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Albums that are more successful than its singles (2002-2004)

Here are the albums from 2002-2004 which its singles didn’t perform as successful as the album:

Britney Spears- Britney (2001)
This third album by Britney was released late 2001 but majority of its sales was from 2002 and most of its singles were released in 2002. It also went to number 1 in Billboard 200, her third consecutive charttopping album there. However, her singles from that album never had a major success, except “I’m a Slave for You” which hit the top 10 in many countries, but only settled at number 27 in Billboard singles chart.

Shakira- Laundry Service (2001)
This is the first ever English language album by Shakira, which was released late 2001, but most success came in 2002. The album was highly successful worldwide. Despite its heaps of sales, it only scored two major hits. “Whenever Wherever” and “Underneath Your Clothes” were two of those hits.

Norah Jones- Come Away With Me (2002)
This album has become one of the biggest selling albums of all time with approximately 26 million copies sold. Despite its huge sales, the singles in the album did not perform well. It did not even score a top 10 hit.

Coldplay- A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)
This album was Coldplay’s second album which performed successfully in the charts and according to Wikipedia, it sold around 19 million copies. This is the biggest sellng album by the band which its internationally biggest hit “In My Place” did not chart in the US. Three of its singles though hit the top 10 but not as lustrous as the album did.

Dido- Life for Rent (2002)
This second album by Dido is among the biggest selling albums of 2003 and already sold millions in 2002. But the only major hit from the album is “White Flag”. Other singles fared modestly in the charts.

Shania Twain- Up! (2002)
After years from the success of “Come on Over”, Shania Twain came back with this another successful album. The album was certified 10x platinum in America and multiplatinum in some countries, but it never managed even a single major hit.

Elvis Presley- 30 No. 1 Hits (2002)
This compilation album from the King of Rock and Roll did very well with estimated 12 million copies sold but with the remix of “A Little Less Conversation” the only single released.

Linkin Park- Meteora (2003)
Linkin Park scored a back to back multi-million selling studio albums with “Hybrid Theory” and this one. Despite the records’ success, none of its single became a worldwide hit. In some territories, some singles did well nonetheless.

Evanescence- Fallen (2003)
This became the band’s debut album and had successes both in 2003 and 2004. Despite the album’s success, it only had 2 major hit singles such as “Bring Me to Life” and the ballad “My Immortal”.

Norah Jones- Feels Like Home (2004)
Norah Jones continuous to sell briskly upon this album’s success which sold more than a million copies in just a week. It ended with sales of 12 million copies without a hit single released.

U2- How to Dismantled an Atomic Bomb (2004)
Released on late 2004, most of its sales were accumulated durin the remaining weeks of the year. This album from U2 was a worldwide hit with estimated 10 million copies sold. However, it only scored one major hit which is “Vertigo”.

Credits to Wikipedia / Billboard

Trends and Cliches in Mainstream Music (2000-2004)

Music is still very much alive from 2000-2004, however, album sales was seen on its decline. This was due to the rise of digital music and piracy. Still, we saw the trends in music with the rise of new artists, as well as trends in genres.

First-week million sales
It has been a phenomenon in music to sell one million copies in just one week. The record breaker for a long time was set on first quarter of 2000 when NSYNC broke sales with 2.4 million US sales. That same year, Eminem broke more than 1.7 million for “Marshall Mathers LP, Britney Spears second LP “Oops… I Did It Again” with more than 1.3 million and Limp Bizkit’s “Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog Flavored Water” with more than 1 million. Several artists this era reached a million in first week like Usher, Norah Jones and Backstreet Boys (had two albums with Millenium from 1999). NSYNC held the second place for a long time to with “Celebrity” with 1.8 million plus, and another album from Eminem.

Boybands going hiatus
Boybands enjoyed their peak during 1995-1999. They started the new millenium with a bang, but as 2002 started, boybands such as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC took hiatus. European boybands continued though like Westlife and Blue.

Going solo
As boybands and girlbands go hiatus, many members of those groups went solo. NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake achieved success with his debut. Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys though had limited success. While Beyonce of Destiny’s Child had her superstardom began in 2004.

Young female stars going sexy
We also saw the young female stars going sexier this era. Britney Spears left her role model image as she has gone sexy in her third album. Christina Aguilera is very notable though as she has shown her dirtiest image in 2002 with her video “Dirrty” and her breakout album “Stripped”.

Young female pop/rock stars
In 2002, Avril Lavigne rocked the charts with her debut album “Let Go”. Despite Michelle Branch first came out, she was not credited for the rise of pop/rock music. Vanessa Carlton had platinum success with her debut album, while Jennifer Love Hewitt released a pop/rock album. We also saw Hillary Duff and Ashley Simpson followed the pop/rock genre.

Rock bands
Rock has become a very popular genre in 2000 with the success of Limp Bizkit. Linkin Park became victorious too who scored the biggest selling rock album of the decade with “Hybrid Theory” and a huge second album “Meteora”. Nickelback, Coldplay and Creed became successful this era too.

R&B music
R&B music has been on its peak when year 2000 begun. It was led by Destiny’s Child, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Beyonce and others. Even pop stars incorporated R&B in their music.

Hip-hop music
Hip-hop music scene is very much alive this era too. We saw the success of Eminem, Nelly and Ja Rule, as well as the introductory of Chingy, 50 Cent and others.

Remixes has been popular too this era. It started when Jennifer Lopez topped the charts with “I’m Real” which led to the release of her remix album. The album set record when it went to number one. Other successful remix albums were from P. Diddy and Linkin Park.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Setting My Playlist

I am a big fan of music and I make my playlist every time. Now I am setting up my playlist and picking up songs to include in my current playlist. I had listed at least twelve songs for my playlist and it would be good now that the 2016 is about to start. Here are the new songs I included in my playlist:

Adele- When We Are Young
I love this song for its conveying melody and Adele’s vocals is superb. Also, I can feel her the hearts coming from her heart.

Justin Bieber- Love Yourself
I used to listen to this already but not yet on my list. It is a nice acoustic ballad.

Coldplay- Everglow
For me, it is the best cut from their new album and I just included it on my playlist.

Alessia Cara- Here
This young singer is promising. I like her voice, musicality and how she shun from the way people loves to live like based on this song’s lyrics.

Drake- Hotline Bling
I just added it on my playlist as it is a good midtempo jam. Never mind Drake’s dance moves though.

One Direction- History
It was not yet released but I think it is one of the best tracks from “Made in the A.M.”

Fall Out Boy- Centuries
I know it is quite an old song but I just learned to like it and now on my list.

Charlie Puth- One Call Away
This beautiful ballad was recently performed by Charlie in Miss Universe. It was a beautiful ballad that’s why included it here.

Gwen Stefani- Used to Love You
I love the synth and the whole sound as it brings some breeze while listening to it.

Justin Bieber- I’ll Show You
I am loving synths in music and it is in this song. Also, this song reminds me of Owl City.

Fetty Wap- 679
I love how rhythmic Fetty Wap is and it is in this song so I listed it here.

Dawin- Dessert
The song is very catchy and will surely make you move when listening to it.

Albums I Recently Downloaded in Spotify

I am a big fan of music streaming services and my favorite is Spotify. This year, I availed of Premium Subscription and my first month is free. But I am too early to subscribe as they offered 2 months free a month after I subscribed. Now, they are offering PhP9 (or estimated $0.20) for first three months of subscription. Not a bad offer though. It came after Apple Music offered 3-months free for Premium which was their initial offer to get subscribers.

Now, I am getting charged in my PayPal account PhP129 (or about $3) monthly for my subscription. It is not bad though as I am enjoying lpts of albums and songs. I get charged every 6th of the month and I am close to get charged again. I chose PayPal over credit card as mode of payment as I find it better and easier.

Since it is the season of new releases since there are a lot of people are purchasing records because of the holidays, I got the chance to download new albums (even not too new records) and save it to eb available offline. Here are the albums I recently downloaded.

Coldplay- A Head Full of Dreams
I am a huge Coldplay fan, however, I miss their old sound from their albums “Parachutes”, “A Rush of Blood to the Head” and “X & Y”. However, upon listening to this new album which has a new sound, I began to appreciate it. I love many of the songs especially “Fun” with Tove Lo, “Hymn for the Weekend” and the new ballad “Everglow”.

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
I had written a review of it recently here and I do think it is a great album. Nevertheless, I enjoyed their old albums more .

Janet Jackson- Unbreakable
I also written a review of this LP and I think it is a great album. It’s refreshing to hear songs that are not formulaic.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
I do think it is the best album of Justin Bieber due to its maturity and the fact that his sound has evolved.

Carly Rae Jepsen- Emotions
Critics say it is one of the best pop albums this year and I definitely agree. The 1980s sound is just refreshing.

I am hoping though that the album of Taylor Swift “1989” and the new and record-breaking album of Adele “25” be available so I can have them download for offline use.

Artists With Successful Debut 2000-2004

Since 2000, there has been great newcomers who are still relevant until now. Not all of them did but at least they got the taste of success.

Macy Gray
The R&B singer received success when both her first single “I Try” and album “On How Life Is” both hit the top 5. The album turned to be one of the biggest albums of 2000. Her follow-up album didn’t receive such success though.

Nelly became one of the top rappers of 2000s when he received success worldwide with second album “Nellyville”. Nevertheless, he had a successful debut album too when “Country Grammar” album went 8 million according to Nielsen Sounscand just in US. His other albums went platinum.

British band Coldplay was very successful with their debut album “Parachute”. It was multi-platinum particularly in Europe and native country UK. Their success extended until now after multi-platinum albums. However, their newly released “A Head Full of Dreams” is said to be their last.

Linkin Park
Linkin Park was one of the biggest bands since 2000s. Their first album “Hybrid Theory” was a sleeper hit when it was among the top sellers of both 2001 and 2002. They had multi platinum success with secodn and third studio albums. Their recent releases went platinum.

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys offered something new with her debut. Her single “Fallin'” was very successful then which led to 12 million in sales of “Songs in A Minor” LP, according to Wikipedia. Her second to fourth album became extremely successful too.

Before Ashanti’s success, she was seen as featured artists in rappers’ hits. Then she released “Foolish” which was number one in many countries. Her self titled album went to number 1 in Billboard Hot 100. Her second album became successful though.

Avril Lavigne
Avril became the next big thing when she debuted in 2002 as she went to number 1 when “Let Go”, her first album, became big seller both in 2002 and 2003. It scored 3 top 10 hits worldwide. Success went on with her other albums.

50 Cent
50 Cent is created records in 2003 when he became among the 5 big sellers that year through his album “Get Rich ir Die Trying”. In 2005, he sets record for big first week sales of his second LP “The Massacre”.

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson was hailed from Americal Idol and her debut album became number 1 in Billboard albums. It was successful which opened the way to her second album in 2004 and became her biggest album ever.

Sean Paul
Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul scored multiple top ten hits off from his debut album “Dutty Rock” which was successful too. Je had top ten hits with upcoming album then.

Norah Jones
Norah Jones slowly surged to the top and climbed up the charts after multiple wins from the Grammys. Her debut album Come Away With Me” sold 26 million according to Wikipedia while second album went 1 million in just a week.

Due to the success of “Bring Me to Life” the Amy Lee-led band received several millions in sales with album “Fallen”. Their second album is number 1 though

Maroon 5
Maroon 5 slowly picked up in sales until their second single “This Love” became worldwide successful which helped “Songs About Jane” achieved multi-platinum success worldwide. Until now, the band has sustained their popularity.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Music Crossover

Many artists who are stuck in a genre sometimes crossover to a genre they don’t use to. It may be to offer something different or to gain more fans. A lot of them succeeded, though some struggled in their new genre. Here are some of the artists who made crossover with their music

Taylor Swift
She may be the most successful artist who crossed over to pop recently. From a country artist who sits with her guitar, her pop crossover was well received and even gained fans not just in United States, but also in countries where she has minimal fanbase particularly in some European countries. In UK, she gained a lot of fans which is apparent with her chart positions since her albums “Red” (combination of pop and country) and “1989” (a full length pop album).

Maroon 5
They were known as a rock band with their debut “Songs About Jane”. However, they graduation turned into a pop band as time goes by from “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” until pop tunes became more popular through their LP “Overexposed”, which they took that formula for their current album “V”.

As a British alternative rock band, we heard their melancholic rock tunes from their first four albums. In fact, in every album they released, they offered something new. But with their album “Mylo Xyloto”, their usual sound has changed until “Ghost Stories” with more pop, EDM and synthpop sound. Still, their albums were successful.

One Direction
From powerpop and bubblegum pop, the British boyband gradually shifted to a more pop/rock sound through “Midnight Memories”. They adapted the sound but even got matured through “FOUR” and their current “Made in the A.M.”.

Lady Gaga
We’ve known her as the outrageous performer with EDM and pop music. With her successes during those era, she toned down and did something that she gained acclaim as a jazz singer with “Cheek to Cheek”, an album with legendary jazz singer Tony Bennett. The jazz album became a Grammy awardee and a chart-topper.

Top Rock Albums Since 2000: Coldplay, Limp Bizkit and Creed

Some of the biggest rock albums since 2000 came from Coldplay, Limp Bizkit and Creed. The three may be in the same genre, but their sounds were very different.
Coldplay- Parachute
The album quickly became huge in tgeir native country in UK but took awhile to make impact in the US due to lack of strong single to support it. In UK, the album went more than 2 million with the success of “Yellow”, their first top ten in the country. It eventually sold millions in the US.

Limp Bizkit- Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog Flavored Water
After “Significant Other” sold like pancakes in the US, Limp Bizkit quickly released during the late 2000 their follow-up “Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog Flavored Water”. The album became the fastest rock album stateside after selling more than a million on its debut week, according to tabulator Nielsen Soundscan. It’s success spread throughout the world.

Coldplay- A Rush of Blood to the Head
The band released their spphomore album which released 3 hit singles which appeared in UK top ten. “Clocks” became a top 20 track in the US. The album eventually became the band’s biggest seller when it comes to numbers and one of the 10 biggest selling rock album during the era.

Creed- Weathered
With the diamond success of “Human Clay” in the US, this album followed which became a big seller in the US. The album picked up sales internationally too especially in Asia where their songs were widely received.

Coldplay- X&Y
Coldplay made huge impact due to critical acclaim and this album sold more than 700,000 in just a week in US. It eventually became the biggest album for 2005 alongside a big comeback from Mariah Carey. It also scored their first US top ten song.

Coldplay- Viva La Vida and Death and All His Friends
If only sales are not declining, this album could have been their biggest as it scored their biggest hit and first number 1 single ever. It also became the biggest selling album during the same year it was released.

Coldplay- Mylo Xyloto
The album may have sold lower than its preceding records, however, it amdw huge impact worldwide as it released more hit singles than ever.

Top Rock Songs since the last 20 years

Rock music somewhat ruled certain years during the last 20 years. Here is the list of 15 rock songs I made based on my choices during the said duration of time. (The list is not based on sales, etc)

Evanescence- My Immortal
The song is originally an entire ballad but mixed with hard guitars at the last chorus when released as a single. The song itself and Amy Lee’s voice is hunting that it reached the depth of you. It reached the top ten in several countries.

Coldplay- Speed of Sound
This light rock from “X&Y” album has something in its sound that’s so scientific. I can’t explain what it is but that’s how I feel for this song. It became their first US top ten hits and again a top 2 hit in their homeland UK.

Nickelback- Photograph
A song that will make you reminisce of the past. It was a huge hit in Billboard Hot 100 charts when released.

Matchbox 20- Unwell
When you’re feeling kind of lost after a sad thing happened, then you must be ‘unwell’. This rock ballad went to top 5 in Billboard Hot 100 and made a great impact in Asia.

Creed- With Arms Wide Open
This gives hope for everyone. It was like spiritual and showing love. This became Creed’s biggest hit elsewhere particularly in US where it peaked at number 2.

Alanis Morrisette- You Oughta Know
One of the earlier hit to blast at someone who broke a heart. Alanis knows how to carry it as you can feel the pain and anger in this song which eventually became a huge top 10 hits and a legendary rock song for most female artists today.

Buckcherry- Sorry
When you are repentant of what you did for a love one, then apologize. This song really expressed the apology and the pain of consequence. It is the biggest hit of the band hitting the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100.

Linkin Park- Shadow of the Day
There’s hope despite the blurry things going on. That’s what Linkin Park is expressing through this song. The sound was a reminiscence of a U2 song, though different lyrically. It ended up a top 20 hit.

Keane- Somewhere Only We Know
The song is very sweet to the ears and enticing. It was a UK hit, while Lily Allen’s version went to the UK’s apex.

Coldplay- Yellow
Coldplay’s one of earliest hits, this song is hunting. I am not a fan then but realized teh beauty of the song and Chris Martin’s vocals.

Avril Lavigne- Complicated
The song that started Avril’s meteoric career, this pop rock song made Avril an icon in pop/rock music scene. It was one of the biggest hits of 2002, the year she debuted.

Oasis- Wonderwall
This is not really a hard rocking song but as Brit rock band, this remains one of the essential songs in rock especially in 1995.

Alanis Morrisette- Ironic
Alanis is making waves worldwide when this rose to fame. The song itself has meaning to it despite the criticism of usage of the word “ironic”. It still became her biggest hit though.

Evanescence- Bring Me Back to Life
When I first heard of the song, Amy Lee’s vocals is awesome & haunting. This song used for “Daredevil” movie was one of the biggest hits of 2003.

Linkin Park- In the End
The song’s rap and chorus was beautiful and that ordinary and non-rock fans loved this song. It remained the highest peaking song for LP in Billboard Hot 100 and one of the biggest hit in US in 2002.

Popular Band Vocalists Since 2000

There are lots of band vocalist that has the opportunity to become huge stars on their own but never turned their back to their band. It’s friendship that runs within the members that’s why these vocalists remained in their bands. Here are some of the band vocalists who debuted since 2000 who became famous.

Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
Maroon 5 had come too far after five successful albums. Numerous hit singles were heard on the radio and includes the recent “Sugar” and their biggest hit ever “Moves Like Jagger”. The biggest credit, of course, will be given to its vocalist, Adam Levine. With his talent and looks, he can possibly succeed as solo artist but he stayed. His stint as coach in The Voice (US) contributed to his succeed, as well as successful singles where he was featured like “Stereo Hearts” (Travie McCoy) and the current “Locked Away” (R. City), which both were top ten hits worldwide.

Hayley Williams (Paramore)
Paramore went onto become one of the biggest bands sincd the second half of 2000s. Hayley Williams, the band’s vocalist, can be attributed to their success. She was often considered as rock chick too. Her collaboration with B.O.B. for the song “Airplanes” became one of the biggest selling singles, thanks tp the nice tune and contribution of Hayley. Hayley still remains a member and vocalist of Paramore.

Chris Martin (Coldplay)
Since 2000, Coldplay became one of the biggest sellibg bands with numerous number one and multi-platinum albums. As vocalist, Chris had the chance to go solo but he remained with Coldplay. However, a finale album of the band is set to release. In 15 years, though, Chris Martin successfully led the band.

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park)
Mike Shinoda played a big part with Linkin Park’s success. One of two vocalist of the band, he also did side project through Fort Minor. He has all the ability to go solo, still, stayed with Linkin Park which is one of the biggest bands since 2000.

Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
Along with Mike Shinoda, Chester was also a vocalist of Linkin Park. With his big contribution to the band’s success, Chester stayed with the band as it seems they were like family.

Amy Lee (Evanescence)
One of the best female rock vocalists, Amy Lee once featured in the song “Broken” (Seether). She has everything to become a successful solo artist but stayed with Evanescence, the band which had the mega successful album “Fallen”.

My 5 Favorite Rock Bands

I had listened to different kinds of music, either pop, R&B, dance, hip-hop and even rock. I started to love rock music back in 2001 then I began to appreciate other bands from the 1990s. Nowadays, rock may not be the trend but there are still a number of great rock songs. With regards to rock bands, here are my five favorite rock bands ever.

5. Nickelback-They have been around for a long time but my favorite album from them was “All the Right Reasons” which had great hits. “Silver Side Up” had great songs though.

4. Matchbox 20- I may not be a rock fan at that time but their song “Push” something special. It’s like speaking up your anger something heavy inside and afterwards, you feel lighter. “Mad Season” is a great album too but I love their song “Bright Lights” from their third album. “She’s So Mean”, though, is more upbeat and I love how Rob Thoma sang it.

3. Paramore- When I heard “Misery Business”, I thought it’s Avril Lavigne breaking out. But it’s a newcomer (band). I love “That’s What You Get” and eventually “Ignorance” because of its lyrics that I can relate to at that time. Their recent song “Ain’t it Fun” sounds different from their forner sound but it is fun to listen to.

2. Coldplay- Their song “Yellow” is like a jam for me. It is melodramatic driven by a heavy music. “The Scientist” is a very beautiful ballad as well as “Fix You” and the ballad version of “Lost”. I am not a fan of their “Ghost Stories” album nonetheless. But I like their song “Atlas”.

1. Linkin Park- My favorite song from them ever was “In the End”. They might had numerous hit here in the Philippines but their biggest hit remains “In the End”. I love their other songs too like “Crawling” and “New Divide”, but my number two and three favorite songs from them were “Numb” as I find it as “In the End” v2.0 and “Shadow of the Day” because if its meaningful words and the similarity with U2’s old hit.