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Groups With Number 1 Albums is US and UK: Black Eyed Peas / S Club 7 / Ace of Base / Steps / The Fugees

Black Eyed Peas
United States- Black Eyed Peas had 3 multiplatinum albums, along with another platinum album. But with those albums, they only had 1 to manage the top spot which is “The E.N.D.”. Nevertheless, “Monkey Business” has been their biggest seller.
United Kingdom- Black Eyed Peas never scored a number 1 album in United Kingdom. However, all of their 4 albums went platinum and multi-platinum. “Elephunk” was their most successful there.

S Club 7
United States- S Club 7’s success in United States is limited but scored 2 albums to chart.
United Kingdom- S Club 7 did well in United Kingdom where they scored 3 top 3 albums. One of these albums, which is “7”, went to number 1. It even went 4x platinum there, as reported by BPI.

Ace of Base
United States- Ace of Base became very successful in the US when they managed to release their album “The Sign”. It went 9x platinum after reaching number 1 in Billboard albums.
United Kingdom- Ace of Base had been successful in the country with “Happy Nation” album which reached number 1. The album was called “The Sign” in the US. They had subsequent releases but weren’t that successful.

United States- Steps never had a number 1 album but they had a top 80 album charted.
United Kingdom- Steps scored 3 consecutive top 5 albums in UK. All these  3 went multi-platinums, with “Steptacular” as their number 1 album. “Step One”- their first album- went 5x platinum by BPI.

The Fugees
United States- The Fugees had short-lived career but at least they had achieved a milestone. Their album “The Score” went to number 1 and certified by RIAA with 6x platinum. Another album of  them failed to chart.
United Kingdom- The Fugees failed to reach number 1 but at least reached number 2 with “The Score”. The album was 5x platinum certified. They had other album which charted at low position and was not widely released.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
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European Groups Who Reached the Top 10 in the US (1995-1999)

European groups are very much alive during 1995 to 1999 through these artists who reached top 10 in Billboard:

U2 (Ireland)

U2 had successful albums globally at that time. But they only had 1 single to reach top 10 which is “Discotheque”  peaked at 10.

Take That (United Kingdom)
Being one of the top boybands during their time, it was at the last part of their current when Take That scored their very first top 10 with the song “Back for Good”. It peaked at number 7.

Everything But the Girl (United Kingdom)\
Everything But the Girl became known globally including the US through their song “Missing” which settled at number 2. They were considered as one-hit wonder though.

Oasis (United Kingdom)
Oasis had songs entered the Billboard Hot 100, but they only had 1 top 10 hit through the #8 peaking song “Wonderwall”.

Spice Girls (United Kingdom)

Spice Girls is the top British group at that time not just in the US but worldwide. The girl group scored 4 top 10 hits namely: “Wannabe” (#1), “Say You’ll Be There” (#3), “2 Become 1” (#4), and “Too Much” (#9).

Chumbawamba (United Kingdom)
Chumbawama is also among those considered one-hit wonder in the US after their hit “Tubthumping” reached number 6 Billboard Hot 100.

All Saints (United Kingdom)
All Saints emerged after the success of fellow girl group Spice Girls. They had scored hits in the US but with only 1 top 10 hit through “Never Ever” which reached number 4.

Aqua (Denmark)
Aqua is the most successful Danish group ever who graced the US singles chart. Their single “Barbie Girl” became a hit when it peaked at #7.

Ace of Base (Sweden)
Ace of Base had notable success during the first half of 1990’s. In the second half, they had scored a top 10 with their own version of “Cruel Summer” which reached the tenth position.

5ive (United Kingdom)
5ive is one of the British boybands who entered teh US top 10. They only had 1 though through the number 10 hit “When the Lights Go Out”.

B*Witched (Ireland)
B*Witched emerged to the charts after  the Spice Girls’ hiatus. They had scored 1 top 10 hit in the US with “C’est La Vie” (#10).

Credits to Billboard / Wikipedia

European Groups Who Reached the Top 10 in US (1990-1994)

It is never easy for European groups to break American market especially decades ago, unlike today when it is easier to enter Americam music charts. Once you had an American hit, it is already a milestone, what more if a song reached the top 10? Here are the European groups who had top 10 songs in the US from 1990-1994:

Londonbeat is a pop group from Britain. They had released a lot of singles, however, they only managed one top 10 hit in the US. Not just a top 10 hit, rather a number 1 hit with the song “I’ve Been Thinking About You” in 1990. After that? They only had a top 20 hit.


EMF came from Britain who were known for their alternative dance sound. They became a one-top10-hit wonder in the US with their number 1 single “Unbelievable”.

Roxette is one of the most successful Swedish artists ever. They had huge hits from 1990-1994 after scoring 3 top 10 hits. “It Must Have Been Love” and “Joyride” reached number 1, while “Fading Like a Flower” at number 2.


UB40 is one of the top British bands to grace the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 from 1990-1994. They had 3 top 10 hits: “Here I Am (Come and Take Me)” (#7), “The Way You Do the Things You Do” (#6), anf the remake of “(I Can’t Help) Falling in Love With You” which reached number 1 in the US as well as worldwide.

Ace of Base
Ace of Base were from Sweden and had successes not just stateside but also worldwide. Their 3 US top 10 became global smashes too. These were “All That She Wants” (#2), “The Sign” (#1), “Don’t Turn Around” (#4).

Duran Duran
Duran Duran is from United Kingdom and were already had success in 1980’s. Their success continued during the first half of 1990’s when they scored 2 top 10 hits in the US with “Ordinary World” (#3), and “Come Undone” (#7)

The Cranberries
The Cranberries was a band from Ireland. They hit the top 10 in the US with their single “Linger” (#8). Despite limited success with their singles, they had multiplatinum top 3 albums there.

U2 is the nost successful Irish band ever. Their success continued until this period after scoring 2 top 10 singles which were: “Mysterious Ways” (#9), and “One” (#10).


Credits to Billboard / Wikipedia

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Trends and Cliches in Mainstream Music (1995-1999)

In music, there are different kinds of styles that are often followed by other artists. As it becomes a trend, new artist will come out in the same genre or style, or even established artists follow suit.

From 1995-1999, there are a lot changes in mainstream music world. Pop music has been dominating the era as new artists came out and putting those established artists behind. Here are some of the trends and cliches from 1995 to 1999.

Female rockers
In 1995, Canadian singer Alanis Morissette dominated the record sales off her hit album “Jagged Little Pill”. With her success, other female artists doing pop/rock released some records. Sheryl Crow may had success with her debut album, but it was just a light album. Her second album sounded edgier apparently in her song “If It Makes You Happy”. On late 1997, Natalie Imbruglia released her first album “Left Off the Middle, and her 1998 single “Big Mistake” sounds like an Alanis song.

Different boybands existed like mushrooms from 1995-1999. Some bands though, failed to attain success. The most popular boyband this era was Backstreet Boys, while in Europe and Asia, Boyzone and others, did well too. In 1999, Irish boyband Westlife scored 3 UK number one hits which led to further successes. NSYNC achieved success in 1999 especially in US.

Girl Power phrase / Girl groups
British girl pop group Spice Girls became the most relevant artist during this era which their success was compared to The Beatles. However, the group took hiatus too early after Geri bidded goodbye. Girl power remains a relevant phrase until now. Girl groups though became a trend too. We heard and seen another UK girl group All Saints. Despite their edgy sound, they followed the Spice Girls as the second top girl group at that time, eventhough the Spice’s success was miles apart from them. Other girl groups who had short success were She Moves, Solid Harmonie, etc.

Movie Soundtrack Hits
Songs from a motion picture has become a trend in 1998 after Celine Dion’s hit from Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On”. Other soundtrack hits whicg followed suit were Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris” from “City of Angels”, Marc Anthony and Tina Arena “I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You”, Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”, which became second most successful soundtrack in 1999.

Teen female stars
In 1999, we saw the success of Britney Spears from her album and singles. She eventually became one of the biggest female artist of all-time. After her success, Christina Aguilera topped the charts worldwide too. Then we saw the birth in music of Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore.

Latin music
Latin music became a trend again as we saw Ricky Martin climbs the chart in 1998, and popularity heightened in 1999 with his first English album. We also the success of Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony. All of these three artists achieved success with millions of records sold.

Some facts from Wikipedia

10 Songs With “Want”

“Want” is often use in songs which is about “wanting” the person or love. To check some songs, here are some of the 10 songs with “want”. It also includes “wants” or “wanna” as it has the same thoughts.

Sheryl Crow- All I Wanna Do
You don’t “want” to do anything except having fun. This fun song from Sheryl Crow became one of her biggest songs as it peaked at second spot in Hot 100, according to Billboard.

Cyndi Lauper- Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Girls just “wants” to do what they “want” to do because they just “want” to have fun. This track went to number 2 in US and UK and became one of the most famous tracks of 1980’s as well as becoming a popular phrase for women.

Aerosmith- I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
You just “want” to be with the one you love every moment and not to miss a single thing. This ballad was a tearjerker for the hit film “Armageddon” and became Aerosmith’s biggest hit ever.

Ace of Base- All that She Wants
It’s about giving all what the girl wants. This song first brought the group to the top of the charts gaining milestone in the charts worldwide.

Savage Garden- I Want You
You “want” someone but unsure if you need him/her. This song was the debut hit from the group which made an impressive top 5 entry in their country, Australia and US. It performed well in Asia too.

Backstreet Boys- I Want it That Way
One of the most popular “want” songs, just do things that way. This song may lack a real meaning but became Backstreet Boys’ biggest song ever.

Jason Derulo- Want to Want Me
You “want” your partner to “want” you too, hhmmm… Sounds like asking for demand. This song became another big hit for Derulo where it topped the UK singles.

NSYNC- I Want You Back
The girl left and you “want” her back like she’s the only thing you wbat to have. This has been a debut hit from the successful boyband.

Cher Lloyd- Want U Back
Like when you “want” someone back, makes you “wanna” UH! This song has become Lloyd’s biggest US hit.

Christina Aguilera- What a Girl Wants
Girls make demands and “wants” to get what they “want”. After the huge success of “Genie in a Bottle”, this one followed to become a big hit for Aguilera.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Globally Successful Albums of Groups with Male and Female Members since 1990

Along with success of their singles, groups with male and female members had successful albums too. Many of them may not have had sustainable success, in this list, Black Eyed Peas is the most successful scoring several successful albums. The success of the album includes its sales and singles’ success.

Ace of Base- Happy Nation / The Sign
According to Wikipedia, this album exceeded an estimated sales of 25 million. This is surely the most successful album in this list as it also scored 3 official hit singles (entering the top 10 in major charts) namely “The Sign”, “All that She Wants” and “Don’t Turn Around”.

The Fugees- The Score
Technically, this is one of the biggest selling albums worldwide of 1996 and it scored the global chart-topper, their own hip-hop version of “Killing Me Softly”. “Ready or Not” was UK chart-topper and top 40 hit in US.

Aqua- Aquarium
They became popular when pop music is dominating the charts with the reign of Spice Girls in 1997 to1998. This album was multi-platinum worldwide due to the success of number one hits “Barbie Girl” and “Doctor Jones”.

Black Eyed Peas- The E.N.D.
With 3 Billboard number one hit and multi-platinum certifications worldwide, this is considerably the groups biggest album. They stayed at number one in singles chart in US for 26 weeks through two singles.

Black Eyed Peas- Monkey Business
After the success of “Elephunk”, the group released “Monkey Business” which was a muti-platinum success elsewhere. It is among the biggest sellers of 2005. It includes the sexual hit “My Humps”.

Black Eyed Peas- Elephunk
The first LP of the group with Fergie, this album had started slowly to reach multi-platinum sales. It includes 4 worldwide hit singles including the timeless “Where’s the Love?”.

Ace of Base- The Bridge
This album might not have duplicated the group’s international debut, but it still went platinum in several countries. It featured the hit “Beautiful Life”.

Top 20 Hits by a Group with Male and Female Members since 1990

Groups with male and female members palyed a big part in music industry since 1990s. To pay tribute to them, here are the top 20 hits from such groups.

20. S Club 7- Bring it All Back
Served as the debut hit from the group, this pop tune became a hit across Europe including their country UK, where it was number 1.

19. Aqua- Turn Back Time
The Danish pop group went serious this time after cartoonish songs and videos through this “Sliding Doors” film theme, which hit the top of UK.

18. Ace of Base- Beautiful Life
The Swedish quartet hit the charts with a bang with “Happy Nation”/”The Sign”, this song followed after their hits and eventually a hit in Europe, Asia and top 20 in US.

17. Black Eyed Peas- Just Can’t Get Enough
After the EDM hit carrier of their “The Beginning”LP, they returned to hip-hop and R&B through this track which hit the top 5 in major countries including in US and UK where it sat at the top 3.

16. City High- What Would You Do
This song became the only big hit from the hip-hop group when it peaked within the top 10 both in US and UK.

15. Vengaboys- We Like to Party
One of the successful ‘party’ songs during late 1990s, this song was a top 10 hit several countries while it settled in top 30 in US.

14. Black Eyed Peas- Shut Up
Following the success of “Where’s the Love?”, this song became a huge hit across Europe and Asia despite not settling a top 100 position in the US official chart.

13. S Club 7- Never Had a Dream Come True
Considered as the group’s signature hit after it became their first and also their last US top 10 song. It was a bigger hit in other territories, and of course, it gave the group another number 1 song in their country, UK.

12. Black Eyed Peas- Don’t Phunk With My Heart
They came back with “Monkey Business” album after their hot breakthrough “Elephunk”. This song supported the album as its carrier and crossed the top 10 globally.

11. Ace of Base- Don’t Turn Around
Still up during the height of success of “Happy Nation”/”The Sign” album, this became their third top 10 in US and other nations.

10. Aqua- Doctor Jones
This followed the cartoonish formula of “Barbie Girl”. It seemed effective when this song became their second chart-topper in many countries.

9. Black Eyed Peas- My Humps
This song was highly criticized with its sexual lyrics. Nevertheless, it became a top 5 success worldwide.

8. Black Eyed Peas- The Time (Dirty Bit)
With interpolation of “Dirty Dancing” hit single “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” in its chorus, the song became one of the biggest singles in 2011.

7. Ace of Base- All That She Wants
This song became the group’s first international hit after hitting the charts at number 1 and a top 2 position in the US. Its tune inspired Lady Gaga in some of her songs.

6. Black Eyed Peas- Where’s the Love?
This song became their breakthrough single as it brought the group to superstardom after it wasa number one hit internationally and a top ten track in US.

5. The Fugees- Killing Me Softly
This led the group’s successful album “The Score” as it was number globally when it was released.

4. Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow
This song officially became the group’s first number one hit in US, and it was 12-week runner! This hip-hop track also was huge globally.

3. Aqua- Barbie Girl
Despite negative review of the song, this eventually a huge number hit worldwide due to its catchy and cartoon appeal.

2. Ace of Base- The Sign
This pop song was the number one song for 1994 in the US and was again recognized when used for the hit film “Pitch Perfect”.

1. Black Eyed Peas- I Got a Feeling
Certainly the longest number one hit by a group in US with a long 14 weeks, it was also a big pop hit worldwide.

Pop Vocal Groups with Male and Female Members

If there are boybands and girlbands, there are groups which has male and female members. The list I made includes groups without instruments, either doing pop, R&B and hip-hop, as long as they were a vocal group.

ABBA- They were the most popular and the biggest selling in their genre. With two males and two females, their formula even extends until the present time and some pop groups even tried to be like them.

Ace of Base- Also from Sweden, they seemed to become the next ABBA (with two males and two females) but their first success was not sustained. They were known for their biggest hit “The Sign”.

The Fugees- This American hip-hop group became famous with their LP “The Score” as well as their version of “Killing Me Softly”. Consists of Wyclef Jean, Pras Michael and Lauryn Hill, all of them had solo successes.

Aqua- They came from Denmark, this group became popular through “Barbie Girl” and a huge debut album. The group had Lene (the only female member) and Rene as leads. They have two other male members.

Steps- With two male and three female members, their sound is somewhat similar to ABBA. Their song “One for Sorrow” sounds a duplicate of an ABBA song. Their success is limited though.

S Club 7- The group consisted of four ladies and three gents, their music which predominantly pop just like Steps as they were both from UK. They first became popular through a Disney TV show which was shown worldwide. Their biggest hit was the ballad “Never Had a Dream Come True”.

A-Teens- They became popular as a tribute group for ABBA, their first LP contains old hits from ABBA and was successful particularly in Europe.

City High- This group is a reminiscent of The Fugees which this group was completely formed by former Fugees member Wyclef Jean. The group scored two top 20 hits in US.

Black Eyed Peas- Originally a group without a lady, Black Eyed Peas had finally signed Fergie making them one of the biggest groups since 2000. They spanned four multi-platinum since then.

My Choice 10 Musical Films

I have seen tons of musical films, either it was theatrical or comedic. It’s just fun to watch them. But there were some musical that are more serious especially those seen on Broadway and adopted into film.

10. High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Teen musicals can be fan too. We heard lots of pop tunes in this third installment of Disney’s High School musical trilogy. Among all the 3 films, for me it is the least likable but it doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

9. Hairspray

The film’s setting was in 1960s and featured A-list artists which includes John Travolta. It also marks Zac Efron as first musical big screen film after successful High School Musical TV films. It was good to see John in musical films again.

8. Evita

A film about Argentina’s first lady Evita Peron and was based from a musical. It became Madonna’s most successful film and gained her awards.

7. Dreamgirls

This is a story about a girl group patterned after The Supremes. Jennifer Hudson did so well and it became a major highlight of her career despite not one of the top 5 of American Idol before this film. She even flourished in this film after winning Best Supporting Actress in Oscar than its lead Beyonce.

6. Mamma Mia

Adapted into film from a musical, it was turned into film and became huge in box-office and based on the hit song of Swedish pop group ABBA. It regained sales for ABBA too, as well as success for the soundtrack album. Amanda and Merryl did the film well.

5. High School Musical

The first film of the series. Storywise, it’s better than the first one but it’s my second choice from the 3 films. It was only made for TV and was seen by hundreds of millions worldwide.

4. High School Musical 2

The reason why this is my first pic among all HSM movies is because of the music. The first has better story but the songs in the sequel was better.

3. Pitch Perfect 2

I am a Pitch Perfect movies fan. This is very hilarious but quite started at a low pace to get its story and the humor. After 15 minutes, it was all fun and you can connect its story to yeh first part.

2. Les Miserables 2012

I love how this was done in a film recently and Anne Hathaway who had a short performance in the film is the most memorable when she sang “I Dreamed a Dream”. You can feel the pain in her when she sang it.

1. Pitch Perfect

This is my favorite musical films ever because of its story and humor. Rebel Wilson was hilarious. I even remember this film every time I hear Ace of Base’s “The Sign”. Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” is a good song too. I watched the film several times and I will still watch it when I got the chance.

My Top 7 Mainstream Albums of 1995

My interest in music came in 1995 and I decided to make my lists of favorite mainstream albums yearly and in order.


1. Alanis Morissette- Jagged Little Pill

This album was released on mid-1995 and made more impact on 1996. It became a hit at the height of rock music, however, what made her exceptional is she’s female and put that feminism theme in rock music via “You Oughta Know”. Her vocals are so powerful that no other female rockers can match as heard in this album.

Top track: Perfect


2. Michael Jackson: HIStory: Past, Present and Future

Michael Jackson came up with this album with 2 discs. The first disc is a compilation of his past hits, while disc 2 contains new recordings. Most of his new recordings talks about social issues, his life and the controversies like how the media portrayed him. There were 2 cover songs in the album namely “Come Together” and “Smile”. What I love from this album is putting up his past music, the present ones, and look forward for future songs, as stated in the title.

Top track: Disc 1- Black or White

Disc 2- They Don’t Really Care About Us


3. Various Artists- Clueless OST

I love this film and the track listing of the soundtrack album fits really well. “Supermodel” was the main theme in this film.

Top Track: Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead


4. Oasis- (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?

Despite the negative reviews in this album, it does not affect me loving it. It doesn’t even affect the album in terms of sales. It is their best album for me melodically and lyrically.

Top tracks: Don’t Look Back in Anger


5. Ace of Base-The Bridge

Talking about Europop music, Ace of Base has it. This may be just behind their debut “The Sign”, but still a good album for its positive message.

Top Track: Beautiful Life


6. Boyzone- Said and Done

Their music may be ballads and too cheesy but never mind, it had undeniably good tracks. It was the boyband’s first album and was a hit back in UK.

Top Track: Coming Home Now


7. TLC- Crazy Sexy Cool

This was released late 1994 but spent more weeks in 1995 in the charts. It was one of the decade’s best R&B album and shown more maturity from the group.

Top track: Waterfalls


Note: The ranking is not based on sales.