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Music Talks: Choice Top 7 British Soul Singers

7. Corrine Bailey Rae
You might have heard her soulful voice with her big hit “Put Your Records On”, a song which takes you to reminisce of the good old days, but she had some other soulful songs on her records.

6. Paloma Faith
She is one of the longest female soul singers in UK and had multiple platinum albums. She’s still around and releasing music. Her recent hit album was “A Perfect Contradiction” which was already 2x platinum, and the number 6 hit “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”. Her voice is a classic soul with such power.

5. Duffy
Duffy quickly became successful with her debut. She was known for her top-selling album “Rockferry” and the number 1 single “Mercy”. However, her success stayed there as her succeeding releases failed to gain momentum. She also has a great voice, amd I can hear similarity with Paloma Faith.

4. Leona Lewis
She rose to success through winning “X-Factor UK”. Sje quickly achieved a number 1 album with “Spirit” and number 1 single “Bleeding Love”. But her popularity has gone down low. But she is one of the best voices. If only she did a music like other soul singers did, she might still be around and relevant.

3. Joss Stone
She was known for her hit albums “Soul Sessions” and “Mind Body and Soul” which has gone multi-platinums. Her voice is very soulful which hits the heart when you hear her voice.

2. Amy Winehouse
She has one of the best voices, unfortunately, she was gone too soon. Her album “Back to Black” has been huge and one of the biggest selling album during the second half of 2000’s.  Her voice is soulful and powerful and was like taking you anywhere.

1. Adele
She can be the voice of her time, and it translates to huge album sales. She is currently the biggest selling singer after albums “21” and “25”. Her voice even slips through your heart as you can feel what she feels when singing and she even tells a story while signing.

Video from YouTube / CapitolMusic

Singers with sweet voices

There are lot of talented singers. An artist with high vocal range was often regarded as talented, however, this with lower voices was viewed as less talented. Nevertheless, that’s not always the case. There are artists who has lower range but are good in technical way of singing. Some artists has clear as water voice with their diction. I used to be in awe with artists having the high vocal range but it has changed. I prefer lower but sweet voices now. Whether they sing up-tempo or down-tempo, you’ll love listening to their songs. I got tired of listening to artists’ higher vocal range. I felt like it was deafening when I listened to an entire album of a singer.

I created a list of singers with sweet voices after listening in some of them through my Spotify account. Here they are below:

Jason Mraz- It’s not just the voice, but on how Jason play with his voice. How about mid-tempo but happy songs of him? It is really nice to listen to him when you are relaxing.

Colby Caillat- Colby and Jason made a relaxing song before which is “Lucky”. However, Colby’s voice has always been sweet and “bubbly”.

Regina Spektor- This artist’s voice feels like taking me to a grassy windy place. In her song “The Call”, I feel like I am in a breezy place.

Corinne Bailey Rae- Her voice takes you to the past and reminisce. Well, her songs “Put Your Records On” is about that, like looking back at good old days.

Lily Allen- Despite her sweet voice, there’s fierceness in lyrics of her songs. But her vocals are relaxing when she made her cover of Keane’s hit “Somewhere Only We Know”.

Janet Jackson- What I love from Janet is her airy vocals. Even her R&B songs like “That’s the Way Love Goes” or “Got ’till It’s Gone”, it’s not exhausting to listen to. She may just be behind with regards to vocals with her contemporaries Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, but her vocals is sweeter than the two. Try listening to “Again” and hear her sweet voice.

Ed Sheeran- I often hear Jason Mraz in his voice when he debuted. But he got away from Jason’s shadow and made his own mark. His voice has his own gymnastic and can play and own a song he covers.