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Songs Better Left to the Original Singers

There were a lot of hit songs nowadays that was often covered either by another or fellow manistream artist by the original singers, while mostly though were heard in YouTube. I used to listen to cobers on YouTube and Boyce Avenue has became one of by favorites. They had nailed a lot of songs in their own version, though, I couldn’t agree that they did very well in ALL of their covers. I heard a lot of cover songs lately on YouTube buy I wasn’t impressed in a lot of them. I couldn’t feel the sincerity in their versions and I think better leave those songs to the original singers.

Here are some of the songs being covered which should better left to the original singers:

Adele- Hello
I heard a cover verrsion of this song played on FM radio. I alao heard a lot of version of it on YouTube. However, I never heard a single version that went close to Adele’s version.  When doing a cover of any Adele song, make sure to even go close, if not match, to Adele’s.

Christina Perri- Jar of Hearts
This song had lots of cover versions on YouTube. I am not that impressed with their versions. I cannot feel the anger of Christina Perri in this song from those cover version. In fact, the video I had seen when a video did the song into American Sign Language is even more effective than those cover versions.

Sia- Chandelier
To sing this song, make sure you have a high voice because of the high notes it requires. But it shouldn’t be all about high notes. You should feel the pain the original siner felt when she sang this as it is based on her personal experience. That’s what’s lacking in those cover versions. You cannot feel the sincerity in their versions, aside from loud vocals which becomes irritating to listen to. Well, Sia had such a wonderful and unique voice. It’s only her who can sing the song beautifully and emotion catching.

Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud
This song was often covered too. Since it is a love song, it can surely makes you fall in love and I felt that from Ed Sheeran’s version. Recently, I heard a cover version on the radio and I was annoyed. It was a female version and it should catch me if, for example, the girl is singing that song to me, but it lacks sincerity.  I could not feel the love in that version.

10 Notable Songs With ‘Heart’

When we talk about songs with ‘heart’, we might think it’a love song. Yeah, it can be true but some songs were about heart neing broken. Here are some notable songs with ‘heart’ in their title.

Celine Dion- My Heart Will Go On
Who will forget this song? Everybody cried when Jack died and Rose is crying for him as well with this song in the background. The movie which is “Titanic” is the highest grossing film then and this song is the biggest selling song of Celine Dion and that year, 1998

Toni Braxton- Un-break My Heart
Just one of the most memorable heartbreaking song in music, when you are begging to un-break a broken heart. This song became the R&B songstress’ biggest song ever.

Backstreet Boys- Shape of My Heart
Backstreet Boys always makes fine love songs as in this song, they begged the girl to show the shape of their heart. It was officially their last number one song.

NSYNC- Tearin’ Up My Heart
Your heart is like breaking whenever the one you love is present or not. This became the boyband’s one of their earliest hit.

Oasis- Stop Crying Your Heart Out
It feels good to have someone who will comfort you to stop crying. This Oasis song was a hit in UK and was even covered by fellow Brit, Leona Lewis.

Roxette- Listen to Your Heart
Roxette is telling everyone to listen to our heart as it will guide you to the right path. I may not believe in it but I will agree this is a great love song. It became one of the duo’s biggest hits.

Madonna- Open Your Heart
There might be something sexual in this song as Madge was known. The music video even shows a lot of skin from her dancing. Still, this song topped Billboard’s singles chart.

Bryan Adams- Straight from the Heart
Bryan Adams came out with this romantic ballad. It became a top 10 hit in the US.

Christina Perri- Jar of Hearts
This is a song for the heartbreakers and womanizers. It might not have peaked at number one but it was a sleeper hit.

Black Eyed Peas- Don’t Phunk With My Heart
It is not clear what ‘phunk’ means but it sounds like it is ‘mess’. The said word was a signature of Black Eyed Peas adopted from their “Elephunk” album. The song was a worldwide top 10 smash.

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11 Memorable Songs About Cheating

I kept hearing songs from the radio about a guy or even a girl who talks about being cheated and that angst was written down against the cheater. Here are some of the songs which made a mark in music with this theme.

Beyonce- Irreplaceable
Beyonce is sending the man away along with his things and thinking she can replace the cheating man in the song. Oh well, it still hurts though.

Rihanna- Take a Bow
Rihanna hates a lying and giving a standing ovation for acting as the best liar. Well, this song is full of sarcasm for the cheating guy.

Justin Timberlake- Cry Me a River
This could have been believed as written for the then-pop princess Britney Spears. Justin just wants the girl to cry for him too.

Sam Smith- I’m Not the Only One
Sam believes he’s not the one but there’s another one too. It means there are two. Okay, it should be re-titled to “we are two”.

Alanis Morissette- You Oughta Know
Alanis still feels the pain and wants to remind the cheating guy about what he did for going for another girl.

Britney Spears- Womanizer
Britney might have been victimized by a womanizer. But she just made a revenge on the music video, oops!

Christina Perri- Jar of Hearts
How about a guy having a relationship with different women? This song is for you courtesy of Christina Perri for collecting hearts of women.

Taylor Swift- I Knew You Were Trouble
Taylor was known for writing her heartbreaks and this one goes for Harry Styles of the famous boyband One Direction.

Eminem and Rihanna- Love the Way You Lie
This is like another ‘love hurts’ themed track. This is one of the most heartbreaking song written.

Meghan Trainor- Lips are Movin’
Suspicion happens when the guy’s lips are moving. That’s what Meghan believes. Could this be true?

Adele- Rolling in the Deep
This is the most defining heartbreak song I heard. The scars are just so deep when you feel like you are fooled and your heart was crushed.

Top Movie Soundtracks Hits Since 2010

Since 2010, soundtracks became a trend and several soundtrack albums hit the top 10 in sales. Their singles likewise performed well on the charts.

10. Anna Kendrick- Cups
(from Pitch Perfect)
The musical comedy film grossed well while its soundtrack peaked at top 3 in Billboard 200. While this song was a #6 hit despite its simple production.

9. Bruno Mars- It Will Rain
(from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1)
This ballad from Bruno Mars just became his fifth top 5 hit and contributed to the high sales of Breaking Dawn soundtrack.

8. Charlii XCX- Boom Clap
(from The Fault in Our Stars)
After being part of TFiOS soundtrack, this track became Charlii XCX’s biggest and breakthrough hit as solo. The film itself was a top grossing drama too.

7. Christina Perri- A Thousand Years
(from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1)
With such a voice and beautiful song, this song became a staple for the film as part 2 of this song was ande for Breaking Dawn 2.

6. Flo Rida- Club Can’t Handle Me
(from Step Up 3D)
This is the second time Step Up staff hired Flo Rida for their movie which was first hit with “Low”. The song is still a hit and Flo deserves acknowledgement from Step Up films.

5. Adele- Skyfall
(from Skyfall)
This song became the biggest Bond hit since Madonna’s 2002 hit. Skyfall just became one of the biggest hits of Adele. The film also became a mega blockbuster.

4. Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do
(from Fifty Shades of Grey)
Ellie Goulding may have hits prior, but this one became her biggest. As part of Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack which topped the charts, theis song played a big part.

3. Idina Menzel- Let It Go
(from Frozen)
The soundtrack of Frozen became the biggest selling soundtrack album for a long time. Thanks to Idina’s hit which became a multiple platinum hit.

2. Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth- See You Again
(from Furious 7)
This song just became one of the biggest hits this year and sales if the single was huge as well as its billion views on YouTube. Thanks to the beautiful melody courtesy of Charlie Puth. The film also was a billion grosser.

1.Pharrell Williams- Happy
(from Despicable Me 2)
This song was the biggest hit in 2014 from the hit animation “Despicable Me 2”. It skyrocketed Pharrell’s career after this.