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New Song Releases Review: Adele, Justin Bieber, One Direction

Adele- Hello
After years of waiting for a new record from her, finally, we got to hear a new song from our dear Adele. After the super blockbuster LP “21”, Adele is set for a new LP which was also simply entitled as “25”. I bet many of you know why she named her album with that number. By the way, this new song “Hello” was already released and is set to start in the charts with a bang. I checked the iTunes charts and it is number one in almost all countries. It seemed people really longed for this record, even many celebrities did. Checked it on Twitter and you will see. “Hello” is a ballad about heartbreak but lighter than it used to in “21” songs. It is a tearjerker if you will figure its lyrics out. Adele’s voice is always been awesome as she showcased on “Hello”. It may not be on par with “Rolling in the Deep” but it is still a very nice song and waiting for Adele is worth it.
Rate: 9 out of 10

Justin Bieber- Sorry
After the worldwide smash “What Do You Mean?”, Justin came back with this new EDM pop tune. “Sorry” which is about being apologetic and asking for forgiveness may be directed towards ex, Selena Gomez or fans for his mistakes done. Through this song, it is obvious that Justin took a different direction compared to “Journals”. The song though is like a duplicate of “What Do You Mean?” with less impact. “Mean” is a great song but Sorry is just like the poor sequel.
Rate: 7 out of 10

One Direction- Perfect
This song was announced as the second single for the lads’ anticipated first album as quartet “Made in the A.M.”. Although, a promotional song “Infinity” was released prior. The song was originally a pop/rock ballad song but I can’t feel its impact compared to their power ballads such as “Story of My Life” or “You and I”. With the remix version, it sounds even better.
Rate: (Original) 7.5 out of 10, (Remix) 8 out of 10

Anticipating for New Record from Adele


It was four years ago since Adele released her blockbuster album “21” and almost 3 years since she released her last single, the James Bond theme with the same title, “Skyfall”. But where is Adele now. Many speculated that her album will be released in 2013. When it was not released that year, music prognosticators said it would be 2014, then 2015. Four more months, it would be 2016. However, there’s no indications of new album from her will be released this year. Is she keeping her fans wait? Well, die hard fans will wait. But some will get tired waiting, unless the album would be as good or better than “21”.

Why does Adele captured the hearts of many? Before anything else, let’s see how the album fared. The album, according to Wikipedia, has sold 30 million albums. If not accurate, I think it is really close to that number. The sales, though, made the album the biggest selling album this decade. Surely, the next to this album does not even hit 10 milion. Rarely, artists do not sell that much with albums. Nevertheless, Adele did it. Apart from her album, her singles sold multiple millions too! So she really captured the hearts of many listeners.

Prior to the making and release of her album, Adele experienced a painful heartbreak which led to the theme of “21”. The album expressed her grief, pain, angst and honesty. It was forceful that many people felt her and bought her record. Her vocals too is excellent, that even other artists, rock or pop musician loves her.

No matter how long, people will surely anticipate for her new album. Her new music will sell as expected after her previous albums were excellent and acclaimed by listeners and critics. Adele made fans wait, but it will probably be worth it. Will this album be “25” or “26”? We don’t know and it doesn’t matter, her music matters more.