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Album’s Singles Review: “Celebrity” by NSYNC

Celebrity (album)
After the record breaking success of “No Strings Attached”, NSYNC recorded and released their third studio album “Celebrity”. It became a fast seller with more than 1.8 million sold in just a week in America, according to Soundscan. The album sounds better than “No Strings Attached” because of its more diverse sound. The album has gone 5x platinum in America. It also achieved certifications from different countries.

“Pop” was released as the carrier single off “Celebrity” by NSYNC. It is a dance pop song with heavy beats and electronic sound. I think it sounds better as a lead single compared to “Bye Bye Bye” as a lead single for an album. The song, however, wasn’t as successful. It peaked at number 19 on Billboard Hot 100, and number 9 in UK.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

“Gone” had became the second single from “Celebrity”. It is similar to “This I Promise You” with slower paced sound and verses, also with melancholic theme. The song has R&B influence with its beats. The single reached number 11 on Billboard Hot 100, which makes it more successful than “Pop” there. In United Kingdom, it was lower at number 24.
Rate: 8.5 out of 10

Girlfriend (ft Nelly for the remix)
“Girlfriend” was releasdd as the final official single for “Celebrity”. It is a R&B song which also had its remix featuring Nelly. It became the most successful single from the album. In US, it peaked at number 9, while in United Kingdom, it did so much better when it reached number 2.
Rate: 8.75 out of 10

“Fallin'” wasn’t an official single but in the Philippines, a music video of it was released which was taken from excerpts of their concerts. The song even charted well in Philippines muisc channel MYX. It was also played often in radio and charted as well.

Rate: 7.5 out of 10

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia

Video from YouTube / NSYNCVideoVaultVEVO