Stupid Movie Friday: Dodgeball (2004)

Happy Friday Movie Geeks! As promised, today is my review of Dodgeball: A true Underdog story. This movie makes the list of “stupid mo [...]

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

The only word I can use to describe this movie is “Bizarre.” The plot is weird, the characters are strange, and the whole movie [...]

Stupid Movie Friday: Clueless (1995)

Every Friday during the month of February, I will be highlighting several of the stupidest movies in the world, and giving them a little bit [...]

Zoolander 2??? Seriously???

Ok, so I get that some people like dumb humor (Dumb and Dumber, anyone? how about Dude, where’s my car?), but making a sequel to one o [...]

Lucy (2015)

Scarlet Johansson is fantastic in this movie. It’s a movie that has to be seen at least twice in order for it to make any sense. IR [...]

John Wick (2014)

A few days after his wife dies, John receives a delivery. This delivery is a gift from his late wife. In the attached note, she told him she [...]

John Tucker Must Die (2006)

We’ve all been dumped, right? How about cheated on? Lied to? Ok, maybe not all of us, but in this movie, it all happens to three diffe [...]

Best of the 90’s: Stargate (1994)

This movie has spawned three different television shows, a cartoon and multiple thousands of fans. James Spader, Kurt Russell and a host of [...]

Empire Records (1995)

Liv Tyler, Renee Zelweiger, Anthony LaPaglia and Rory Cochran share in this cast of wonderful, weird and geeky music store employees who all [...]

Best of 2015: Jupiter Ascending

Not since “The Matrix” have I seen a movie so visually stunning. This movie was directed by the Wachowski brothers, and again th [...]
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