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Albums I Recently Downloaded in Spotify

I am a big fan of music streaming services and my favorite is Spotify. This year, I availed of Premium Subscription and my first month is free. But I am too early to subscribe as they offered 2 months free a month after I subscribed. Now, they are offering PhP9 (or estimated $0.20) for first three months of subscription. Not a bad offer though. It came after Apple Music offered 3-months free for Premium which was their initial offer to get subscribers.

Now, I am getting charged in my PayPal account PhP129 (or about $3) monthly for my subscription. It is not bad though as I am enjoying lpts of albums and songs. I get charged every 6th of the month and I am close to get charged again. I chose PayPal over credit card as mode of payment as I find it better and easier.

Since it is the season of new releases since there are a lot of people are purchasing records because of the holidays, I got the chance to download new albums (even not too new records) and save it to eb available offline. Here are the albums I recently downloaded.

Coldplay- A Head Full of Dreams
I am a huge Coldplay fan, however, I miss their old sound from their albums “Parachutes”, “A Rush of Blood to the Head” and “X & Y”. However, upon listening to this new album which has a new sound, I began to appreciate it. I love many of the songs especially “Fun” with Tove Lo, “Hymn for the Weekend” and the new ballad “Everglow”.

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
I had written a review of it recently here and I do think it is a great album. Nevertheless, I enjoyed their old albums more .

Janet Jackson- Unbreakable
I also written a review of this LP and I think it is a great album. It’s refreshing to hear songs that are not formulaic.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
I do think it is the best album of Justin Bieber due to its maturity and the fact that his sound has evolved.

Carly Rae Jepsen- Emotions
Critics say it is one of the best pop albums this year and I definitely agree. The 1980s sound is just refreshing.

I am hoping though that the album of Taylor Swift “1989” and the new and record-breaking album of Adele “25” be available so I can have them download for offline use.