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Adele is still the Music Queen

As expected, British songstress Adele has broken records through her new record “25”. I am one of those who waited for her new record and so far, it is worth it hearing her new record. As usual, there are songs about heartbreak. However, angst was lessened compared to her previous blockbuster album “21”.

With regards to the albun’s performance in the market it had broken records. The album is now the fastest selling album of all-time. I never expected that NSYNC’s record can never be broken knowing album sales is on decline. Selling a million copies in just a week is already considered a success. What more if an album sells 2 million or even 3 million? Then it means the record is mega successful. According to Nielsen Soundscan, NSYNC’s sophomore effort “No Strings Attached” has sold over 2.4 million copies in a span of one week, while this new Adele record exceeded more than 3.3 million copies in the US alone! That was massive as we all know the situation or the trend in music industry.

Music now is dominated by streaming and downloads while physical sales continues its downfall year by year. According to Billboard, Adele’s label had never made the album available in streaming services like streaming giant Spotify and new streaming app Apple Music. It was effective apparently with the album’s sales.

According to Billboard again, the forecast for its sales kept going high as it is predicted that the album will sell a little over NSYNC’s record. As day goes by, the sales kept surging until it reached 3 million and eventually, 3.3 million plus. It thus show that Adele rules music industry. She can be considered as the music queen due to her influence in music.

Could this be an indication that music industry is very much alive and what Adele has set will serve as a trend? It is too early to say ‘yes’ but based on present performances of albums and my analysis, it is not possible yet. The success of Adele’s album just show how popular and the power of Adele’s music but do not speak of the entire music industry with its future sales.

Yearend Special: Top Pop Albums of 2015

Pop music dominated the year and during the entire run of 2015, it is Taylor Swift who’s undoubtedly reigned the year. Though at this moment, Adele was reigning globally, thanks to her blockbuster record “25”. To check the top pop albums this year, they were listed below:

Taylor Swift- 1989
She has already been dominating the album charts during the last few weeks of 2014, its success was extended until this 2015. With five songs entering the top 10 from the album and multi-platinum success worldwide, this record is one of the most successful pop albums this year.

Meghan Trainor- Title
Incorporating 1970s sound to today’s pop music made the sound of this hit pop record from newcomer Meghan Trainor. With hit singles and a top debut, this became one of the top pop albums this year.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
Justin is back with a purpose and this comeback brought him back on top as well as two (already 3) hit singles he made in the entire globe. He just prove that he can be today’s Prince of Pop.

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
With 4 number one albums under their name, this record was the only album from them which failed a top debut in the US after being defeated by Justin Bieber. Still, its critical and commercial performance made it as one of the most successful pop records this year.

Adele- 25
Adele is invinciple and now becoming a legendary artist through this big selling album. It is expected that at the end of 2015, this album will easily be the biggest selling album based on its latest number. Thus, it was one of the two biggest pop albuns this year along with Taylor Swift’s 1989.

Ed Sheeran- x
This album has become a sleeper hit. After one of the top albums last year, its performance at the albums chart this 2015 made it as one of the top pop albums.

New Song Releases Review: Adele, Justin Bieber, One Direction

Adele- Hello
After years of waiting for a new record from her, finally, we got to hear a new song from our dear Adele. After the super blockbuster LP “21”, Adele is set for a new LP which was also simply entitled as “25”. I bet many of you know why she named her album with that number. By the way, this new song “Hello” was already released and is set to start in the charts with a bang. I checked the iTunes charts and it is number one in almost all countries. It seemed people really longed for this record, even many celebrities did. Checked it on Twitter and you will see. “Hello” is a ballad about heartbreak but lighter than it used to in “21” songs. It is a tearjerker if you will figure its lyrics out. Adele’s voice is always been awesome as she showcased on “Hello”. It may not be on par with “Rolling in the Deep” but it is still a very nice song and waiting for Adele is worth it.
Rate: 9 out of 10

Justin Bieber- Sorry
After the worldwide smash “What Do You Mean?”, Justin came back with this new EDM pop tune. “Sorry” which is about being apologetic and asking for forgiveness may be directed towards ex, Selena Gomez or fans for his mistakes done. Through this song, it is obvious that Justin took a different direction compared to “Journals”. The song though is like a duplicate of “What Do You Mean?” with less impact. “Mean” is a great song but Sorry is just like the poor sequel.
Rate: 7 out of 10

One Direction- Perfect
This song was announced as the second single for the lads’ anticipated first album as quartet “Made in the A.M.”. Although, a promotional song “Infinity” was released prior. The song was originally a pop/rock ballad song but I can’t feel its impact compared to their power ballads such as “Story of My Life” or “You and I”. With the remix version, it sounds even better.
Rate: (Original) 7.5 out of 10, (Remix) 8 out of 10

Big album releases this season/One Direction vs Justin Bieber/Adele’s most awaited

The last quarter of every year used to be the season of new albums from many music stars. Either a full studio album or a compilation, expect these records to be released in record and online stores.

As October already started, new records are now on its way. Just this week, Janet Jackson’s first record in many years “Unbreakable” was already released. It’s already well-received by the critics and die-hard Janet fans. Next week, Selena Gomez is on its way and expected to be her biggest record with new sound she incorporated for “Revival” and positive reviews for its new released singles.

November would be the month of biggest releases. British girl group Little Mix is set to conquer the charts after huge sales in UK for hit single “Black Magic”, and this song is currently selling well in iTunes. The second week of November would be a big tension for two of biggest pop acts. Justin Bieber’s comeback “Purpose” already announced a month ago to be released. The biggest boyband One Direction recently announced to release their album the same date with Bieber, now a hot topic in music industry. It is hard to predict who will win the battle since both have huge fanbase. Justin Bieber is currently the number one artist in singles chart with the EDM pop track “What Do You Mean?” which had been running for weeks. While One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” peaked inside the top 5 in many countries. Bieber might seem to win but he never had an album to sell more than 500,000 as One Direction did in two of their albums. He had big selling singles though. While One Direction often topped albums charts but singles do big on its first week and dip in singles charts in succeeding weeks. One Direction may surely sell more internationally, but US sales is unpredictable. Since trends in music changes so it is hard to predict who will win. It’s the fans who can answer will win.

The next artist expected to sell big was Adele. It’s not yet confirmed but it is circulating in news sites across the web that it is expected this October with tentative title “25”, which might have set a pattern for her. Recently, I wrote an article about her new record stated that this is one of the most anticipated one.

Surely, these records mentioned will be big hits knowing it is the season when sales surge.