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Concert Ticket Prices

It seems concert ticket prices of foreign artists are very high. Recently, the Queen of Pop, Madonna just held her “Rebel Heart Tour” concert in the Philippines. The highest ticket price of her concert stands at PhP 57,750 which is more than $1,200. While general admission tickets costed more than PhP 3,000, equuvalent to $60+. It served as the most expensive concert ticket price in the Philippines by a foreign artist. And due to insistent public demand, the show was held in the country for two nights! It is the first time for Madonna to come and do a concert in the Philippines. She never came to the country decades ago knowing her sexual songs and image, that she might not be allowed to come. It took more than 3 decades of her career to finally come here, that’s why fans doesn’t mind the ticket price just to see her concert.

Looking back 20 years ago, another high-profile artist in the name of Michael Jackson held his concert in the country too. The ticket price was too high, though, it was half of Madonna’s recent concert. But converting it after the inflation, then the ticket price with Madonna’s concert is close. If Michael Jackson is still here and went to the country for a concert, then that might be too expensive too.

When Jennifer Lopez came to the country, VIP ticket price is also high. It ranged more than $500 or more than PhP 25,000. That’s similar to the last concert of Beyonce in the country too.

Last year, another high-profile concert was held too. It was the UK Ireland boyband One Direction. The ticket price was about PhP 17,000 or more than $360. Due to demands and request of fans, the show was extended to two nights. However, the concert doesn’t include Zayn Malik who went back home due to stress. After few days, he announced his departure from the group.

It seems high-profile artists demand high concert tickets. That’s because of their marketability. In the near future, there were more international artists coming to the country and expect high ticket prices.