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European Groups Who Reached the Top 10 in the US (1995-1999)

European groups are very much alive during 1995 to 1999 through these artists who reached top 10 in Billboard:

U2 (Ireland)

U2 had successful albums globally at that time. But they only had 1 single to reach top 10 which is “Discotheque”¬† peaked at 10.

Take That (United Kingdom)
Being one of the top boybands during their time, it was at the last part of their current when Take That scored their very first top 10 with the song “Back for Good”. It peaked at number 7.

Everything But the Girl (United Kingdom)\
Everything But the Girl became known globally including the US through their song “Missing” which settled at number 2. They were considered as one-hit wonder though.

Oasis (United Kingdom)
Oasis had songs entered the Billboard Hot 100, but they only had 1 top 10 hit through the #8 peaking song “Wonderwall”.

Spice Girls (United Kingdom)

Spice Girls is the top British group at that time not just in the US but worldwide. The girl group scored 4 top 10 hits namely: “Wannabe” (#1), “Say You’ll Be There” (#3), “2 Become 1” (#4), and “Too Much” (#9).

Chumbawamba (United Kingdom)
Chumbawama is also among those considered one-hit wonder in the US after their hit “Tubthumping” reached number 6 Billboard Hot 100.

All Saints (United Kingdom)
All Saints emerged after the success of fellow girl group Spice Girls. They had scored hits in the US but with only 1 top 10 hit through “Never Ever” which reached number 4.

Aqua (Denmark)
Aqua is the most successful Danish group ever who graced the US singles chart. Their single “Barbie Girl” became a hit when it peaked at #7.

Ace of Base (Sweden)
Ace of Base had notable success during the first half of 1990’s. In the second half, they had scored a top 10 with their own version of “Cruel Summer” which reached the tenth position.

5ive (United Kingdom)
5ive is one of the British boybands who entered teh US top 10. They only had 1 though through the number 10 hit “When the Lights Go Out”.

B*Witched (Ireland)
B*Witched emerged to the charts after¬† the Spice Girls’ hiatus. They had scored 1 top 10 hit in the US with “C’est La Vie” (#10).

Credits to Billboard / Wikipedia

Battle of Same Song Title: Gary Barlow vs Ed Sheeran / Avicii vs Sam Smith

Back again with battle of same song title, this time, two Brit guys are battling out. While the other, a DJ against another Brit guy. Check them below:

Gary Barlow vs Ed Sheeran
Take That member Gary Barlow came out with this song as his solo single after a lot of years. The song also featured The Commonwealth Band with Andrew Lloyd Webber as his co-writer. It is a beautiful pop song with Military Wives. The song was a huge hit accross United Kingdom and in some European countries.

Ed Sheeran went upbeat this time after collaborating with Pharrell Williams in this song. The song sounds fun though I must admit, I am not into its style. The song was a global hit including his hometown UK where it went to number one. In US, it became his highest peaking song at number 13 at the time.


Gary Barlow- Sing
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 2.75 = 6.0

Ed Sheeran- Sing
Melody and Lyrics- 3.0 / Success- 3.25= 6.25

Winner: Ed Sheeran won small points against Gary Barlow in this “Sing” battle.

Avicii vs Sam Smith
“Lay Me Down”
Swedish DJ Avicii has invited Adam Lambert in this disco song who also co-wrote the song. The song was used by a tea company. It became a hit in some parts of Europe.

Sam Smith released this song as the last single for “In the Lonely Hour” album. He re-released it for foundation and invited R&B star John Legend. The song eventually became a number one hit in the UK, while it turned out as his third top ten hit as lead singer in the US.

Avicii ft. Adam Lambert- Lay Me Down
Melody and Lyrics- 2.5 / Success- 2.75= 5.25

Sam Smith ft. John Legend- Lay Me Down (Comic Relief Version)
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.5 = 6.75

Winner: Sam Smith took the throne in “Lay Me Down” battle.

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard
Video from YouTube

Yearend Special: Top Pop Albums of 2015

Pop music dominated the year and during the entire run of 2015, it is Taylor Swift who’s undoubtedly reigned the year. Though at this moment, Adele was reigning globally, thanks to her blockbuster record “25”. To check the top pop albums this year, they were listed below:

Taylor Swift- 1989
She has already been dominating the album charts during the last few weeks of 2014, its success was extended until this 2015. With five songs entering the top 10 from the album and multi-platinum success worldwide, this record is one of the most successful pop albums this year.

Meghan Trainor- Title
Incorporating 1970s sound to today’s pop music made the sound of this hit pop record from newcomer Meghan Trainor. With hit singles and a top debut, this became one of the top pop albums this year.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
Justin is back with a purpose and this comeback brought him back on top as well as two (already 3) hit singles he made in the entire globe. He just prove that he can be today’s Prince of Pop.

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
With 4 number one albums under their name, this record was the only album from them which failed a top debut in the US after being defeated by Justin Bieber. Still, its critical and commercial performance made it as one of the most successful pop records this year.

Adele- 25
Adele is invinciple and now becoming a legendary artist through this big selling album. It is expected that at the end of 2015, this album will easily be the biggest selling album based on its latest number. Thus, it was one of the two biggest pop albuns this year along with Taylor Swift’s 1989.

Ed Sheeran- x
This album has become a sleeper hit. After one of the top albums last year, its performance at the albums chart this 2015 made it as one of the top pop albums.

Globally Successful Albums of Groups with Male and Female Members since 1990

Along with success of their singles, groups with male and female members had successful albums too. Many of them may not have had sustainable success, in this list, Black Eyed Peas is the most successful scoring several successful albums. The success of the album includes its sales and singles’ success.

Ace of Base- Happy Nation / The Sign
According to Wikipedia, this album exceeded an estimated sales of 25 million. This is surely the most successful album in this list as it also scored 3 official hit singles (entering the top 10 in major charts) namely “The Sign”, “All that She Wants” and “Don’t Turn Around”.

The Fugees- The Score
Technically, this is one of the biggest selling albums worldwide of 1996 and it scored the global chart-topper, their own hip-hop version of “Killing Me Softly”. “Ready or Not” was UK chart-topper and top 40 hit in US.

Aqua- Aquarium
They became popular when pop music is dominating the charts with the reign of Spice Girls in 1997 to1998. This album was multi-platinum worldwide due to the success of number one hits “Barbie Girl” and “Doctor Jones”.

Black Eyed Peas- The E.N.D.
With 3 Billboard number one hit and multi-platinum certifications worldwide, this is considerably the groups biggest album. They stayed at number one in singles chart in US for 26 weeks through two singles.

Black Eyed Peas- Monkey Business
After the success of “Elephunk”, the group released “Monkey Business” which was a muti-platinum success elsewhere. It is among the biggest sellers of 2005. It includes the sexual hit “My Humps”.

Black Eyed Peas- Elephunk
The first LP of the group with Fergie, this album had started slowly to reach multi-platinum sales. It includes 4 worldwide hit singles including the timeless “Where’s the Love?”.

Ace of Base- The Bridge
This album might not have duplicated the group’s international debut, but it still went platinum in several countries. It featured the hit “Beautiful Life”.

Popular Band Vocalists Since 2000

There are lots of band vocalist that has the opportunity to become huge stars on their own but never turned their back to their band. It’s friendship that runs within the members that’s why these vocalists remained in their bands. Here are some of the band vocalists who debuted since 2000 who became famous.

Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
Maroon 5 had come too far after five successful albums. Numerous hit singles were heard on the radio and includes the recent “Sugar” and their biggest hit ever “Moves Like Jagger”. The biggest credit, of course, will be given to its vocalist, Adam Levine. With his talent and looks, he can possibly succeed as solo artist but he stayed. His stint as coach in The Voice (US) contributed to his succeed, as well as successful singles where he was featured like “Stereo Hearts” (Travie McCoy) and the current “Locked Away” (R. City), which both were top ten hits worldwide.

Hayley Williams (Paramore)
Paramore went onto become one of the biggest bands sincd the second half of 2000s. Hayley Williams, the band’s vocalist, can be attributed to their success. She was often considered as rock chick too. Her collaboration with B.O.B. for the song “Airplanes” became one of the biggest selling singles, thanks tp the nice tune and contribution of Hayley. Hayley still remains a member and vocalist of Paramore.

Chris Martin (Coldplay)
Since 2000, Coldplay became one of the biggest sellibg bands with numerous number one and multi-platinum albums. As vocalist, Chris had the chance to go solo but he remained with Coldplay. However, a finale album of the band is set to release. In 15 years, though, Chris Martin successfully led the band.

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park)
Mike Shinoda played a big part with Linkin Park’s success. One of two vocalist of the band, he also did side project through Fort Minor. He has all the ability to go solo, still, stayed with Linkin Park which is one of the biggest bands since 2000.

Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
Along with Mike Shinoda, Chester was also a vocalist of Linkin Park. With his big contribution to the band’s success, Chester stayed with the band as it seems they were like family.

Amy Lee (Evanescence)
One of the best female rock vocalists, Amy Lee once featured in the song “Broken” (Seether). She has everything to become a successful solo artist but stayed with Evanescence, the band which had the mega successful album “Fallen”.

Top Solo Female rockers

Rock music was often dominated by men as they intent to create fan base with male listeners. But it doesn’t mean rock music was listened by mostly men as there are lots of female fans of rock music too. As a result, there are female rockers who existed and they generated fans either male or female as their demographics.

I decided to create a list of these female rockers as solo artists who succeeded in the genre. Here are the top five list I made:

5. Michelle Branch- Her popularity came in late 2001 due to her hit top 15 hit “Everywhere” followed by more successful ” All You Wanted” and another top 40 hit in the US. Her 2 albums were platinum. Her music generated fans either young or adults. Teenagers loved her as she’s a teen at that time. While her sound and lyrics has more maturity.

4. Sheryl Crow- I loved her old song “Strong Enough” which was a big hit at that time, as well as “All I Wanna Do”. Her sound though was liek country rock. Her sound went harder through “If It Makes You Happy”, which is similar to Alanis Morrisette, who is extremely popularat that time. Her recent sound is lighter rock.

3. Avril Lavigne- She debuted with Michelle Branch as the top young female rocker, which Avril’s entry took the spotlight. Avril is more on teenage rock though. Her debut album “Let Go” scored big hits and meteoric number sales. She is eventually dubbed as the ‘pop rock princess’ and scored top ten albums.

2. P!nk- She may started as pop and R&B singer but decided to follow her heart and transferred to rock music via “Don’t Let Me Get Me”. She became more popular, even until now, she consistently sells millions of records and top ten hit songs. Though, her music was both pop and rock.

1. Alanis Morrisette- She may only had two officially big hit albums which “Jagged Little Pill” is the biggest selling album of its genre, Alanis remains the legend and the one who created the formula of rock in solo female rock musicians. You can hear the touch of Alanis in the music P!nk and Avril Lavigne. Her recent releases may not be successful as her first two international releases but she’s still remembered as an icon for many female rock musicians.

When Music Preferences Changes

I may not have grown up in a musical family but my love for music remains in more than a decade. I started to love music back in 1996 and I was 12 at that time. Too late compared to those musicians and singers who began to sing and play musical instruments even at a younger age like below 5 years old. Anyway, I am neither a singer nor a musician. I am just a big music fan who loves music so much. I love reviewing songs and sharing my thoughts on it from different genres, though, more on mainstream music but a little touch of Indie.

Back in my younger years, I mostly listened to ballads since that’s the genre that’s open played and popular in FM radio stations. Then time evolved and music has evolved too. I began to listen to popular music which includes upbeat pop and bubblegum tunes. Well, I’m a guy and I listened to the Spice Girls and Hanson which these two groups had changed the pop landscape and boybands also began to rule the charts. Hanson, though, who became successful with the global pop hit “Mmmbop” and hit album “Middle of Nowhere”, wasn’t followed by successful hits. Thus, their success was short-termed. While the Spice Girls were the most popular during their era ended to solo project after Geri Halliwell left less than 2 years after their debut hit’s release. Boybands like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC and other European boybands like Boyzone and Westlife dominated several territories.

In late 1990s, I learned to love R&B music then Rock bands like Linkin Park and Evanescence. Now, I still love these genres but I began to love soulful songs and even Jazz. Music preferences just changes when you grow up and years go by. Music that you hated before will be the songs you might be listening when you grow up. Still, music remains like a loved one that are part of our life.