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Battle of Same Song Titles: 98 Degrees vs Lisa Loeb / Westlife vs Justin Timberlake

The battle continues for same song titles. This time it is the battle of “I Do” and “My Love Songs”. Likewise, in this battle, it’s boyband and solo artists battle. Check then below:

98 Degrees vs Lisa Loeb
“I Do”
98 Degrees‘ “I Do” song has “Cherish You” on it. It still passed for the battle though. “I Do (Cherish You)” is a ballad and a good song for weddings. Actually, some people may not know this but it was already a remake by the guys. The song charted high in US and Canada for hitting the top 15. It was also part of the soundtrack of “Notting Hill”.

If the 98 Degrees version is a good song for weddings, the Lisa Loeb song was the opposite as it is about strained relation and in a pop/rock mode. The song was a top 20 hit in the US and had chart success in some territories.

98 Degrees- I Do (Cherish You)
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success- 2.75 = 6.50

Lisa Loeb- I Do
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 2.50 = 5.75

Winner: 98 Degress takes the champ for “I Do” battle.

Westlife vs Justin Timberlake
“My Love”
Westlife came out with this love song in a ballad in 2000 which is about long distance relationship. The song charted high in some European countries including the United Kingdom. In Asia, it became a huge success reaching the top of pop radio and MTV.

Justin Timberlake came out with this beautiful R&B and hip-hop song with synth and beats. The song was of course about love. In this song, rapper T.I. was featured. It became a worldwide hit and the second biggest single off Justin’s second album. It is also Justin Timberlake’s second number one hit single in the US.

Westlife- My Love
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success- 3 = 6.75

Justin Timberlake ft. T.I.- My Love
Melody and Lyrics- 3.5 / Success- 4.0= 7.5

Winner: Justin Timberlake defeats the Westlife for “My Love” battle.

Credits to Wikipedia / Billboard