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Recap: I Love OPM (February 21, 2016)

It is the second Sunday episode of “I Love OPM“. What’s amusing about this show is it os very light and just full of fun. It is fun to see foreigners singing Filipino or Tagalog songs. Here are the fpreign performers tonight:

Daniel Herrington
Daniel Herrington came from the USA. He had a girlfriend there who eventually went to the Philippines as a volunteer. His girlfriend, Natalie, is involved in non-government organization (NGO). She invited him to go to the Philippines, particularly in Visayas. Daniel sang “Mahal Kita Pero” by Janella Salvador. He just sang lightly and his words are pronounced very clear.

Mitch Smith
Mitch Smith was from the USA and was married to a Filipina. He is very attached to Filipinos because he is very closed to his in-laws who he considers as his biggest fans. Sadly, they passed away. He dedicated his performance to his in-laws. He sang the song “Nandito Ako” by Ogie Alcasid. The performace is okay, though, was too short.

Naisa Lasalosi
Naisa Lasalosi is an Australian who became a missionary in the Philippines. He even knows how to speak Bisaya like some of the past contestants in the show. After his mission, he came back to Australia and returned to Philippines after joining the show. He performed the song “Halik” by Aegis. He has a beautiful voice and he sang the song beautifully and clearly.

DBD is a group of guys from different countries. Their name was taken from the initials of their first names. Dae Lee is a Korean who became a student in the Philippines. Bobby Kyz was from Nigeria as a student as well. While Dwane Wodley came from Australia who is a missionary. They met in an audition where they found out they have chemistry. They sang “Magdalena” by Gloc 9 which was performed very well. It is a fun performance which had the girls screaming for them.

Daniel Herrington– He was approved by all of the judges.
Mitch Smith– He was denied by Martin and Toni, while Lani approved him
Naisa Lasalosi– He got approved by the three judges.
DBD– All of the judges approved them.

I Love OPM airs on ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday night

Recap: I Love OPM (February 14, 2016)

It is the second episode of “I Love OPM“, and the foreign performers had a blast again. Two male, one female and a group had performed tonight and they had interesting performances and story

Addy Raj
Addy Raj came from India who came to the Philippines as exchanged student and wanted to live her. He fell in love with OPM upon hearing Daniel Padilla. Addy is known for his good looks that made girls screaming for him. He had sang the song “Hinahanap-hanap Kita”, version by Daniel Padilla. Aside from singing, he played guitar as well. It’s just a simple performance and there were nuances in his accent that he is not really a Filipino. But you can feel in him how much he loves the Philippines. For just a short time, he can already speak Tagalog.

Raza Saeed
Raza Saeed is working in Dubai but from Pakistan. He had some Filipino friends which made him love the Philippines. He performed the song “Ngiti” by Ronnie Liang. The performance is fine and he seemed sincere with his song. After the performance, he revealed he got a crush on Anne Curtis and even shown a picture of him along with Anne’s. You can see him his admiration with Anne.

Anna Rabison
Anna Rabison came from Russia who was married to a Filipino. She really love the Filipinos as she described Filipinos as sweet people. She performed the song “Sirena” by Gloc 9 and Ebe Dancel. She did it well especially when she rapped, which amazed the audience and the judges. After the performance, she even rapped along with Lani and it was very amusing.

J Morning
J Morning is a band from Korea. They love the Philippines so they searched for Filipino songs and what they found fitting for them is “Ikaw” by Yeng Constantino. Their version is an upbeat version and performed with choreography. After the performance, Ryan Bang came in as their translator. The performance was good and everybody seemed impressed with them.

Addy Raj- He got approved by all of the judges
Raza Saeed- He got denied by Martin and Toni, but was approved by Lani.
Anna Rabison- She got approved by Lani and Martin, but denied by Toni.
J Morning- The group got approved by all the judges.

I Love OPM airs on ABS-CBN on Saturday and Sunday night

Recap: I Love OPM (February 13, 2016)

After the success of the recently concluded first season of “Dance Kids”, ABS-CBN came out again with another great and interesting concept with this new show called “I Love OPM“. For those who doesn’t know the meaning of OPM, it stands for Original Pilipino Music. What makes this show interesting is the contestants are not Filipinos, rather, foreigners who has deep love for Filipino music. The foreign contestants will be singing Tagalog songs. The host of the show is the beautiful Anne Curtis, who is perfect for the job as she can has a foreign blood too. Her co-host is Eric Nicolas who had a successful stint at the recent season of “Your Face Sounds Familiar 2”. The judges which they call “HIMIGration Officers” were Toni Gonzaga, Martin Nievera, and Toni Gonzaga. Four contestants will beĀ  performing every episode. After all the performances, the judges will then give their judgement if APPROVED or DENIED.

The first episode’s contestants were:

Jenna Dimaandal
Jenna is of a German and Irish decent but was adapted by Filipino parents who loved her so dearly because her mother has alcoholic addiction at that time. She was raised with Filipino values and culture. In fact, she can even talk and understand Tagalog. She performed the song “Bituin Walang Ningning” with the version of Sarah Geronimo. She pulled it successfully and effortlessly. Her diction is even clearly Tagalog. She has impressed all of the judges and their judgement? They all gave her APPROVED mark.

Ryan Gallagher
Ryan Gallagher is an American imigration officers. He began to love OPM and sang some Tagalog songs. Girls are giggling while he performs because of his good looks which I think included Toni. It’s. a good performance with the song “Kahit Isang Saglit” though with some touch of foreign accent. Toni and Martin APPROVED him, while Lani gave him DENIED. But he’s still IN in the competition.

Soo Jin Lee
Soo Jin Lee is Korean young lady who fell in love with OPM songs through the song “Pusong Bato”. She’s in the Philippines with her Filipino friends. She sang the song “Chinito” by Yeng Constantino. She is fun and cute to watch though it is obvious thay she’s havig a hard time with the accent. Toni and Martin marked her DENIED, whiel Lani seemed enjoyed her performance for marking her APPROVED.

Harris Dio Smith
Harris Dio Smith is a Pakistani imigration officer. He began to love OPM and became a rocker. He sang the legendary Pinoy rock song “Beep Beep” by Juan Dela Cruz Band and it was a fun performance. The three judges enjoyed his performance so much and marked him APPROVED.

I Love OPM airs on ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday night.