first album “Thankful” which was released fresh from her win from American Idol. Her second number 1 album was her third release “All I Ever Wanted”, and her current “Piece By Piece” as her third charttopper. Her four other albums went to top 3. Her biggest seller was her number 3 peaking “Breakaway” which was 6x platinum certified by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Kelly Clarkson may have failed to reach number 1 with any of her albums in United Kingdom, but she had a total of five top ten albums in the country, with “My December” as her highest peak at number 2. Her biggest selling album was “Breakaway” which sat at number 3 and BPI certified 5x platinum. She also had another top 3 albums in the country and got certifications.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

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