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Oasis- Don’t Believe the Truth / Dig Out Your Soul: Top 10 Singles in US and UK

Oasis- Don’t Believe the Truth
United States- Oasis returned for “Don’t Believe the Truth”. It had released three singles but again, it failed to score a chart hit. The song “Lyla” reaches number 19 at the alternative music charts.

United Kingdom- Oasis again reached the apex with their 3x platinum album “Don’t Believe the Truth”. It released three singles, and see which made to the upper 10 position:
Lyla- #1
The Importance of Being Idle- #1
Let There Be Love- #2
Oasis achieved another success on singles charts for scoring their 7th and 8th number 1 singles with “Lyla” and “The Importance of Being Idle”. “Let There Be Love” became a number 2 hit. It shows that the band achieved a total of three top 2 hits, and not just the top 10.

Oasis- Dig Out Your Soul
United States- “Dig Out Your Soul” was the last album Oasis released. It released three singles again, but no top 10 hit was recorded. However, they had at least a number 12 hit on alternative music charts with ” The Shock of the Lightning”.

United Kingdom- Oasis’ “Dig Out Your Soul” was the last single released, and as usual, it was a top seller there and was awarded 2x platinum by BPI. It had released three singles again, and here’s what made it to top 10:
The Shocked of the Lightning- #3
Falling Down- #10
Oasis’ “Dig Out Your Soul” was their first album not to score a number 1 hit since their debut “Definitely Maybe”. It scored their 22nd and 23rd top 10 singles though with the number 3 hit “The Shock of the Lightning” and number 10 for “Falling Down”.

Oasis had five singles from the albums “Don’t Believe the Truth” and “Falling Down” in United Kingdom. “Lyla” and “The Importance of Being Idle” were number 1 hits in UK off the album “Don’t Believe the Truth”. But I had chosen “Lyla” to share since it is their most notable release during the era of the two albums.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Albums by: Oasis
Video from YouTube / OasisVEVO