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Eminem- The Eminem Show / Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture 8 Mile: Top 10 and Top 40 Singles in US and UK

Eminem- The Eminem Show and Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture 8 Mile
United States- Due to the huge success of his album “The Marshall Mathers LP”, Eminem had came up to release his follow-up release which the album was “The Eminem Show” and still at its peak, a soundtrack from his movie was also released which was “Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture 8 Mile”. Both albums did great as “The Eminem Show” was awarded with 10x platinum, while “Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture 8 Mile” had gone 4x platinum. Both records even scored hit singles and the top 10 hits were listed below:
Without Me- #2
Cleaning Out My Closet- #4
Lose Yourself- #1
It shows that Eminem’ singles this time did better than the preceding album “The Marshall Mathers LP”. Three singles made it to the top 10 which was initiated by “Without Me” at number 2, “Cleaning Out My Closet” at number 4, and the number 1 hit “Lose Yourself”. The latter was awarded 5x platinum due to outstanding sales by RIAA. The album also scored top 40 hits below listed:
Superman- #15
Sing for the Moment- #14

United Kingdom- Eminem continued his success in United Kingdom with the album “The Eminem Show” for achieving 7x platinum status by BPI, and the soundtrack “Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture 8 Mile” which was awarded 2x platinum. Singles were successful too reaching top 10 with these songs:
Without Me- #1
Cleaning Out My Closet- #4
Lose Yourself- #1
Sing for the Moment- #6
Business- #6
Five singles has been big hits in UK from the two albums. The number 1 hits were two, first with “Without Me” which was certified platinum, and the “8 Mile” theme “Lose Yourself”, a 2x platinum single. Other big hits were “Cleaning Out My Closet” at number 4, and both number 6 hits “Sing for the Moment” and “Business”. No singles released peaked outside the top 10 from the two albums.

The song I would be sharing was the US number 2 and UK number 1 hit “Without Me” because of the humor it brought, and being the lead single of “The Eminem Show” album.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Albums by: Eminem
Video from YouTube / EminemVEVO

Top 8 Disney Songs Since the 1990s

At least many of us had watched any Disney movie, and of course, we heard some of their theme songs. Whenever we hear Disney songs, we can name which movie that song was taken. Since I am a 1990s kid, I created this list of top Disney themes heard since 1990s.

8. Circle of Life (performed by Elton John for The Lion King)

The soundtrack album was made possible through Elton John while some of musical scores were done by Hans Zimmerman. This song’s theatrical sound and epic sounding melody were the reasons why I included the song in this list.

7. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (performed by Eltow John for The Lion King)

Back to back from another Lion King song was this love song which was the theme song of Simba and Nala. This is also the main and carrier song of the OST.

6. For the First Time in Forever (performed by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel for Frozen)

It was sung the time when Elsa will be declared as the new queen, Princess Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) sung the most part of it. It was not an easy song to sing because of its pace on stanzas but the two artistw sung it really well.

5. Beauty and the Beast (performed by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson for the OST of Beauty and the Beast and Angela Lansbury in the film as Mrs. Potts)

This is one of the most memorable love songs from Disney. Celine and Peabo had a great tandem while Angela as Mrs. Potts in the film delivered it well.

4. Reflections (performed by Christina Aguilera for Mulan, Lea Salonga from the film itself)

Lea Salonga’s voice has always been perfect especially in these kind of songs. Christina’s version was released as the single which shown her vocal prowess. The song was exactly about the protagonist of the film.

3. Colors of the Wind (performed by Vanessa Williams for Pocahontas as lead single, Judy Kuhn for the film)

The song really fits the nature as Pocahontas is a Native American woman in the film. Both versions of the artists were superb.

2. A Whole New World (performed by Peabo Bryson and Regina Bell for Alladin as lead single, Lea Salonga and Brad Kane for the movie)

Peabo and Regina’s version has soul in it but Brad and Lea’s voice sounds more theatrical. The song was a number one hit then.

1. Let it Go (performed by Idina Menzel for Frozen, Demi Lovato as a single)

This deserves to be the number one apart from being the biggest selling Disney single ever. Idina Menzel sang it very well with her high range. Demi’s version was more of a pop song.