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Your Face Sounds Familiar 2: Second Episode Recap

Last night, four artists impersonated four legendary artists. Sam Concepcion rapped Slim Shady, Eminem. Myrtle Sarosa as 2NE1’s Sandara Park, while KZ Tandingan did Vina Morales and Kakai Bautista as Australian singer, songwriter and producer, Sia.


Tonight, another set of four artists performed. Actress Denise Laurel was unexpectedly a good performer. She did an emulation of Latina singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. It was almost perfect as she got Jen’s voice except the body. The performance was followed by singer Michael Pangilinan acted out as George Michael’s huge hit “Careless Whisper”. Rocker and Callalily’s vocalist Kean Cipriano became a pop star as One Direction’s Harry Styles. The finale performer was comedian Eric Nicolas who had shown his Willie Revillame impersonation.


The first week’s winner ended up was Eric Nicolas who was cheered by the audience. All of the 3 judges voted for him and majority of the celebrity performers as well.


Based on the accumulated scores, here’s the ranking of the performers:

1. Eric Nicolas as Willie Revillame

2. Sam Concepcion as Eminem

3. Kakai Bautista as Sia Furler

4. Kean Cipriano as Harry Styles of One Direction

5. Denise Laurel as Jennifer Lopez

6. Myrtle Sarosa as Sandara Park of 2NE1

7. KZ Tandingan as Vina Morales (tie)

8. Michael Pangilinan as George Michael (tie)


So far, the ranking was okay except Kean and Denise. I think Denise did better as what she did is more difficult. Nevertheless, it is a good start for the show.


Each of the 8 artist seemed doing their comfort zones next week when the artists they’re going to copy were according to their tastes and style. Excited to see their performances next week. Can the winner this week attain his position? Or somebody will take the victory?


By the way, last season’s winner Melai will do her weekly impersonation that’s surely an anticipation for viewers.


Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 was aired by ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday night.




Song Reviews: The Weeknd, OMI, Justin Bieber

Then I decided to listen to several songs, old or new, and thinking of reviewing these songs and recommend those worth listening.


The Weeknd- Can’t Feel My Face

The Weeknd has been in the music industry for several years but just recently grabbed the attention of listeners, could it be when she sang with Ariana Grande on her top 10 hit “Love Me Harder” or the Fifty Shades of Gray hit song “Earned It”. Now, he is shining more on his own through this song “Can’t Feel My Face”. This song is a remisniscent of the 1980s when Michael Jackson is at its peak. I can hear the MJ vibe in this song, which he succeeded. The vocals are great and his collaborator Max Martin deserves the credit.

Rating: 8 of 10


OMI- Cheerleader

OMI who was considered as breakthrough artist cannot be considered as a new artist as well as this song, “Cheerleader”. The song was first released in 2012 but not for a global distribution. It attracted attention from listeners and radio when it was remixed by young DJ, Felix Jaehn and first topped several European markets until crossed the UK market and eventuated to the top and huge seller. This year it went to Billboard’s apex during summer. The song has a feel-good vibe. When you were just sitting and relaxing, turn on your MP3 players or phone and have your headsets or earphones on and listen to this song, it was very light and catchy. Though, the original version was better than the remix on.

Rating: Original version- 8.5 of 10

Remixed version-7.5 of 10


Justin Bieber- What Do You Mean?

Bieber Fever is not over. Justin is “just in” and conquered the summit of worldwide charts when this single “What Do You Mean?” was released. It was a perfect time for his comeback after negative news spread and infected people’s minds against him during the recent years. Well, he recently apologized for all his mistakes and starting a new and positive life. Why not give him a chance? I am not a fan and I hated all that he did but he seemed trying to turn all those negatives into positive. Going back to the song, I love the chilling EDM sound. It’s not stressful to listen to like other EDM music does. Also, it’s a shift to more EDM from his usual R&B tune from “Journals”. Good try Bieb and you succeeded that even non-Biebs got to listen to ya.

Rating:8.5 of 10


Credits: Some facts from Wikipedia


The Powerful Voice of Sia

Last night while watching a TV show, there’s this singer who performed one of 2014’s biggest hits, “Chandelier” from the singer and songwriter Sia. The song was considered as the artist’s breakthrough. If you will ask common people if they already heard Sia before, only few or even none may answer “Yes”. But now, everybody knows the song, some people will even say it is difficult to sing.


Well, Sia has a unique voice and nobody can sing like her. When I first heard “Chandelier”, there’s a little touch of Rihanna but hers is more unique and has higher range. It’s a perfect song she wrote for herself and a good idea not to give to other artists. You heard it right, she had written to other artists and they were superstars. Britney Spears’ “Perfume” was written by her and even did background vocals. While another pop star Christina Aguilera collaborated with her in a number of songs for her (underrated and underwhelming?) album “Bionic”. And who will forget the worldwide hit “Diamonds” , the last number 1 hit from Rihanna? Recently, you heard her composition/s in Beyonce’s huge self titled album and from the movie “Pitch Perfect 2”. It is a testament of her huge talent that other artists adore her.


Back then, Sia already released records nevertheless, reception from the public was lukewarm. Her first music video and song that I heard and saw was “Clap Your Hands”. It’s catchy but a song that lacks force to elevate her song to the masses. Then I heard her voice over David Guetta song “Titanium” and Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones”. She co-wrote the songs and served as doorway to international stardom.


After “Chandelier”, her controversial song (because of its music video) “Elastic Heart” proved she can’t be a one-hit wonder (as solo) when it peaked inside the top 20 globally. It’s a good song too and garnered hundreds of millions of hits in YouTube.


What’s next from Sia? Looking forward to hear more from her and show everyone the power of her voice.

Watching “You’re Face Sounds Familiar 2”

I am currently watching a TV show which local celebrities impersonate music artists assigned to them. It was called “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. The show is the Philippine version which originated in Spain by the company Endemol, the same company which conceptualized the globally popular, Big Brother.


The program that currently shows in Philippine TV is the second season. The first season just ended last summer and second season quickly followed after the success of the first one. The first winner was Melai Cantiveros who won solely from votes. In her final performance, she copied Miley Cyrus and hanged in a wrecking ball, which made her win due to its entertainment value. She may not be a professional vocalist but she has that ‘EV’. She outperformed professional singers Nyoy Volante and Jay-R, and actor (who’s likely to become a future recording artist) Edgar Allan Guzman. Now, Melai is now part of the second season of the show but not as contestant.


Eight ‘new artists’ are vying to imitate the artists that will be assigned to them. These artists weren’t all professional singers. There are comedians and actors too. The first performer during the show’s pilot was R&B/pop singer and actor Sam Concepcion who impersonated Eminem. While the second performer was cosplayer and former Pinoy Big Brother winner Myrtle and showed her Sandara moves. Soul singer and X Factor Philippines winner KZ sang her inner Vina Morales out (though I think she had the poorest performance). But the most surprising performance came from theatre actress, singer and comedian Kakai Bautista who reached the Sia range of the song “Chandelier”.

Four more performances will be shown tomorrow. Scoring and the first winner of the second season will be announced tomorrow. I am excited to watch tomorrow’s performances and who will stand out among the eight artists.


Your Face Sounds Familiar (PH Edition) airs on Saturday and Sunday night on ABS-CBN.

My Thoughts on Spotify

Anybody here uses Spotify? If you are not familiar of Spotify, it is a music streaming service where you can listen to your favorite songs. Once you joined or registered in this service, it’s like you entered a gateway to millions of songs all over the world. You can even listen ┬áto an entire album by an artist. Likewise, you can see and hear the catalog of your favorite artists. But take note, expect disturbing ads and you have the choice to upgrade to premium to enjoy more of its offers like saving songs or an entire album for offline listening. Once subscribed, you can listen to any songs you want. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of Taylor Swift, don’t expect all of her songs were there. Just late last year, she pulled up her albums from the service to coincide with the release of her blockbuster LP “1989”, as stated that the service pays low rates to the artists. This may had contributed to physical and digital sales of the album.


Well, my thought in this, I agree with some artists and even Spotify developers saying that streaming is the future of music. Why not? People loves listening to music for free. Surely, more people will download music streaming service apps in the future. Monthly subscription isn’t even too expensive. In some countries, monthly subscription costs at about $10. While here in the Philippines, it only costs $3 or PhP129. You can pay through credit card. But what I like is there’s another method of payment. If you have verified PayPal account, it’s one of the options for payment.


I support music streaming service like Spotify. Physical albums sales are declining due to other ways of music listening, illegal downloads and piracy. Spotify pays artists, and if an artist wants his/her music be heard, promotion is also important. More and more people are using the internet and social networking sites, it can be good medium to promote their records.


I am thankful to Spotify because I got to listen to my favorite music at the comfort of my phone legally. Indeed, Spotify will grow as well as other streaming services.

When Music Preferences Changes

I may not have grown up in a musical family but my love for music remains in more than a decade. I started to love music back in 1996 and I was 12 at that time. Too late compared to those musicians and singers who began to sing and play musical instruments even at a younger age like below 5 years old. Anyway, I am neither a singer nor a musician. I am just a big music fan who loves music so much. I love reviewing songs and sharing my thoughts on it from different genres, though, more on mainstream music but a little touch of Indie.

Back in my younger years, I mostly listened to ballads since that’s the genre that’s open played and popular in FM radio stations. Then time evolved and music has evolved too. I began to listen to popular music which includes upbeat pop and bubblegum tunes. Well, I’m a guy and I listened to the Spice Girls and Hanson which these two groups had changed the pop landscape and boybands also began to rule the charts. Hanson, though, who became successful with the global pop hit “Mmmbop” and hit album “Middle of Nowhere”, wasn’t followed by successful hits. Thus, their success was short-termed. While the Spice Girls were the most popular during their era ended to solo project after Geri Halliwell left less than 2 years after their debut hit’s release. Boybands like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC and other European boybands like Boyzone and Westlife dominated several territories.

In late 1990s, I learned to love R&B music then Rock bands like Linkin Park and Evanescence. Now, I still love these genres but I began to love soulful songs and even Jazz. Music preferences just changes when you grow up and years go by. Music that you hated before will be the songs you might be listening when you grow up. Still, music remains like a loved one that are part of our life.