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Boyzone- Said and Done: Top 10 Singles in US and UK and Memorable Chorus of a Song

Boyzone- Said and Done
United States- Despite the release in United States, the singles from the album failed to chart there. Perhaps, Americans are looking for other sound or their tastes differs from the lads’ music. Or maybe, they don’t prefer boybands at that time.

United Kingdom- Boyzone did very well in United Kingdom. “Said and Done” has produced five top 10 hits which is rare before. Those five top 10 hits were the following:
Love Me for a Reason- #2
Key to My Life- #3
So Good- #3
Father and Son- #2
Coming Home Now- #4
All of Boyzone’s singles were five being released in United Kingdom. Apparently, all of those singles reached the top 5. Their highest charting singles peaked at number 2. Clearly, “Love Me for a Reason” and “Father and Son” were number 2 hits. But with regards to sales total, “Father and Son” was their biggest seller when it reached platinum as certified by BPI. Actually, all of their songs from the album got certified by BPI which makes them the top boyband at that time in United Kingdom next to Take That.

The guys’ highest charters were the number 2 hits in UK, “Love Me for a Reason” and “Father and Son”. However, both songs were remake versions. So the song I decided to share was “Key to My Life” which was a number 3 hit in United Kingdom. Also, it is the most lyrical song among the remaining hits compared to “So Good” which was also a number 3 hit. Here’s the chorus and watch the video:

Key to My Life (Chorus)
All of my life the doors have been closed now
And all of my dreams have been locked up inside
But you came along and captured my heart, girl
You’re the key to my life


Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Lyrics from azlyrics.com and songwriters of the song  (Stephen Gately, Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating, Ray Hedges)
Video from YouTube / BoyzoneVEVO