Jerky direct is the best jerky online

I am very excited and can not wait for my next shipment of jerky from Jerky direct. They will ship 2 bags of jerky to you for 15.00 a month and you do not even have to leave your home. I was really surprised at the price because normally it is a lot higher at the store. It is actually cheaper in my opinion because that includes shipping and handling. I tried Beef jerky tender hickory smoked low carb last month I am going to be trying some Natural Beef jerky extra tender orginal. I have always loved beef jerky since I was a small child. Even though it can cost money I still buy it to this day because I do think it is worth the money and it tastes so good. I like choosing my flavors every month and I can also sell to others and make money when I want to. It is all very simple and anyone can do it. With most of the products being low carbs I really enjoy them more. I even like how they go good with many of my meals and snacks that I make regularly. I also want to try the organic jerky as well. I am not to sure of buffalo jerky because I never had it but I may eventually try it and see how it is. I am always up to try something new if I never have had it before. If you would like to try it or buy it you can click the link below. I really do think you will like it as much as I have and do. You can always find some great ways to make meals and snacks with it online. Just about everyone loves jerky products do you? What is your favorite kind?

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My 2nd Emergency room trip

This was my second time going to the er in less than a week with this cold that started out as an upper respiratory system and now has turned in to bronchitis. That is really bad that I had to go but it did help me for a short time even though its been two days and am still waiting for my medicatons that the pharmacy has yet to fill because they do not have them in stock. They will be here today I hope. I am now taking 4 different medications for this to go away. The emergency room gave me a breathing treatment and an x-ray to check my chest out. That is how they came up with my diagnosis. The smoking that I do does not help and only makes it worse. I did have relief yesterday when I got home but with no medications since yesterday I am suffering again and may need to go back a third time if I do not start to take my meds soon and start to feel better. My side is really hurting now because I think I coughed so much I pulled something. My side hurts non stop and I so wish this cough would hurry and go away. I am getting so tired and am ready to take my cough medication and go to sleep. I have gotten my days and nights mixed up with not being able to sleep because I have been sick. I only hope things get better for me very soon. I am really hoping that I will not have to go back to the er no more for this cough and pain in my side that I have. I have been through this before. I had this same thing happen to me last year around the same time. Thanks for reading everyone. I wish you all very happy and healthy lives.

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My life and me

I am now looking back on my life from a few months ago. I am so happy to say that I really like the life that I have now but I do miss things that I cut from my life to get where I am today.

Facebook use to be my life. I would be on that site so many times a day and all hours of the night. I was so hooked on Facebook. Since I became a blogger and joined Blogjob I do not feel like even going on Facebook unless I have too.

I miss somethings from Facebook like my games and talking with my mom for so many hours a night.Me and my mom played so many games everyday and helped one another with game requests. I feel that I do not talk to my mom as much anymore because I do not play games like she still does.

I had to cut sending game requests and playing games because I want to work and blog. I get tired of not being able to make enough to survive on my own. I use to have to borrow to survive. Since I have been working more and doing my own things in life I am able to manage. I feel like such a better person.

I still send my mom her things back on Facebook but can only do it one day a week. I still talk to her many days a week but we do not have much to talk about since we do not play games together no more. I hope one day I can have more time to play games with her again.

It is always nice and fun to do things with my mom. I miss it but also like my new fun life that does not involve playing games. Sometimes other things turn out much better in life.

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Young college girls missing or dead

It is so sad to hear about all of these young college girls who are dead or missing in the world today. People search and search and never give up hope on finding these dead or missing girls.

There are always ways to prevent these young college girls from ending up dead or missing. parents need to be teaching their children about never going anywhere alone in life because they never know what type of people are out their to harm or hurt them.

As a parent I feel so sorry for these parents who are missing their children because they are missing or dead. I have found that I will never let my children go out late at night or by themselves. It is always important to know where your child is at all times.

If you do not know where your child is then you have a problem. My children mean the world to me and it is never wrong to be an over protective parent. I do not care how old I get or how old my children are they will always be aware of what types of things can happen to them.

Sending children off to college is supposed to be a very happy time for parents but some do not think about what can happen when they are there. Having children go to college closer to home is a great options so that you can take them to and from college. If they are away from home make sure you have a way to contact them and know who they are with at all times. Get to know people at your child’s college.

Have your child always stay with someone they know or have someone come with them wherever they may need to go at college.

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Being sick keeps me down

I always hate to get sick because it keeps me down. I have been sick for like a week now and so wish that it would go away. I have been doing every thing to include sleeping so much that I do not even want to be in bed any more. My side hurts from coughing so much. I am in so much pain now that I am still sick.

My children are feeling much better but they really never let it affect them anyways. I am way worse then a kid when I get sick in my opinion. I need to go back to the doctors tomorrow and hope that I can be seen because I do not think that what I am doing is helping me any. I have had some good days and then the really bad days. My cold is not as bad as it was just a nagging cough and still a runny nose. In my opinion that is the worst part of it.

I have been working hard and getting tons of work done even though I been sleeping a lot. I have been studying hard because I need to take a science test next week. I am so far behind but have hopes in completing my school work before this semester ends in another month. School is so very important to me but not much I can do when things get in my way but to keep moving.

I will never give up on things that I need to do in life. Some say I should rest that things will be here when I get back but that would not be true. Times go by so fast and I always miss so much when I am away. These things come and go and do not wait on me. I will work and get things done of I can and if I can not I will keep moving.

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Today has been a good busy day

I did not really want to get out of bed today but had to so I could get the kids off to school after getting them ready and giving them their meds because they both a still a little sick. I am feeling much better today after taking my meds as well. I had a good breakfast with some hot coffee in which I really enjoyed because I do not have it so very often. I worked online and got many things done today that I needed too. I wanted to take a nap early but that did not work out. I ended up eating lunch which was some hot noodle soup and then waited for the kids to get home. I took a nap while they played on their games and watched tv. I got up and we had some hot tomato soup which is my favorite kind of soup. After dinner I helped my children with their homework which was very easy to do. I always enjoy seeing them learn as I help and teach them everyday when they go to school. After helping them get ready for bed I decided to get online and do some more work. I am not behind with work but do need to get on my school work because I am behind on that. I do not like to get behind and so I will be working extra hard to catch up on that just as soon as I feel a little better. I am better now but am trying to get my energy back up because a cold takes all of my energy every time I get one. I was asked was I getting a flu shot this year and I will not be getting one. I always end up sick after having one. I would rather take my chances with out one. I normally stay away from sick people but I had to get close to the kids this time and that is why I ended up sick. I will more than likely work a little bit longer before bed tonight. Hope everyone has a great day or night.

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My day 9/24/14

I was not feeling much better today even though I had to push myself to get some things done. I was happy that I had a chance to wish my mom a happy birthday cause today is her birthday. I found out that my son has to be on meds for like 20 days because he was bitten from a tick and has lyme disease. We have ticks where we live at and where my mom lives at is worse. we spray the kids down but sometimes that doe snot help. I am glad that the doctors found this because I heard it could be serious. I think anything that requires you to take meds for that long is serious. I feel so bad for my baby boy because he is also fighting a cold on top of the disease. I managed to get a ton of work done tonight and had some good phone conversation with some family. Even though I am sick I fight real hard not to let it hold me down. I have slept so much in the last few days and do not think I could sleep anymore if I tried too. I watched a few good movies while I was working and also ate some hot soups that helped fight off my cold. My husband has helped us all because we all have been sick and he is not as sick as us. I am hoping he does not come down with it. he has been eating soup like everyone else because it helps keep him from getting sick in my opinion. I am looking forward to feeling better tomorrow after I wake up. I am going to head to bed soon because I am tired and will not be posting this blog until tomorrow because I am so very tired now after taking all my meds that I am supposed to take.

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So sick it is not funny

I so wish this cold would go away. I had to go to the emergency room today after I could not get out of bed and my whole body was aching. I could barely hold my head up while waiting to be seen at the emergency room or when I had to go to the store to get soup for dinner. I did manage to eat all of my soup and my sandwich. I drank a glass of orange juice and now am drinking some sprite. I so have no energy and feel like going to bed cause I am so sick and in so much pain.The emergency room said I had an upper respiratory infection and put me on some medication to help me get rid of it. It is really bad because I have to take these pills 4 times a day for 7 days. I have not had a cold like this in a very long time. I have been sleeping so much and am so far behind in my work but I will have to make it all up when I am feeling better and just can do what I can for now. I have not done really much today when it comes to work because I was sleep or out most of the day. I have not been coughing so much even though the cough is doing better today then the last two days. I have been sneezing a whole lot today and finally have the runny nose that goes along with it. My kids were not feeling well either so they were also seen and they both have the same thing other than my son also has an ear infection. I took all the medications to the pharmacy only to find out my daughter would not get her meds today because the pharmacist said that my insurance would not cover her meds. I had to call and argue with the pharmacy while I am sick and have to go down there tomorrow because a person is too lazy to find a generic for my daughter so she can have her meds. This has so not been a good day. I hope tomorrow will be even better.

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My blog 9/21/14

My life is going to be very hard trying to get over this cold. I so hate being sick. I am now behind in all of my work because I been sleeping all day today. I slept over 17 hours today. That is too many hours of sleep. When I did wake up I wanted to go right back to sleep. The meds I am taking help me sleep and are working because I do not feel as bad as I did last night. These colds take so much from me. I try to stay away from my kids and keep them from getting sick but it always happens. They are not feeling much better and so I think I will be taking them to the doctors tomorrow before their dentist appointment. Sometimes these colds do not go away with out meds. Every time I get sick I have to use meds to get rid of it. many doctors say it will go away on its own but I do not think that. None of mines has ever gone away on their own. It only gets worse. I really get worse at night than during the day. I am not sure why this happens but it does. I have not been smoking because I have been asleep. the smoking also does not help it can make it worse. I need to quit but it really is not so easy. I have been trying to cut down which is good and it seems every time I get sick I so do not smoke that much. I am going to try to get some work done tonight so that I can be a little caught up. I will be taking some more meds tonight to see if I improve more tomorrow. I really hope this passes quickly.

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I am sick with a cold or something

This is the first time in a long time that I am sick. I so hate this time of year because it is when my kids come home sick from school and I end up catching it. It is not their fault and I so blame the schools for it. Every year around the same time it happens. I am not very good when it comes to getting sick because I feel so bad and sometimes I am in the emergency room for many hours due to me not being able to breathe. I got sick on time so bad that I could not breathe and no doctor did anything to help me and I suffered and felt like I was going to die. I hope that does not happen again. this is a chest cold so I know it is not good for me. I have already started taking antibiotics and cold meds to try to help it go away. I will be be also sleeping a lot due to not being able to much more which is going to affect my jobs online. I am still going to do as much as I can but I will not be making myself because I do need the rest. I so hate coughing because it keeps me up and does not allow me to sleep. that is why I taking coughing meds to keep the cough down to help me sleep. I am thinking about hot tea or anything hot to drink starting tomorrow to help me also. that should be good for my throat and chest. I hope no one ever gets sick like this. I wish there was an instant healing from this but there is not. So suffering it will be. have a good night everyone.

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