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Recap: I Love OPM (March 6, 2016)

Finally, the top 24 was finally completed last night. It does mean that Round 1 is over. Tonight, Round 2 will start. However, before the performances, the top 24 were grouped to visit places assigned to them and try to enjoy for an adventure.

The first group were brought to Davao where they had fun. They went for an adventure like white water rafting which Sumner tried and ate the very popular fruit, Durian.
Sumner Mahassey
Sumner Mahassey first performed tonight. He sang Daniel Padilla’s “Simpleng Tulad Mo”. His score for tonight from the judges was 91.67.

Reece Rostedt went out for zipline. He’s obviously scared and conquered his fear.
Reece Rostedt
Reece sang the song “Kay Kristo Lang”. The song was translated to Tagalog from its original language. His score was 86.67.

The group also went to Crocodile Park. Fathin was given a chance to feed the crocodiles.
Fathin Amira
Fathin had a powerful performance tonight. She performed the song “Paano” by Dolce. She sang it well which all the judges gave her a standing ovation. Her score was 96.33. Because of that, Reece was bumped off as only two will advance for the next round.

The group finally went for a massage. But it was a snake massage. Naisa have no idea what it was until he foudn out it is a big snake on his back.
Naisa Lasalosi
Naisa performed the song “Ikot Ikot” by Sarah Geronimo. He nailed the song and had the judges had a hard time with their decision. Because of his outstanding performance, his score was 93.67. That was enough for him to bump off Sumner. The two were bestfriends so it is hard for them to see someone leave.

Fathin Amira and Naisa Lasalosi advances to the third round. Next week, four touristars will perform and see which two artists will advance for the third round.

I Love OPM airs on ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday night.

Recap: I Love OPM (February 27, 2016)

It’s Saturday night again and it’s time to give the recap of “I Love OPM” episode for the last Saturday of February. So here are the foreign performers for tonight:

Yowan Hwang
Yowan Hwang is a young South Korean guy who is a student here in the Philippines. His parents came here in the Philippines first, then he followed. He’s already here in the Philippines for two years. According to him, his favorite Filipino food is sisig. Tonight, he performed the song “Ako’ Sa Yo, Ika’y Akin”. He sang Tagalog perfectly with good diction.

Moses Oche Akoh
Moses Oche Akoh was from Nigeria. He is part of choral team of a religious organization. He’s been here in the Philippines for about three years. He sang the song “Kahit Kailan” by South Border and he nailed the part of Brix Ferraris’ whistle.

Flora Lee
Flora Lee is from South Korea. Her parents are missionary in the country and after graduating from college, she decided to live with her family in the country that’s why she can speak and understand Tagalog. She is part of a worship group.and teaching children. She performed the song by Donna Cruz, “Hulog ng Langit”.

Marina Lin
Marina Lin is half-Thai and half-Chinese. Her family migrated in Canada and there she met and became friends with a Filipina. She sang the song “Hawak Kamay” by Yeng Constantino.

Matthew May
Matthew May is from United Kingdom and was married to a Filipina. He is the father of PBB top 4 and now an actor and a singer Bailey May. He performed the song “May Bukas Pa” by Rico J. Puno. He has a powerful voice which he got a standing ovation.

Yowan Hwang- He was APPROVED by all of the judges.
Moses Oche Akoh- He also got APPROVED by the judges.
Flora Lee- She was APPROVED by Martin Nievera, though DENIED by Lani Misalucha and Toni Gonzaga.
Marina Lin- She got APPROVED by the three judges.
Matthew May- After the powerful performance and standing ovation, he was APPROVED by the judges.

I Love OPM airs on ABS-CBN on Saturday and Sunday night

Recap: I Love OPM (February 20, 2016)

Now, “I Love OPM” is on its second week and third episode and it has been a blast and enjoyable one. The four foreign performers did great in their performances so check how these foreigners fare this week.

Sumner Mahassey
Sumner Mahassey is from the USA. His parents are formerly missionaries and took his turn in Visayas. In fact, he is very good in Bisaya dialect than Tagalog. He is one of the members in Hey Joe Show on YouTube which gained a lot of Filipino viewers, particularly in Visayas. He sang the song “Pag-ibig” by Yeng Constantino, which he performed simply and just cool. He got positive comments from the judges.

Victor Cervantes
Victor Cervantes came from San Fracisco, California in USA. He’s been a long time Latino singer and even became an opening act in concert which included Shakira. His love for OPM started when he met and became friends with a Filipino. He sang the song “Kailangan Kita” by Gary Valenciano. It’s a fine performance but quite clear in his accent that he’s not a Filipino. He is a fan of Angelica Panganiban and even did a drama as he took her role.

Jerome McQuin
Jerome McQuin is from the USA who now lives in Taguig. When schooling in the US, his friends were Filipinos. One of his Filipino friends invited him to go to the Philippines and he came. He is worried at that time as he stayed here because he has no work and ran out of money. But he met a Filipino which helped him and now he became a businessman. He performed the song “Kawawang Cowboy” by Fred Panopio. Everybody were fascinated with his performance.

Amira Fathin
Amira Fathin is from Malaysia and joined in some international competitions. She loves singing songs with different languages. She loved OPM and joined because she wants to learn more about the Philippines. She even auditioned before in Singapore Idol and sang Jessa Zaragoza’s “Bakit Pa?”. In tonight’s episode, she performed “Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin”. Since the show started, she is the best vocalist who joined the competition. After the performance, she got the chance to sing a duet with Lani Misalucha.

Sumner Mahassey- All of the judges approved him.
Victor Cervantes- Martin and Toni denied him, while Lani approved him.
Jerome McQuin- He was approved by all the judges.
Amira Fathin- She absolutely got approved by all of the judges.

I Love OPM airs on ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday.

Recap: Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 September 27, 2015

It’s Sunday night and the winner for this week in Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 was already announced. Last night has been a great episode, with good and not-so-good performances. The five performers last night were KZ Tandingan as Bob Marley, Michael Pangilinan as Nick Jonas, Myrtle Sarosa as Armida Siguion Reyna, Kakai Bautista as Sheena Easton and Eric Nicolas as Bayani Agbayani.

Tonight, three artists performed which was started by Sam Concepcion who had the most difficult impersonation for the week as Janet Jackson. For a guy who will sing like a man and at the same time dance like a woman, that was very difficult. Good thing the old Janet Jackson did masculine dance moves unlike the latest when she went sensual. Among all the performances this week, he’s the best.

Denise Laurel performed as Alicia Keys with “Girl on Fire”. It was a good performance despite ¬†Alicia Keys was known without too much movements. It also shown Denise’s musical talent.

The last performance has been Kean Cipriano who impersonated Philippines’ King of Movies, the late Fernando Poe, Jr. It turned out as a tribute which can be respected despite a so-so performance.

My rank based on the performances of the artists were:

1. Sam Concepcion

2. Michael Pangilinan

3. Denise Laurel

4. Kakai Bautista

5. Kean Cipriano

6. Myrtle Sarosa

7. Eric Nicolas

8. KZ Tandingan

With the judges ranking the artists, I disagree with Sharon Cuneta with ranking the first place, but the remaining was fine. Boy Abunda did the right ranking while Gary Valenciano has always been messed up in giving his ranking, though his top position is okay.

Based on the judges and the artists choices, the results were:

1. Kean Cipriano

2. Sam Concepcion

3. Michael Pangilinan

4. Denise Laurel

5. Kakai Bautista

6. Eric Nicolas

7. Myrtle Sarosa

8. KZ Tandingan

It was already announced who the artists are going to impersonate. It was surely another fun episode next week and let’s see who will Melai going to impersonate.


Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 airs on Saturday night after MMK and Sunday night after Rated K on ABS-CBN 2.


Your Face Sounds Familiar 2: Second Episode Recap

Last night, four artists impersonated four legendary artists. Sam Concepcion rapped Slim Shady, Eminem. Myrtle Sarosa as 2NE1’s Sandara Park, while KZ Tandingan did Vina Morales and Kakai Bautista as Australian singer, songwriter and producer, Sia.


Tonight, another set of four artists performed. Actress Denise Laurel was unexpectedly a good performer. She did an emulation of Latina singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. It was almost perfect as she got Jen’s voice except the body. The performance was followed by singer Michael Pangilinan acted out as George Michael’s huge hit “Careless Whisper”. Rocker and Callalily’s vocalist Kean Cipriano became a pop star as One Direction’s Harry Styles. The finale performer was comedian Eric Nicolas who had shown his Willie Revillame impersonation.


The first week’s winner ended up was Eric Nicolas who was cheered by the audience. All of the 3 judges voted for him and majority of the celebrity performers as well.


Based on the accumulated scores, here’s the ranking of the performers:

1. Eric Nicolas as Willie Revillame

2. Sam Concepcion as Eminem

3. Kakai Bautista as Sia Furler

4. Kean Cipriano as Harry Styles of One Direction

5. Denise Laurel as Jennifer Lopez

6. Myrtle Sarosa as Sandara Park of 2NE1

7. KZ Tandingan as Vina Morales (tie)

8. Michael Pangilinan as George Michael (tie)


So far, the ranking was okay except Kean and Denise. I think Denise did better as what she did is more difficult. Nevertheless, it is a good start for the show.


Each of the 8 artist seemed doing their comfort zones next week when the artists they’re going to copy were according to their tastes and style. Excited to see their performances next week. Can the winner this week attain his position? Or somebody will take the victory?


By the way, last season’s winner Melai will do her weekly impersonation that’s surely an anticipation for viewers.


Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 was aired by ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday night.




Watching “You’re Face Sounds Familiar 2”

I am currently watching a TV show which local celebrities impersonate music artists assigned to them. It was called “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. The show is the Philippine version which originated in Spain by the company Endemol, the same company which conceptualized the globally popular, Big Brother.


The program that currently shows in Philippine TV is the second season. The first season just ended last summer and second season quickly followed after the success of the first one. The first winner was Melai Cantiveros who won solely from votes. In her final performance, she copied Miley Cyrus and hanged in a wrecking ball, which made her win due to its entertainment value. She may not be a professional vocalist but she has that ‘EV’. She outperformed professional singers Nyoy Volante and Jay-R, and actor (who’s likely to become a future recording artist) Edgar Allan Guzman. Now, Melai is now part of the second season of the show but not as contestant.


Eight ‘new artists’ are vying to imitate the artists that will be assigned to them. These artists weren’t all professional singers. There are comedians and actors too. The first performer during the show’s pilot was R&B/pop singer and actor Sam Concepcion who impersonated Eminem. While the second performer was cosplayer and former Pinoy Big Brother winner Myrtle and showed her Sandara moves. Soul singer and X Factor Philippines winner KZ sang her inner Vina Morales out (though I think she had the poorest performance). But the most surprising performance came from theatre actress, singer and comedian Kakai Bautista who reached the Sia range of the song “Chandelier”.

Four more performances will be shown tomorrow. Scoring and the first winner of the second season will be announced tomorrow. I am excited to watch tomorrow’s performances and who will stand out among the eight artists.


Your Face Sounds Familiar (PH Edition) airs on Saturday and Sunday night on ABS-CBN.