Young R&B singers who did big in the charts since 2000

We have seen lots of young R&B singers in 1990s who did very well in the charts. Since 2000, there are lots of young R&B singers who did well too. Here are some of them:

Ashanti was still young when she started. Before releasing her own record, she wrote songs for other artists which included the highly successful Jennifer Lopez. Ashanti scored several top 10 albums and multi-million selling song “Foolish”.

Mario was still a teenager when he scored her first top 5 hit. After two years, he eventually topped the charts worldwide with this breezy track “Let Me Love You”. Aside from these hit songs, he gained platinum records too.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown is one of the biggest male R&B singers around. But he started and released his first record a decade ago, and guest what? He immediately topped the US charts. Until now, his success continued as heard in his music.

Cassie hit big with her first single “Me and U”. The catchy sound of the song helped her gain success. However, she was considered as one-hit wonder. Still, she made a mark in the industry.

Christina Milian
She was first known the time when teen pop stars such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are on top of the game and Milian was even considered in their category. But her music was more on R&B. Her biggest succes was the song “Dip it Low”.

She made 3 top ten hits over her debut LP and she was even compared to Bey when she debuted. But her sound is quite different. Her first release came out before she turned 20. She was one of the young female singers then.

She is one of the biggest female singers around and her career since debut is already a decade old. She’s just 17 when her top 2 hit was released which was the start of her successful career.

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Top R&B Hits 2000-2004

Since 2000, many R&B songs released were upbeat and it is common for rappers and R&B to collaborate and create good songs. Remixes are very common too. Here are the top R&B hits during this period I listed based on its impact and success.

Mariah Carey ft. Joe and 98 Degrees- Thank God I Found You
This song has become Mariah’s last chart-topper before successful comeback in 2005. The beautiful ballad also included R&B singer Joe and US boy band 98 Degrees. The remix version sounds good too, but excluded 98 Degrees.

Sisqo- Thong Song
One of the best upbeat R&B hits during the first half of 2000, Sisqo gained a fanbase through this song. Oh wait, you might’ve heard “livin’ la vida loca”, you heard it right, it was interpolated.

Outkast- Ms. Jackson
This is the first and biggest hit internationally by the hip-hop duo, the song was also one of the best hip-hop songs since 2000s.

Destiny’s Child- Independent Women Part 1
The group just became a trio and it played big success for their career as this ‘girl power’ themed song became one of the longest number 1 hits.

Janet Jackson- All For You
It was a huge comeback for Janet after a high debut and long weeks at number one with this danceable R&B tune.

Destiny’s Child- Survivor
One of the successful “I Will Survive”” songs, this R&B track became one of the biggest hits of 2001.

Alicia Keys- Fallin’
This remains the most memorable song for Alicia Keys for topping the charts. This soulful ballad was one of the best love songs of 2001.

Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland- Dilemma
How about falling in love with someone even committed with someone? This love song just became a 10-week holder at top spot in the US.

Mary J. Blige- Family Affair
This is one of the catchiest and most memorable upbeat R&B tune during the decade. Just hearing the beat, you will know what song is that. It is the biggest hit of Mary J. ever.

Beyonce ft. Jay-Z- Crazy in Love
This song brought Beyonce’s career to great heights as it became her first hit as lead artist. It has become a global hit in 2003.

Aaliyah- Miss You
This was released posthumously and remained one of the top R&B ballads during the period. It is also one of the most known song by Aaliyah.

50 Cent- In Da Club
50 Cent’s success can be attributed to this club hip-hop hit. It helped his LP to go multiple platinum.

Beyonce ft. Sean Paul- Baby Boy
Incorporating Arabic sound in its music, this is how this second chart-topper from Bey was known.

Usher- Yeah!
Consider as Usher’s biggest hit, this helped his “Confessions” LP sell a million in a single week. This is one of the club-ready hip-hop songs during 2000s.

Usher and Alicia Keys- My Boo
Usher’s team up with the talented Alicia Keys has become one of the best and successful duets of 2004.

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Recap November 22, 2015: Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2

The exciting episode continues in Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2. Now that the season is approaching its finale and we will soon see who will win this season, the competition is going intense. To add up to excitement, next week will be great week as the artists fron the first season will join and male a duet with the current season artists. Before going further, here are the performances during Sunday night’s episode.

Kean Cipriano as (and duet with) Joey Ayala of Bagong Lumad
Last week’s winner Kean Cipriano goes folk this week as he was commissioned to impersonate and perform with legendary Filipino folk singer Joey Ayala who was a former member of the band Bagong Lumad. Kean really looks Joey, and the voice was perfect. He deserved the standing ovation given by the three judges.

Michael Pangilinan as (and duet with) Joey Generoso of Side A
Michael does ballad this time and sang one of the most famous Filipino love songs “Forevermore”, which he performed with its lead singer Joey Generoso.There are instances when he got the voices of Joey G. and it is still a great performance. Though, he looks like a member of F4.

Denise Laurel as (and duet with) Jinky Vidal of Freestyle
To end all the performances, Denise performed as and alongside with Freestyle vocalist Jinky Vidal with the love song “So Slow”. It was one of Denise’s great performances.

With all the performances from Saturday, here’s my ranking:
1. Kean Cipriano
2. Sam Concepcion
3. Denise Laurel
4. Myrtle Sarosa
5. Michael Pangilinan
6. KZ Tandingan
7. Kakai Bautista
8. Eric Nicolas

This week’s result was rare as all of the judges decision and ranking is exactly the same. When the artists gave their three points each, it is a quadruple tie with Kean, KZ, Sam and Denise with the same scores. But as per the rules from the franchise, the decision for the winner goes to the judges. Since they have the same rankings, they had chosen Kean to be the winner. However, points are still the same. Here’s the final result:

1. Kean Cipriano (tie)
2. KZ Tandingan (tie)
3. Denise Laurel (tie)
4. Sam Concepcion (tie)
5. Michael Pangilinan
6. Myrtle Sarosa
7. Eric Nicolas
8. Kakai Bautista

Congratulations to Kean for back to back wins. Next week will be a great epeisode as the match up of season 1 and this season’s artists will be held.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 currently airs on ABS-CBN 2 every Saturday and Sunday night.

Recap November 21, 2015: Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2

The episode for November 20 of Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 has wrapped up again and there were great performances during the episode. As usual, the show was opened by Miss Melai Cantiveros who had imeprsonated the legendary Filipino rock icon, Pepe Smith. Looking back during season 1, the first winner was Jay-R who impersonated Pepe Smith too and guess what? They looked alike too. The prosthetics were excellent. Melai never failed to amuse the audience with her hilarious antics. Especially after the performance of one of the artists with Pepe’s former bandmate Mike Hanopol.

It was another special episode as the artists impersonates and duets with Fipino band vocalists.

Now, here are the performances for that night’s episode:

Kakai Bautista as (and duet with) Teddy Jugueta of Itchyworms
Kakai impersonated Itchyworms vocalist and It’s Showtime host Teddy Jugueta. The looks was okay though not totally convincing due to the height, which they cannot do anything with that. The voice may have been hard to copy and with the performance, Kakai’s voice is distinct.

Sam Concepcion as (and duet with) Mike Hanopol of Juan Dela Cruz Band
Sam Concepcion is a rock star this time as rock legend Mike Hanopol of Juan Dela Cruz Band. The looks is perfect as well as the entire performance. Sam might get a good spot this time.

KZ Tandingan as (and duet with) Yael Yuzon of Sponge Cola
KZ seems she can do anything as she became a male rock star this time as Yael Yuzon of the band Sponge Cola. I was not convinced with her looks but the performance was still good.

Myrtle Sarosa as (and duet with) Cookie Chua of Color It Red
Myrtle toned down singing a ballad with Cookie Chua, whom she is impersonating. The looks was a so-so but there are some instances when her voice is a spot on.

Eric Nicolas as (and duet with) Heber Bartolome of Banyuhay ni Heber
Eric becomes patriotic as singing a patriotic song by Heber Bartolome. The looks was very good though singing seems comedic, by which I disagree with the judges.

With five of the artists performed tonight, here’s my ranking:
1. Sam Concepcion
2. Myrtle Sarosa
3. KZ Tandingan
4. Kakai Bautista
5. Eric Nicolas

Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2 airs every Saturday and Sunday night on ABS-CBN 2.

Young R&B Artists who hit the R&B Charts during 1990s

During 1990s, there are some young R&B artists who broke the R&B charts with their singles or their albums. Here are some of the young R&B artist who made a mark in their genre.

The young singer then made a mark with her debut album securing multi-paltinum status. Her biggest during 1996 was the upbeat “Sittin’ Up in My Room” featured as a single for Whitney Houston movie “Waiting to Exhale”. But her biggest break was in 1998 with “Never Say Never” album which scored two chart-topping tracks. A song with Monica “The Boy is Mine” was one of the biggest singles in 1990s. My favorite track fron her “Have You Ever” which draw similarity to British pop group All Saints’ hit “Never Ever”.

Aaliyah started very young with her efforts “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” and “One in a Million” which gave her multi-platinum success especially in US. She had maintained her success in early 2000s though cut off due to her ttagic demise.

I never known Monica until her single for Space Jam, the lovely ballad “For You I Will” hit the radio. But prior to that, she already had success with single “Don’t Take it Too Personal”. Her biggest hit though, as mentioned above, was “The Boy is Mine” with fellow young R&B singer then, Brandy. After that, she scored another two number one singles. One of her memorable hits which charted strongly here in Asia (includes the Philippines) was “Angel of Mine” (a UK girl group original).

Usher has been in the industry when he was younger. But in 1998, his success went further and he even became one of the biggest singers in the US after three top 3 hits. His success continued until the recent years. In 1997, his song “You Make Me Wanna” was huge and I love how he do his choreography especially when he removed his shoes while dancing.

Top R&B Songs 1995-1999

During the second half of 1990s, R&B is slowly chnaging its landscape to more upbeat from the slow jams R&B lovers used to love. Here are the 15 R&B songs I listed that made impact during this era.

Montell Jordan- This is How We Do It
Going back to 1995, I used to hear this hip-hop R&B hit on radio and on MTV. It was very popular then as it became Montell’s signatue song.

Shaggy- Boombastic
The song was also popular as it waa used for a clothing/denim brand. It was very huge then and that one of Shaggy’s biggest hit ever.

Mariah Carey- Fantasy
This is one of the earliest rap-sung collaboration and remix hit, Mariah is slowly going to deeper R&B sound and this track was a chart-topper.

Whitney Houston- Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)
In this song, Whitney Houston showcases lower register of her voice which sounds so relaxing. It was a chart-topping song in some countries which of course included US.

TLC- Waterfalls
This is one of my favorite songs ever because of its simple melody and timely and relevant lyrics. It has become one of the most successful R&B track of the decade.

Coolio- Gangsta’s Paradise
This hip-hop song became Coolio’s masterpiece and was eventually a worldwide and one of the biggest sellers during 1990s.

Bone Thugs N Harmony- Tha Crossroads
The hip-hop group went spiritual this time and was a good formula as it scored them their biggest hit.

Toni Braxton- Un-break My Heart
Toni Braxton came out with another heartbreaking song which was one of the biggest songs of 1997. The song also was one of her best vocalled song.

R. Kelly- I Believe I Can Fly
This could have been R.Kelly’s most notable song with its nice R&B ballad melodies. It is also inspirational for many as it was used as winning piece for some singing competition contestants.

Usher- You Make Me Wanna
This has been one Usher’s earlier hits and the song was too tender and smooth with some guutar riffs on it.

Puff Daddy ft. Faith Evans & 112- I’ll Be Missing You
The song’s chorus was interpolated from The Police’s hit and helped the song become a big seller. It is also a tribute for Notorious B.I.G.

Boyz II Men- A Song for Mama
This is one of my favorite R&B hit during the period it was released as I dedicate it to my mother. It settled to a top ten position then.

K-Ci and Jojo- All My Life
This is a sweet song by a guy for a lady and one of the most favorited love songs in 1998. It went on to become a number one song for the duo.

Brandy and Monica- The Boy is Mine
Brandy and Monica was considered rivals and they fought for the love of a man via this song which was a worldwide smash.

TLC- No Scrubs
After taking a long break, TLC broke the chart with this comeback by which the girls doesn’t want a guy who has nothing.

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Most Iconic Songs Written by Max Martin

Pop music has been successful ever since. During the last two decades there’s this songwriter who made a mark in music industry after he had written some of the biggest pop hits during the period. It was no other than this pop genius Mr. Max Martin.

Max is the mastermind in formulating pop hits of Backstreet Boy, NSYNC, Britney Spears, etc. during the late 1990s and early 2000s. He had also produced some dance and rock hits for many artists.

Here’s the twelve list I made which became iconic hits:

Britney Spears- …Baby One More Time
Who can forget this song that introduced Britney to the pop music scene? This song was a staple in music charts worldwide when it reached the summit and opened a way for pop music to dominate the charts during that era.

Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg- California Gurls
Katy Perry just scored her second number through this song. Actually, it’s the second time for Katy Perry to top the charts with co-songwriting with Max Martin.

Taio Cruz- Dynamite
This is one of the most successful EDM songs co-written by Max Martin. In fact, tge song was even more popular than the artist himself. It was a huge selling single when released.

Backstreet Boys- I Want it That Way
This song may had fall short to top the US chart as it only sat at sixth position, it was a worldwide number hit and considered as BSB’s most successful song. The pop hit was very much remembered for its catchy midtempo tune.

Bon Jovi- It’s My Life
Who would’ve thought this song was co-written by Max Martin? I never though he did too. This song helped reintroduced the band which eventually reached the US top 40 and the top ten in other territories.

NSYNC- It’s Gonna Be Me
The song became the boyband’s first number one song by which Max Martin deserved a big credit for creating its lovely tune.

Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do
Max Martin got sensual as he wrote this track for the erotic film “Fifty Shades of Gray”. The song became one of the most memorable pop songs this 2015 after topping the charts worldwide as well as top 3 placement in the US.

Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea- Problem
She may already scored a top ten single but through this song, Ariana became more popular internationally. Thanks to Max Martin who co-penned the song.

Katy Perry- Roar
Katy Perry never forgot Max Martin to work with her in records. Her collaboration with this song brought Katy Perry to a new heights when it became among of her number one hits.

Taylor Swift- Shake it Off
After successful collaboration doing pop songs in her last country album “Red”, she decided to work with Max again for her first ever full-length album. The result? It became a blockbuster album and made Taylor the most influential act this 2015.

Pink- So What
Pink is a self-professed rock star and she worked with pop producer Max Martin to create this song. The song became a worldwide smash as it became her first ever solo chart-topper.

Kelly Clarkson- Since You’ve Been Gone
This song may have been hindered to reach the topspot and settled in top 5 in several countries, but this song became one of the biggest singles in 2005 and contributed to Kelly’s superstardom.

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Top 15 R&B Hits 1990-1994

R&B music has become a very popular genre particularly in the US. It’s landscape had change as time goes by but the old R&B during the first half of 1990s is different from what R&B is now. From 1990-1995, here are my list of 15 R&B hits which I based on its performance at the charts and its impact on radio.

Janet Jackson- Escapade
One of four chart-toppers from her seven top ten off “Rhythm Nation” album, this upbeat track was good to listen to.

MC Hammer- U Can’t Touch This
One of the top rap hits from the 1990s, MC Hammer became a multi-platinum seller as brought by this song.

Mariah Carey- Vision of Love
This song incorporated R&B, pop, soul and gospel, it has become one of numerous number one hits for Mariah.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince- Summertime
It feels like yesterday when this song hit the airwaves, this hip-hop hit from the duo by which Will Smith is formerly a member was huge during early 90s.

Shanice- I Love Your Smile
I remember this song when used for a toothpaste commercial here in the Philippines, and this R&B hit has become a top 5 staple.

Vanessa Williams- Save the Best for Last
The song was just heartwarming along with Vanessa’s beautiful voice. It turned to become a big hit.

Michael Jackson- Black or White
This has been the longest chart-topper for MJ’s career, and one of the best upbeat &B hits during this half decade.

Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You
This ballad R&B hit was a remake but a bigger hit than the Dolly Parton original. It was the biggest selling song during 1990s first half.

Boyz II Men- End of the Road
Boyz II Men started a string of number one hits through this R&B ballad which was one of the few songs to sit atop for more than 10 weeks not just in R&B charts.

SWV- Weak
I love this song as well as the voices of the girls. It was a big R&B hit and was remaked by some artists since its released.

Janet Jackson- That’s the Way Love Goes
This song helped “janet.” to become her biggest selling LP. I love the simple groove of the song as it is not too loud and not too fast.

TLC- Creep
The trio finally became matured in their music and this upbeat hit was a beautiful song and the groove and choreography on its music is cool too. It was a Billboard chart-topper then.

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Songs Incorporated Retro Sound

There are a lot of modern artists today who made songs with retro sounds. Honestly, I love listening to their songs as it was modern pop with a touch of retro, and will take you to the times when such sounds were often recorded. Here are some of those songs I heard recently which fits in such category. The songs included were released as official singles.

Meghan Trainor- All About the Bass
Just last 2014, this hit was known not just for “loving your own curves” lyrics but also with its old sound. Well, it is effective as it became one of the biggest selling songs last year and even extended its run this early 2015.

Charlie Puth- Marvin Gaye
Well, Charlie has been vocal that he loves 70s Motown and it is the influence of his music, and this salacious song? It just became a UK chart-topped and settled a good chart position in US and many countries.

Meghan Trainor- Lips are Movin’
The song has rap verses especially in stanzas while the sound is retro. That made this song prettier to me than “All About that Bass”. It was a top ten hit in national charts it entered.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk
This song has undergone a copyright trouble but it still managed lengthy weeks on top. It’s sound is a retro funk reminiscent of 1970s to 80s.

Meghan Trainor- Dear Future Husband
With the doo wop sound and a Motown-like tune, it feels kinda fresh to sound despitr its music. The song was an eventual top 20 hits in countries particularly in US and UK as well.

Carly Rae Jepsen- I Really Like You
This pop song is reminiscent of 1980s pop music. Apart from this song, Carly had great songs in her album with 1980s pop influenced. This has turned into a hit especially in UK where it settled for the top 3.

Throwback Album Review: Gavin Degraw and Lauryn Hill

I used to write throwback reviews of album before and I want to get back to what I used to. This time I am paying tribute to two albums. First, an album that was released just four years ago, and the other one was from 17 years ago. That was quite long but it has been one of the best hip-hop releases during 1990s.

Gavin Degraw- Sweeter
Four years ago when I bumped to this album from Gavin Degraw. The reason why I began to listen to it was because of the top 20 hit “Not Over You”. I love the song for its honesty and of course, its melody. But when I listened to the entire album, I found more jewels in it. There are lots of great songs in the album that many haven’t heard. The album consisted of pop/rock tunes and blue eyed soul. Gavin’s voice is excellent and I do think he is one of the most talented musicians. It’s just that he’s too underrated and I do believe he deserves more success.
I haven’t purchased the album, but I listened to it somewhere. When I subscribed to Spotify, it’s one of the albums that I downloaded and has been listening to it from time to time.
Some of the notable tracks were: “You Know Where I’m At” (a beautiful ballad that reaches the soul); “Soldier” (every time I hear this song, it makes me want to reminisce); “Not Over You”(the song that took me to this album, though you can hear the Ryan Tedder formula with the record); and “Spell it Out” (sometimes it is good to end an album with ballad if it sounds like this one).
Rating: 8.75 out of 9

Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
It was 17 years ago when this hip-hop record came out and became one of the best selling albums during that time. This album from Lauryn Hill was her first record after The Fugees, her group who previously (then) scored a very successful album “The Score”.
It was nice to herean album without explicit themes. The album which talked about her personal life, relationships, the society and spiritual made it an exceptional album. It is gem in hip-hop music with its classic sound.
Notable tracks: “Doo Wop (That Thing)” (a fusion of upbeat hip-hop and doo wop with infectious horn instruments); “To Zion” (a very nice collaboration with Carlos Santana as he plays the guitar along with the soulful voice of Lauryn); “Ex-Factor” (a ballad which showcased the power and soul of her vocals); and “Nothing Even Matters” (her voice and D’Angelo’s were perfect combination).
Rating: 9 out of 10