Tomorrowland Review

DrSJS / Pixabay

It is 6pm again, and maybe I will just eat a simple dinner, take my shower, and relax as I do each item on my to-do list. If I am lucky and productive, then I might even finish everything by Sunday. Then, I will start the week again with a new to-do list. I turned on the TV while eating something, and the movie, Tomorrowland came on, although I notice that I missed the first 30 minutes. I will probably watch it again later because it looks interesting, like a Disneyland ride of the future. It also looks like the new space video game ride at the mall, but I haven’t played it yet because I don’t know how to play that game ride. It appears to be about a teen girl and her little brother looking for some collectible, which has to do with a masonic symbol about Illuminati Zionist greed to control the world. The teen girl apparently knows of some British young girl that others are after. It looks like a superhero type movies, where young people battles robots of the future because, apparently, this is all about the future and the depopulation agenda. This Brit young girl turns out to be one of the robots. It looks like a Disney movie, but the scenes look interesting because the movie looks like it was originally made for 3D, and some scenes still look like in 3D, even on my flatscreen TV screen. I tried my old 3D glasses that I kept from the last time I went to the IMAX 3D movie, but I didn’t really see a difference. There is a lot of movement in this movie, whether via futuristic monorail, or car, in which the young Brit robotic girl is able to drive, which indicates the self-driven cars of the future are now available, as well as hologram guard dogs used to ward off unwanted visitors. Freemason George Clooney is in this movie, as a hermit who owns this hologram guard dog. Although the futuristic gadgets and scenes look fun, this movies looks like a silly science fiction movie with shitty acting, and I think it is all about the special effects to make it appear like a fun, action-filled adventure. This movie warns that the world will come to an end in around 58 days, and the earth will be destroyed. New World Order agenda propaganda film for depopulation? Maybe this cool and fun futuristic city is for the survivors who aren’t mass murdered, but it won’t really be fun living in this futuristic city. it will be like a totalitarian society.  At 9pm, the movie comes on again, and I notice that it is a Disney movie. George Clooney warns the viewers that your future will be scary, as this idiot warns the people watching the movie what they already know from many youtube videos and internet sites. There is also a lot of people flying around, like in the cartoon, Jetsons.

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