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My Choice 10 Musical Films

I have seen tons of musical films, either it was theatrical or comedic. It’s just fun to watch them. But there were some musical that are more serious especially those seen on Broadway and adopted into film.

10. High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Teen musicals can be fan too. We heard lots of pop tunes in this third installment of Disney’s High School musical trilogy. Among all the 3 films, for me it is the least likable but it doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

9. Hairspray

The film’s setting was in 1960s and featured A-list artists which includes John Travolta. It also marks Zac Efron as first musical big screen film after successful High School Musical TV films. It was good to see John in musical films again.

8. Evita

A film about Argentina’s first lady Evita Peron and was based from a musical. It became Madonna’s most successful film and gained her awards.

7. Dreamgirls

This is a story about a girl group patterned after The Supremes. Jennifer Hudson did so well and it became a major highlight of her career despite not one of the top 5 of American Idol before this film. She even flourished in this film after winning Best Supporting Actress in Oscar than its lead Beyonce.

6. Mamma Mia

Adapted into film from a musical, it was turned into film and became huge in box-office and based on the hit song of Swedish pop group ABBA. It regained sales for ABBA too, as well as success for the soundtrack album. Amanda and Merryl did the film well.

5. High School Musical

The first film of the series. Storywise, it’s better than the first one but it’s my second choice from the 3 films. It was only made for TV and was seen by hundreds of millions worldwide.

4. High School Musical 2

The reason why this is my first pic among all HSM movies is because of the music. The first has better story but the songs in the sequel was better.

3. Pitch Perfect 2

I am a Pitch Perfect movies fan. This is very hilarious but quite started at a low pace to get its story and the humor. After 15 minutes, it was all fun and you can connect its story to yeh first part.

2. Les Miserables 2012

I love how this was done in a film recently and Anne Hathaway who had a short performance in the film is the most memorable when she sang “I Dreamed a Dream”. You can feel the pain in her when she sang it.

1. Pitch Perfect

This is my favorite musical films ever because of its story and humor. Rebel Wilson was hilarious. I even remember this film every time I hear Ace of Base’s “The Sign”. Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” is a good song too. I watched the film several times and I will still watch it when I got the chance.

Four notable Disney Princesses turned pop stars

These ladies were formerly role models for teenagers and pre-teens during their time. Their squeaky-clean image was admired by many, even adults. But these former Disney princesses has evolved into pop stars, which eventually took sexier image.


Hillary Duff

Her fame went via her Disney TV show “Lizzie McGuire” which ran for about 3 years. After its success, film adaptation was made, though, a modest hit. She starred in a number of Disney films and eventually, released several hit albums and multi-million selling records. She took long hiatus when she focused on her family. She made a comeback after her divorce and scored top 100 hits and top 5 album. Among Disney stars in this list, she’s the least controversial.


Selena Gomez

Selena became a Disney star after starring in several Disney programs including “Wizards of Waverly Place”, the most notable series she starred in.   She became more known when she turned a pop star through Selena Gomez & The Scene and ended as a solo star which scored her multiple top 10 albums and top 10 hits. Her relationship with Justin Bieber was well-publicized until their break up. Now, she followed the route of most pop stars when she took sexier image. She’s set to release her new album.


Demi Lovato

I think she’s the best vocalist among the 4 in this list. I have seen her before in Barney & Friends just like Selena Gomez, and apparently took the same route when she became a Disney star and pop star. She rose to popularity through “Camp Rock” TV movie alongside Jonas Brothers and scored multiple hits. She’s out with new single and turned sexy in her recent performances.


Miley Cyrus

Miley was undoubtedly the most successful Disney star, likewise the most controversial too. Her role as ” Hannah Montana” was among the most successful Disney programs. The movie version was also a blockbuster. Hannah Montana soundtracks were multi-platinum sellers too. Her comeback through “Bangerz” saw the raunchy and aggressive Miley Cyrus which was criticized by many, which even helped her sales surge. She maintained that sexual and raunchy image since her recent performance and hosting at the VMAs.