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Music 10 Fs: Fall Out Boy to Family Affair

1. Fall Out Boy
They were one of the great bands during the last 10 years. My favorite song of them was “Sugar, We’re Going Down”. Their recent hits were “Centuries” and “Uma Thurman”.

It is the fourth album by British boyband One Direction. It was less successful than their previous albums, but it still can be considered as a hit. It scored two hit songs “Steal My Girl” and “Night Changes”.

3. Face Down
It is a song by rock band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. It is a good song but I prefer the song “Your Guardian Angel”. I remember I always play thatng before.

4. Fifth Harmony
They were one of the popular girlbands today, aside from Little Mix. They were formed by Simon Cowell back then from the US version of X-Factor, just like One Direction and Little Mix, which both was formed in X-Factor UK Edition.

5. Funky Divas
It was the most notable album by R&B girl group En Vogue. It was very successful during the first half of 1990’s and featured the hits “My Lovin'(You’re Never Gonna Get It)” and “Free Your Mind”.

6. Faint
It is a song by the American band Linkin Park. It was a rock song which was taken from “Meteora” album, and released as a second single next to “Somewhere I Belong”.

7. Florence and The Machine
They were such a great band and I love their song “Dog Days are Over”. Florence Welch’s voice was just haunting. Their recent album was “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”.

8. Fallin’
The first ever single released by Alicia Keys. It was a popular song from 2001 and was taken from Alicia’s multi-million seller “Songs in A Minor”.

9. Forever Your Girl
The album from Paula Abdul. It was even her most successful album as it went to number 1 in United States according to Billboard.

10. Family Affair
This was the most popular and most successful single from Mary J. Blige. It was taken from her multi-platinum album “No More Drama”.

Video from YouTube / FallOutBoyVEVO

Setting My Playlist

I am a big fan of music and I make my playlist every time. Now I am setting up my playlist and picking up songs to include in my current playlist. I had listed at least twelve songs for my playlist and it would be good now that the 2016 is about to start. Here are the new songs I included in my playlist:

Adele- When We Are Young
I love this song for its conveying melody and Adele’s vocals is superb. Also, I can feel her the hearts coming from her heart.

Justin Bieber- Love Yourself
I used to listen to this already but not yet on my list. It is a nice acoustic ballad.

Coldplay- Everglow
For me, it is the best cut from their new album and I just included it on my playlist.

Alessia Cara- Here
This young singer is promising. I like her voice, musicality and how she shun from the way people loves to live like based on this song’s lyrics.

Drake- Hotline Bling
I just added it on my playlist as it is a good midtempo jam. Never mind Drake’s dance moves though.

One Direction- History
It was not yet released but I think it is one of the best tracks from “Made in the A.M.”

Fall Out Boy- Centuries
I know it is quite an old song but I just learned to like it and now on my list.

Charlie Puth- One Call Away
This beautiful ballad was recently performed by Charlie in Miss Universe. It was a beautiful ballad that’s why included it here.

Gwen Stefani- Used to Love You
I love the synth and the whole sound as it brings some breeze while listening to it.

Justin Bieber- I’ll Show You
I am loving synths in music and it is in this song. Also, this song reminds me of Owl City.

Fetty Wap- 679
I love how rhythmic Fetty Wap is and it is in this song so I listed it here.

Dawin- Dessert
The song is very catchy and will surely make you move when listening to it.

Yearend Special: Top Singles by a Group 2015

Maroon 5- Sugar
When Maroon 5 turned to pop music, they always made big hits. This sweet and sugary song simply called “Sugar” became the album’s biggest hit after managing the second position in the US and one of UK’s biggest sellers this year.

One Direction- Night Changes
One Direction has proven they can make great ballads. This song went to top 10 and top 40 of UK and US respectively, and a big hit over Asia.

Fall Out Boy- Centuries
Fall Out Boy may have failed a top ten entry at some time but they made huge comeback as this song went multi-platinum in US.

Walk the Moon- Shut Up and Dance
This lovely danceable rock tune made a breakthrough this year as it peaked at number four both in US and UK according to Billboard and OCC.

One Direction- Drag Me Down
One Direction has broken record in streaming through this song when it came out. It also became their sixth top 10 in the US according to Billboard and was number 1 in UK.

Fall Out Boy- Uma Thurman
The song which may not be exactly about Uma Thurman but just a reference, went to the top 22 of Billboard Hot 100.

R. City ft. Adam Levine- Locked Away
This song is still hitting the charts at the moment. The song which features Maroon 5’s Adam Levine was a global top 10 hit.

Little Mix- Black Magic
The UK girl group came back with this catchy pop song which easily taken the top spot in UK. It also charted in Billboard Hot 100.

One Direction- Perfect
In support for “Made in the A.M.”, this second single became the boys’ second top 10 from the record and managed the second spot in UK.

Fifth Harmony- Worth It
This can be the girls’ breakthrough as it made to the top 15 in US and top 3 in UK. The saxophone-infused song already went multi-platinum.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Yearend Special: Top Rock Songs of 2015

Here are the top 10 rock hits of 2015 in no particular order:

Fall Out Boy- Centuries
This is such a different sound as I found this an epic rock song. It was multi-platinum in the US when it cracked the top 10.

Florence & the Machine- What Kind of Man
With Florence Welch’s haunting voice, this indie pop and rock tune was top 10 rock hit and top 40 in official charts worldwide.

Hozier- Take Me to Church
This controversial song hit the Grammys this year and became a multi-platinum succes worldwide after breaking the top globally.

WALK THE MOON- Shut Up and Dance
I love this danceable rock tune with 1980s vibe and a testament of its succes happened when it broke the top 10 in many charts all over the globe.

Fall Out Boy- Uma Thurman
The song had used name-dropped the actress’ name in this lovely rock top 40 hit.

Imagine Dragons- I Bet My Life
It was a light folk rock song that became a top 40 hit. This is my favorite song from their album too.

Mumford and Sons- Believe
Going alternative, when I first heard this song, the 2000s Coldplay came to my mind. It was a good effort and worth to listen to. It also hit the top 40 in official countdown and rock top 10 charts.

Elle King- Ex’s and Ohs
After being released last year, the song finally hit the top 10. The song was from actor Rob Schneider’s daughter which I never expected she wa his child.

Sheppard- Geronimo
This song was just catchy when I first heard it. It’s like the 1980s rock and indie rock and pop was infused into a good song. It was considered a certified hit.

James Bay- Hold Back the River
The British singer have such a unique voice and I heard it in this great pop rock tune. It was big hit in many territories which included his hometown UK.

Yearend Special: Top Rock Albums of 2015

Rock music may not be as huge as other genres this year but there were great bands who did very well with their comeback albums. All the bands in this list were not strangers inusic industry except Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. However, its lead Noel Gallagher is already a staple in rock music scene through Oasis. Here are the successful rock albums this year.

Fall Out Boy- American Beauty / American Psycho
Fall Out Boy’s biggest success was through their album “Infinity on High which scored a number of big hits. They had two minimally successful albums but their comeback this year “American Beauty / American Psycho brought them back on top of albums chart and scored hit single “Centuries”. This can be considered the biggest rock album this year.

Mumford and Sons- Wilder Mind
Mumford and Sons did very well few years ago with their LP “Babel”. However, the band which is used to folk rock music shifted to more alternative and reminded me of Coldplay sound. The album is still a number one album and was one of the biggest rock releases this year.

All Time Low- Future Hearts
With positive reviews and commercial success, this album from the punk rock band became their biggest release ever. It was at the top two of US and number 1 in UK when it was released.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds- Chasing Yesterday
Noel Gallagher was a member of one of the biggest British rock band Oasis. He formed this band which was called Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds as they first released their self titled LP four years ago. Now with this album, it was successful for hitting the US top 40 and UK number 1.

Imagine Dragons- Smokes + Mirrors
They are one of the most successful bands during the last 5 years and now they came out this year with this LP which scored the rock hit “I Bet My Life”. This was a chart-topping album when it’s out.