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My days

Posted by on October 3, 2014

I have been busy working and have also had to change my sleeping schedule and so much more the last few days. I got to create my own new recipe thanks to Ragu. They helped me create my own recipe using many different brands. It is my creation and I am happy. I have some work and should have that blog up very soon. I still need to type it up and it will take me a few hours to do that and so I am thinking of doing it in a few days. I am really enjoying working online at many different sites and making my  money and gift cards every month. I am making my life better. I am watching a movie and blogging. I have been really been behind on blogging cause I have so much to write about. They are coming out slowly but surely. I really can not wait till my husband starts his new job. I hope it will be the next week. I am so excited about many changes that are coming in my life. I still have a few hours until I go to sleep since I have changed my schedule for work and school reasons. I am very glad that my cold is still getting better now that I have my new meds and have taken them twice. I really look forward to getting much more better in the next few days. Being sick makes you not want to do anything but sleep and feel bad. It has been like 10 days that I have been sick. I hate them colds that linger and take forever to go away. I have been hearing so many people say that they have been getting sick also. I am guessing something is really going around. I am going to work some more now. Hope all my readers have a blessed day today.

2 Responses to My days

  1. Zacc

    I love recipes

  2. Kimberly Brown

    Me too.

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