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Artist Biting the Hands That Fed Them?

There are a lot artists today who doesn’t really like the songs or kinds of music the executives has given them. They were not given creative control with the music they want to do, and the image they want for themselves.
After breaking free and established their names, these artists had the guts to express what they feel for the music they did before. Looking back in 2000, Pink was heard as an R&B singer. She sings like a black artist and she had a wonderful soulful voice. She was forced to record an R&B pop record. But she wanted to become a rock star. In her second album, she has evolved and put on much creativity which made her more successful. After that, she became what she wants to be.
Christina Aguilera is another example who tried to put her creativity in her music. She hated her bubblegum pop songs and image then and went more matured, both in her music and image in “Stripped”. It was a success, but initially performed moderately. She even emphasized how much she doesn’t like her music then during interviews for “Lotus” LP, which this album flopped.
Kelly Clarkson also battled with her label to release her album with darker rock theme, which was birthed as “My December”. Her label wants her to record similar to her old work but she fought over which was eventually released. The album terribly failed despite millions of saled and high chart positions, knowing her previous album was stellar. She incorporated back her old sound in her succeeding releases.
Justin Timberlake became an R&B singer but he was a pop star while still in NSYNC. The good thing about it is he is not complaining. That’s why he remained successful with his records despite long gaps of their releases.
Recently, Zayn Malik, a former member of One Direction expressed what he felt with the music he did with One Direction. He doesn’t like their music then and even talked against their label executive Simon Cowell. With his interview, he sounded whiny though. Let’s see of his being whiny will make him a huge star.
It is rightful for these stars to put their creative side in their songs. Label executives though considers it as a business and they want their artists to follow a formula. It is understandable that these artists will fight for their right, but they shouldn’t sound too whiny. They were perceived as biting the hands that fed them. Remember that the kind of music that established them as stars was lived by the fans and it was quite insulting if they go against it like looking down at the tastes of music their fans once loved from them.

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