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Top Solo Female rockers

Rock music was often dominated by men as they intent to create fan base with male listeners. But it doesn’t mean rock music was listened by mostly men as there are lots of female fans of rock music too. As a result, there are female rockers who existed and they generated fans either male or female as their demographics.

I decided to create a list of these female rockers as solo artists who succeeded in the genre. Here are the top five list I made:

5. Michelle Branch- Her popularity came in late 2001 due to her hit top 15 hit “Everywhere” followed by more successful ” All You Wanted” and another top 40 hit in the US. Her 2 albums were platinum. Her music generated fans either young or adults. Teenagers loved her as she’s a teen at that time. While her sound and lyrics has more maturity.

4. Sheryl Crow- I loved her old song “Strong Enough” which was a big hit at that time, as well as “All I Wanna Do”. Her sound though was liek country rock. Her sound went harder through “If It Makes You Happy”, which is similar to Alanis Morrisette, who is extremely popularat that time. Her recent sound is lighter rock.

3. Avril Lavigne- She debuted with Michelle Branch as the top young female rocker, which Avril’s entry took the spotlight. Avril is more on teenage rock though. Her debut album “Let Go” scored big hits and meteoric number sales. She is eventually dubbed as the ‘pop rock princess’ and scored top ten albums.

2. P!nk- She may started as pop and R&B singer but decided to follow her heart and transferred to rock music via “Don’t Let Me Get Me”. She became more popular, even until now, she consistently sells millions of records and top ten hit songs. Though, her music was both pop and rock.

1. Alanis Morrisette- She may only had two officially big hit albums which “Jagged Little Pill” is the biggest selling album of its genre, Alanis remains the legend and the one who created the formula of rock in solo female rock musicians. You can hear the touch of Alanis in the music P!nk and Avril Lavigne. Her recent releases may not be successful as her first two international releases but she’s still remembered as an icon for many female rock musicians.

Female superstars who started in 2000s and their underperforming albums

Even female singers from 2000 who did very well had underperforming albums. The list includes artists who started in 1999:

Britney Spears- She consistently sell huge in her albums, though not always the same in numbers. She is even considered as Madonna’s heir to become the next Queen of Pop. Her first four studio albums were huge but with “Blackout”, it underperformed. Meanwhile, it had 2 big hit singles. She redeemed success with two succeeding albums but her recent “Britney Jean” flopped, maybe due to lack of promotion and support from fans.

Jennifer Lopez- One of the female singers who debuted in 1999, Jennifer Lopez scored a number of hit albums and singles. She had 3 multi-platinum albums until “Rebirth”, which produced hits but quickly dropped off the charts. It followed by a flop album “Brave” but regained success through “Love?” due to the successful single “On the Floor. Her recent album “AKA” became her least successful album ever.

Christina Aguilera- Christina started prettily on her self titled debut album after all of her four singles became huge hits as well as the multi-platinum success of the album. “Stripped” followed which started slow in sales and caught up after hit singles and the hit throwback sounds of “Back to Basics was well-received. Nevertheless, her last studio albums “Bionic” and “Lotus” both didn’t do well.

Miley Cyrus- Miley had huge successes with her Hannah Montana soundtracks and her album off from Hannah Montana, “Breakout”. She also had a successful EP. But with her “Can’t Be Tamed”, she failed and took a break. Her comeback with “Bangerz” was highly successful due to extreme publicity despite its negativity.

Avril Lavigne- Avril became the next big thing when she started. She’s like set to change the landscape in female music scene which was previously led by Britney Spears. She still did well with “Under My Skin” and “Best Damn Thing”, but not like her debut “Let Go”. Her recent albums “Goodbye Lullaby” and self titled both performed moderately.

Recap: Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 October 4, 2015

The recap continues for the show. And tonight, the winner for this week was finally announced. Five artists had performed last night and the three had performed tonight which affected the rankings.

Tonight’s show was started by Kean Cipriano as Pop/Rock princess Avril Lavigne. The looks was really cool even though he reminds me of “White Chicks”. The vocals wasn’t done in falsetto which I am not convinced. So far, the performance was good, even better than last week when he’s the winner.

Next to Kean was Michael Pangilinan as another Michael, comedian/singer Michael V. It’s a shift from the usual pop and R&B performances from previous weeks, which at this time as novelty singer. The face was close but the voice didn’t hit it

Finally, KZ took the floor and impersonated British pop star Jessie J. She has the best performance tonight. She might not look exactly like her, but she sang it well, likewise her movements were very Jessie J. The judges and even the audience gave her a standing ovation. It served as a redemption after weeks being at lower places.

With all the performances from last night here’s my personal ranking:

1. Denise Laurel

2. KZ Tandingan

3. Kean Cipriano

4. Eric Nicolas

5. Michael Pangilinan

6. Kakai Bautista

7. Sam Concepcion

8. Myrtle Sarosa

The judges already gave their rankings and the result was:

1. KZ Tandingan

2. Denise Laurel

3. Kean Cipriano

4. Michael Pangilinan

5. Eric Nicolas

6. Sam Concepcion

7. Kakai Bautista

8. Myrtle Sarosa

The reason why I picked Denise over KZ was Ne-Yo is more difficult to impersonate and it’s difficult for a girl who’s very feminine then sing and dance like a man. KZ’s performance though is superb.

Next week was expected to be another great episode/s. The icons the 8 artists are going to impersonate was finally revealed. However, Melai Cantiveros’ impersonation is not revealed for everybody to look forward to.


Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 is currently airing every Saturday and Sunday night on ABS-CBN 2.