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Bands With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Linkin Park / Maroon 5 / Paramore / Coldplay

Linkin Park
United States- Linkin Park is one of the biggest bands in America since 2000. In total, the band has scored a total of 5 number one albums. They even had total of 10 albums to reach top 10, including live albums, remixes, and extended plays. The number 1 albums were “Meteora”, (their fastest seller), Minutes to Midnight”, “Collision Course” (extended play with Jay-Z), “A Thousand Suns”, and “Living Things”. However, their biggest seller was “Hybrid Theory” which peaked at second and certified 10x platinum as reported by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Linkin Park was successful in United Kingdom too. They had scored three number 1 albums there, and the rest went top 10. Those albums were “Meteora”, “Minutes to Midnight”, and “Living Things”. Their biggest seller in UK was the number-4 peaking “Hybrid Theory” which reached 5x platinum by BPI.

Maroon 5
United States- Maroon 5 did very well with their albums in US. They had scored two number 1 albums with “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” and the recent “V”. They had 2 more albums which reached number 2, while “Songs About Jane” only reached number 6. Nevertheless, it was their biggest selling album there when it reached 5x platinum RIAA certified.
United Kingdom- Maroon 5’s first two albums went to number 1, “Songs About Jane” (their biggest seller for reaching 6x platinum) and the platinum seller “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”, certifications from BPI. The other albums went to top 5.

United States- Paramore did very well in the US. They reached numbet 1 with their self-titled album. The band went to number 2 with “Brand New Eyes”.
United Kingdom- Paramore has dominated the UK albums chart twice. Those albums were “Brand New Eyes” and “Paramore”, the self-titled album.

United States- Coldplay is one of the biggest selling bands in United States since 2000. They had scored four number 1 albums there. They first hit number 1 with “X&Y”, followed by “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends”, “Mylo Xyloto”, and the last one was “Ghost Stories”. Their current album reached number 2 with “A Head Full of Dreams”. Their biggest seller was “A Rush of Blood to the Head”, which went number 5 and was certified 4x platinum by RIAA.
United Kingdom- Coldplay is the biggest British band ever since 2000. All of their 7 albums went to number 1. It started with “Parachutes”. Their second album “A Rush of Blood to the Head” became their biggest selling record with 9x platinum by BPI. “X&Y” also went 9x platinum. While other subsequent number albums were “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends”, “Mylo Xyloto”, “Ghost Stories”, and their current album “A Head Full of Dreams”.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
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Bands With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: No Doubt / Green Day / Red Hot Chilli Peppers

No Doubt
United States- No Doubt had scored 1 album to reach number 1 which is “Tragic Kingdom”. It is also their biggest selling album as it reached 10x platinum. Their other albums, which total of 4, went to top 10.
United Kingdom- No Doubt failed to reach the number 1 with their albums. But they had top 10 albums and gone platinum with “Tragic Kingdom” which was a number 3 album and went platinum and Gold by BPI with some of their albums.

Green Day
United States- Green Day had two albums to reach number 1 Billboard albums chart. Those albums were “American Idiot” and “21st Century Breakdown”. However, the band’s biggest seller has been “Dookie” which went 10x platinum in the US despite a number 2 peak, followed by “American Idiot”. The band had a total of 9 albums to reach top 10, which is a record for a band.
United Kingdom- Just like in United States, Green Day scored two number albums in UK with “American Idiot” and “21st Century Breakdown”. The former was their biggest album there and went 7x platinum by BPI. They had a total of 7 top 10 albums going platinum mostly.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers
United States- Despite scoring multiplatinum and platinum with their albums, Red Hot Chilli Peppers only had 1 number 1 album in the US. That album was “Stadium Arcadium”. However, the band’s biggest seller was “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” which went 7x platinum by RIAA. “Californication” is a known album which had gone 5x platinum despite its number 5 peak, according to RIAA.
United Kingdom- Red Hot Chilli Peppers had 3 number 1 albums in United Kingdom. Those records were “By the Way” (which was their biggest seller there for 6x platinums), “Stadium Arcadium”, and “Im With You”. They had 7 albums to reach the top 10. Most of those albums went platinum and multiplatinum as reported by BPI.

Credits: Billboard / OCC /Wikipedia

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Bands With Number 1 Albums in US and UK: Creed / Nickelback / Limp Bizkit / Oasis

United States- Creed is one of the best selling rock bands in the US during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. They had scored 2 number 1 albums at that time with albums “Human Clay” and “Weathered”, which went 11x platinum and 6x platinum, respectively.
United Kingdom- Creed had limited success in United Kingdom. Their most successful album in the country went to top 30 with “Human Clay”.

United States- Nickelback has been very successful in America. They may only had 1 number 1 album there which is “All the Right Reasons”, but they also had other 5 albums went to top 10. Three of those albums went multiplatinum, including “Silver Side Up” which went 6x platinum. Their bigges seller next to “Reason” with 8x platinum, by the RIAA.
United Kingdom- Nickelback also scored 1 number 1 album in UK which is “Silver Side Up”. Despite that, they had scored a total of 5 top 10 albums, including the number 2 hit “All the Right Reasons”, 2x platinum according to BPI.

Limp Bizkit
United States- Limp Bizkit is the pioneer of rap rock music at the time and has been very popular after scoring 2 number 1 albums with “Significant Other” (7x platinum RIAA certified) and “Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog Flavored Water” (8x platinum certified by RIAA).
United Kingdom- Limp Bizkit scored a number 1 album in UK with “Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog Flavored Water”, which wad eventually certified 2x platinum by BPI.

United States- Oasis somewhat achieved success in breaking American market where they scored 3 top 10 albums. But nothing came to number 1. “Be Here Now” fell short which only settled at number 2, but “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory” is the biggest seller which was certified by RIAA as 4x platinum.
United Kingdom- Oasis is one of the biggest bands in United Kingdom. They actually scored total of 8 number 1 albums. It started with their debut “Definitely Maybe”, followed by “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”, which is their biggest selling album after reaching 14x platinum by BPI. They also reached number 1 with “Be Here Now” (their fastest seller), “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants”, “Heathen Chemistry”, “Don’t Believe the Truth”, “Dig Out Your Soul”, and the compilation “Time Flies… 1994–2009”.

Credits: Billboard /OCC / Wikipedia

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