The Movie Nerve is Codename for Pokemon and Hunger Games Predictive Programming

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

I woke up at around 11am, made my breakfast, and turned on the TV, before scrolling through the indie channels, and deciding to watch the teen movie, Nerve, because I remember watching it last month, and it seemed quite disturbing. As I watched it, I noticed it is predictive programming, similar to the real game, Pokemon, where a game played on an iPhone holds teens captive and pushes them to do certain things via mind control. Some of these suggestive tasks are quite deadly or just plain stupid. This game is promoted as living in the present to live an adventurous and fun life, as they compete to win a competition among their peers. It also reminds me of the Hunger Games movies, which are about teenagers competing in a sick, mind control game about being the sole survivor that involves killing others who get in their way. This sole survivor game is similar to many reality shows. In this movie, Nerve, these kids are bored, and they apparently have nothing better to do. That is how these teens are recruited into this game. It is often promoted to hopeless, lonely and bored young people who are looking to have some fun, make some money, and/or to win prizes.

At the end of this movie, the top teens in the game are on stage in front of their fans, and they are pushed to kill each other to win this game. How badly do they want to win? As badly as some celebrities who want to make a lot of money in the media even though they suck? The main character is played by Emma Roberts, and she is similar to Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games. She thinks this game is sick and stupid, but she is often encouraged to continue playing by a guy she meets in this game who needs her to win. She eventually falls in love with him, but she becomes pissed off that he is using her.

But I turned on the TV on the scene where the main character meets the guy in front of the mall, as he drops her off via his motorcycle to do work on game missions. They go through the mall, and she has to try on a $4000 sequin green dress, which this guy eventually buys for her. She has to get a tattoo, but she doesn’t want to, and the guy creates a tattoo for her, which is a small lighthouse, before stating that the lighthouse symbolizes her dreams coming true. I think this game, Nerve, was like an online job, and these teens are getting paid lots of money to complete certain missions, which are sometimes dangerous and crazy, intended to lead to death or deaths. Like the Hunger Games, it is all about mind control, and controlling people’s  mind, via media, to do certain evil or deadly tasks for money, expensive items, and fame. It also reminds me of what many celebrities do in their career in order to get to the top, even though they suck badly.

I don’t watch teen movies anymore, but what got me interested in watching this movie is that I noticed a certain familiarity and similarity with actual situations happening in real life as well as similarity to other movies. It was also a cute romance comedy between two teens. I thought it was interesting that the girl gets a lighthouse tattoo because I have always been into lighthouses, since I was a kid, often dreaming about living in a lighthouse, although I have never really been in one.

It was an interesting movie to watch, although the acting was average, but this movie was created for young people who are looking for something fun to watch rather than watching something deep with meaning. I guess this movie is fun in a twisted way, which leads to a happy ending for the main character because she appears to have become closer to the guy she met in the game and they appear to start planning to continue their relationship as a couple.

5 Days of War movie review

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Thursday, April 06, 2017

As I browse on the internet, while watching the Michael Moore documentary, Where to Invade Next, I suddenly notice that the time is 2:22am.

I woke up at around 10:30am, and I turned on the TV to an indie channel while I made and ate my breakfast. I watched a war movie about the Russia-Georgia combat zone. I am not interesting in politics or even follow any political views about any side. So, I didn’t know anything about this political situation. I just share information I find on the internet because “sharing is caring.”

Anyway, as I was watching this film, I remembered the traumatic incident during the Canada Olympics, when I young guy from Georgia, around 18 years old, was killed in a luge accident, although I strongly believe it wasn’t an accident. It was obvious some Illuminati sacrifice to fuck with Georgia and murdering one of their people on TV so that the whole world can witness this sacrifice murder. Just watching it on TV made me sick with shock because it was obvious, and I have never heard of Georgia before. His friend, who was also in Luge, couldn’t compete anymore, and he returned back to Georgia with his murdered friend in the coffin. That is when I first came to the realization that these stupid TV shows are Illuminati-controlled as well as filled with dark content and symbolism to further promote the Illuminati. It is often filled with satanic rituals.

Moreover, back to the movie, this movie was about Georgia fighting to remain independent and free, just like so many countries out there right now, fighting for their independence and freedom from Zionism.

While watching the film, I did notice a couple of familiar actors—Val Kilmer, Andy Garcia, Dean Cain, and Heather Graham. It is a 2011 film, and I found it on youtube for everyone to watch. So, watch it fast before youtube suddenly takes it off the youtube channel. The movie is about exposing the truth to set people free.

5 Days of War full movie in HD video

Tomorrowland Review

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It is 6pm again, and maybe I will just eat a simple dinner, take my shower, and relax as I do each item on my to-do list. If I am lucky and productive, then I might even finish everything by Sunday. Then, I will start the week again with a new to-do list. I turned on the TV while eating something, and the movie, Tomorrowland came on, although I notice that I missed the first 30 minutes. I will probably watch it again later because it looks interesting, like a Disneyland ride of the future. It also looks like the new space video game ride at the mall, but I haven’t played it yet because I don’t know how to play that game ride. It appears to be about a teen girl and her little brother looking for some collectible, which has to do with a masonic symbol about Illuminati Zionist greed to control the world. The teen girl apparently knows of some British young girl that others are after. It looks like a superhero type movies, where young people battles robots of the future because, apparently, this is all about the future and the depopulation agenda. This Brit young girl turns out to be one of the robots. It looks like a Disney movie, but the scenes look interesting because the movie looks like it was originally made for 3D, and some scenes still look like in 3D, even on my flatscreen TV screen. I tried my old 3D glasses that I kept from the last time I went to the IMAX 3D movie, but I didn’t really see a difference. There is a lot of movement in this movie, whether via futuristic monorail, or car, in which the young Brit robotic girl is able to drive, which indicates the self-driven cars of the future are now available, as well as hologram guard dogs used to ward off unwanted visitors. Freemason George Clooney is in this movie, as a hermit who owns this hologram guard dog. Although the futuristic gadgets and scenes look fun, this movies looks like a silly science fiction movie with shitty acting, and I think it is all about the special effects to make it appear like a fun, action-filled adventure. This movie warns that the world will come to an end in around 58 days, and the earth will be destroyed. New World Order agenda propaganda film for depopulation? Maybe this cool and fun futuristic city is for the survivors who aren’t mass murdered, but it won’t really be fun living in this futuristic city. it will be like a totalitarian society.  At 9pm, the movie comes on again, and I notice that it is a Disney movie. George Clooney warns the viewers that your future will be scary, as this idiot warns the people watching the movie what they already know from many youtube videos and internet sites. There is also a lot of people flying around, like in the cartoon, Jetsons.

Oscars 2017 and Red Carpet brief summary

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Today, I didn’t do much, although I had planned a to-do list. I looked out of my slide door window, and I noticed a bright sun outside and it seemed quiet. But when I went closer to the window, I noticed the ground was wet and the sky had a bluish-grey tone, which looked dark and dirty. The rain must have been light because I didn’t hear anything during the whole time and it felt very peaceful. I mostly stayed at my computer, checking different stuff out, here and there. I noticed that it must be Oscars week, but I am not sure what day it is on. I decided to suddenly check the TV channels, and I noticed that it already started at 5:30pm. It is now 7pm. I decided to watch the rest of it as well as the red carpet after-party afterwards.

As I watch the second half of the Oscars, I notice Sing and La La Land won awards as well as Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight. There also seems to be a lot of interesting movies that were nominated, and I might check them out, if or when they come on the independent channels in the near future. For most of these movies, I am not even aware of the actors. Some of the nominated films include Lion, Lobster, Arrival, Florence Foster Jenkins, Loving, Fences, Jackie, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, El Capitan and Hacksaw Ridge. There was also a French movie, Elle, starring Isabelle Huppert.

Actor in Leading Role = Casey Affleck in Manchester by the Sea.

Actress in Leading Role = Emma Stone in La La Land.

Best Picture for 2017 = La La Land, and it received 14 Oscar nominations in 2017, but it turned out to be a hoax, and the real winner went to Moonlight. What a mess and what a way to end the Oscars with a stupid mistake! But I think Warren Beatty is getting old, and he read the card wrong. He was standing with Faye Dunaway, and they both got a standing ovation because they are so old.

I decided to watch the After Party red carpet fashions as well as After Party interviews with the winners. The Governors Ball, Vanity Fair, and Elton John Parties were some of the After Parties located all over Hollywood. The Elton John Party talked about raising funds for AIDS. Ron Howard, Martin Short, Patricia Clarkson, Mick Jagger, Michael Keaton, and Katy Perry were at Vanity Fair. I noticed Gabby Douglas and Jeffrey Tambor at Elton John After-Party.  Kelsey Grammer and his wife were at the Vanity Fair. So was Catherine O’Hara and Liev Schreiber. Pryanka Chopra was in the bathroom when the wrong movie was called as the Best Picture. An Iranian film, The Salesman, won best foreign film. Tim Allen and his wife, as well as David Alan Grier, Candace Cameron-Bure, and Eric McCormack were at Governors Ball. A visual effects Oscar went to Jungle Book. Red carpet fashions include gowns with long sleeves and high slits, and, of course, lots of shine and glitter. There were lots of gold gowns. Beaded, embroidery, and fringes were also popular. Mercedes Benz Party is at Beverly Hills, and it is known to be the most elegant. J. Alexander from ANTM was there, as well as Kevin Sorbo and his wife, and Tippi Hedron. Emma Stone and Viola Davis were interviewed because they won an Oscar. Ava DuVernay was shocked and happy that Moonlight got Best Picture. Reese Witherspoon was at Vanity Fair, while two little boys from Moonlight were at the Governors Ball.

The Live After-Party was with Lara and Anthony as well as Chris Connelly. La La Land won 6 Oscars, while Moonlight won 3 Oscars. David Oyelowo joins them, and he talks about the mistake. Viola Davis was interviewed, before four people from Moonlight took her place. Next, it was fashion critiques and praises.  Emma got praised on her gold dress, while Kevin O’Connell talks about his Oscar for Hacksaw Ridge. Emma Stone was interviewed by someone else, at another location. Jimmy Kimmel and his wife are expecting a baby. Mahershala Ali talked about his role on Moonlight. It was also noted that many celebrities were wearing a blue ribbon for their cause, but I am not sure what cause it was.

While on youtube, I found a Live Stream Oscars 2017 video on ABC channel. It appears to be long, around five hours.

Wristcutters: A Love Story movie review


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Saturday, February 25, 2017

I woke up at 9am to feed Gumby. Then, I ate something while watching the movie, Wristcutters A Love Story, which is about a bunch of young people who committed suicide. They all ended up walking around in this dark, purgatory land, looking for people and searching for answers. They missed their life on earth, and they feel they don’t belong in this place. Some of them aren’t aware that they are dead. It is like a dark dream. One man searches for his dog, Freddie, and he eventually finds the dog, alive and happy, with other dark people. He takes his dog, and they go to this large congregation, where someone promises his followers that he will do miracles. It looks like a dark cult leading lost and hopeless people.

What is interesting about this movie is that it reminds me of these Vertigo DC Comics stories that I was reading for a while. I didn’t understand them at first because they are so dark. But it looked like people are stuck in purgatory, which looks like Hell, and they are wandering around, talking to different people, and trying to find someone who will help them escape. They were all desperate to return home and their life because they had unfinished business. But some needed to complete certain missions to get out, or go to certain people for answers, like the Wizard of Oz movie. In these comics, there were often some biblical characters, such as Abel and Cain. The land in this story seems dark and endless because they seem to continue to wander around, as they wander in their own thoughts, seeking answers and a way out.

Some make it back alive, if they hadn’t actually died yet, because some appeared to be in a coma or unconscious, and this dark dream was their light to the other side of the tunnel, telling them that their life isn’t over yet.

In the movie, it ends with one of the guys waking up in the hospital bed, and he seems to be alert and well, because he looks around to see the girl he met and fell in love with at the purgatory with him, and she is lying in the hospital bed next to him, which makes him happy because he knows what to pursue now on earth. I thought this was an interesting love story, and the dark comics that I had read a couple of years ago helped me understand this movie.

Since it is cold today, I decided to dress warm but comfortable. I wore warm winter-print leggings, short, ugg-like boots, brown vintage sweater—which once belonged to my mother when she was young, my charcoal grey cowl that I loomed, aubergine-colored pea coat and burgundy boho hat. I also wore gloves. I walked across the street to the UCI Homecoming Festival event, like I usually do every year to check things out, and I immediately noticed many changes happening on the campus. When I arrived at the event, which is located in the center of the campus, I noticed that they are charging a fee now, all of the sudden. It is not even worth it because I used to go there, if I was bored, and just to browse, take snapshots or make a video of the activities. I didn’t even get free alum tickets to the homecoming basketball game this year. I was getting tired of attending this event, anyway, but I decided to just walk around on the campus and take some snapshots of the changes as well as two cute ducks enjoying the water fountain. I walked back home, changed my clothes, and made some black tea. I feel thirsty today, maybe because of the weather.

American Teen, a 2008 Documentary

American Teen Documentary

I have seen this documentary before, in the theatre as well as on cable, and I think it is interesting because it is like a real-life version of the Breakfast Club film. The documentary focuses on five teenagers from different groups and their issues as teens. They mostly worry about what they are going to do after high school and their future, which mostly has to do with if they will be able to afford college or even live life on their own without assistance. Most don’t have assistance, and they worry if they can do it on their own as well as where they will live.The documentary takes place in a small town in Indiana. Hannah Bailey, Jake Tusing, Megan Krizmanich, Mitch Reinholt, and Colin Clemens are the four high school seniors. It is a 2008 documentary, directed by Nanette Burstein.

This documentary also reminds me of the indie film, Pieces of April, which starred Katie Holmes, Patricia Clarkson, Alison Pill, and other actors, mostly because it has the same indie feel about young people trying to figure things out. As I was watching American Teen again, I suddenly realized that Hannah Bailey kind of looks like Katie Holmes at a young age, as well as her personality is similar to the characters that Katie often portrays in her teen films.

The small town in Indiana kind of reminds me of the boring small town that I grew up in, in WV, and I often was dying to get out or escape, like Hannah Bailey, in which is why related with that teen the most.

Moreover, the Megan teenager reminded me of the Emilio Estrevez character in Breakfast Club because she is very active in school, and she is often pushed by her family to excel. But they were disappointed at her when she got caught TPing someone’s house as a prank. And, her father told her that next time she needs to do things without being caught. She is the rich teen, and I think she is most likely the one who has connections as well as most likely to do insider or criminal acts behind the scenes for profit. For some reason, I think she is most likely to get into the Illuminati or Freemasonry for success, money, and power, while I think Hannah is most likely to become an activist and an indie filmmaker.

Bolshoi Ballet Performance of Sleeping Beauty Review

Sunday, January 22, 2017

I woke up at 6am, and I noticed it was pouring rain outside. I went back to bed until 6:30am. I decided to go to the noon show anyway, even though it looks stormy outside. I started to get ready with my usual morning routine, which include shower, feeding Gumby, cleaning Gumby’s litterbox, eating my breakfast, and cleaning my bedroom section. Then, I started to get ready myself by changing my clothes into casual, trendy, and warm clothes and ugg-like boots. I turned on my computer to check the weather report for the next ten days, and I noticed that it will rain until Monday. Then, it will be sunny from Tuesday until January 31st.  At 11am, I put a box of raw vegan falafel and raw cacao bottle into my purse, and I dropped by the ATM to withdraw cash. Then, I drove slowly to the South Coast Plaza area, where the Regency Theatre is located. On my drive there, I noticed the trees were swaying violently by heavy winds, and it felt like a tsunami storm. But there were still cars out going somewhere on this Sunday afternoon. I arrived at 11:30am and ate my lunch, but I decided to save the cacao bottle for the intermission period. By 12:30pm, I noticed that the rain hadn’t stopped. I got out of my car, went inside the theatre, paid for my ticket, and waited inside until the Bolshoi Ballet movie started at 1pm.

koroed85 / Pixabay

This afternoon Bolshoi Russian Ballet story is Sleeping Beauty, and it is live from Moscow, Russia. I enjoyed it because it was traditional Russian ballet of a fairy tale. It also displayed backstage scenes of ballet performers rehearsing. There were two acts and a 25-minute intermission period.  The music was by Tchaikovsky, choreography was by Yuri Grigorovich, musical direction by Pavel Sorokin and Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra. It looked very classic and traditional Russian. The hostess for this event movie was Katya Novikova, and it appears she speaks many languages because she often translated what she was saying in different languages.

Mzlle / Pixabay

I enjoyed their performances, and the ones that stood out for me the most are the lead characters, Princess Aurora and Prince Desire, played by Olga Smirnova and Semyon Chudin, because they were graceful, dainty, and elegant, as well as the Bluebird and Princess Florine characters, played by Artemy Belyakov and Anatasia Denisova, because they were dramatic and strong dancers. The Bluebird character actually leaped high and swiftly in his dancing, like as if he was actually fly like a bird. And, Florine twirled like quickly, like she was twirling on the ice. The Lilac Fairy, played by Yulia Stepanova, was pretty and dainty, as she pranced and danced delicately on the stage. The Evil Fairy Carabosse, played by Alexei Loparevich, was entertaining, although he didn’t do any dancing. He was like the wicked witch in this fairy tale, but this witch is a crouched man with makeup and red wig. I don’t remember the Catalabutte character much, but I think he probably walked on and off the stage at different moments, which I was just concentrating more on the ballet dancing. There were also kids in the performance, and they were the pages. The young people were cute.

skeeze / Pixabay

I also noticed skits from Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Puss in Boots in this Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. During my 25-minute intermission, I just relaxed and drank my cacao drink, which was refreshing. The ballet movie ended at 4pm, and when I went into the lobby, I noticed that it was still very stormy outside and nonstop. I drove slowly home in the rain, and I noticed there were many other cars going somewhere, although most parking lots looked empty.

I enjoyed this movie, and I want to check out Bolshoi Ballet of Swan Lake, which will play there in February.

For more information, check out


The Raven Movie Review

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

After one hour of yoga, I returned home eat my lunch. Then, I watched an interesting movie, The Raven, again, on an indie channel. It is about Edgar Allan Poe assisting a detective in finding a serial killer in Baltimore. When the killer kills his victims, he tends to use Poe’s writings as hints. So, the detective often asks Poe to explain certain lines that the killer leaves behind with the dead victim as clues to solving this crime mystery story.

Moreover, I noticed all kinds of Illuminati symbolism in this movie, such as an Illuminati Party, victims are often tortured in an underground tunnel, clocks and watches, the tongue of a victim is cut off, and other dark content.

I might watch it again, when it comes on again, because it is intriguing. I never understood Edgar Allan Poe’s work before because it was so dark and strange. But I think I do now because it appears to be about conspiracy murders and Illuminati-related dark content.


Little Light of Love?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

I woke up at 8am, but I went to bed because I felt tired. And, I woke up around noon, fed Gumby, and ate my own raw vegan brunch.  While watching an old film, The Fifth Element, I decided to draw another page for my graphic novel. I finished drawing the page during the same time the movie ended, and I noticed the song at the end, A Little light of Love by Eric Serra. The movie is by Luc Besson, and the soundtrack is by Eric Serra. The move is interesting because it is artsy and futuristic, and I remember using it for my graphic design project at Platt College. But as I listen to the lyrics to this movie, I now notice that the lyrics are quite disturbing about the N.W.O. and Zionism. The song is about a “one religion” that will lead to this little light of love. Is it talking about One World Religion and One World Govt?  The song also mentions lots of lies leading mass destruction worldwide. Don’t forget that Paris, France has now experienced two false flags that I am aware of.

A Little Light of Love by Eric Serra

The Fifth Element is by Luc Besson

As I check out other music by Eric Serra, I notice that they are all dark about the N.W.O and Zionism. The Protect Life music has to do with The Rise of a Planet. I decided to listen to another song from the movie called Leeloo, which is interesting because my late Siamese cat’s name was Lelou Belle, and she had green and thin Siamese body like the character, Leeloo, played by Mila Yoyovich. Since this music is instrumental, I am not aware of any meaning to it, but I am sure it is the same dark content.

Some Entertainment Ideas

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I turned on my computer at 6:30pm, after I have been drawing all day. I entered IMVU to earn some double credits for my avatar life by watching videos. I watched some videos demonstrating food recipes, which were good ideas, but it went by too fast and I wasn’t able to take notes. The veggie recipes were actually ones that I would actually do for myself. Interesting ideas!

Jolly Rancher edible shot glasses, Halloween Marshmallow Pops, green smoothie bowl, mini grilled cheese pizzas, gluten-free peanut butter cookies, fried lasagna bites from frozen lasagna, pizza breads that have 100 calories, gluten-free black bean brownies, sliders, key lime pie cupcakes, pumpkin spice empanadas are mini pumpkin pies, carrot cake smoothie bowl, and tater tot cheese bake. I had to watch 12 videos, which were interesting, in order to earn. There were more, but I eventually stopped at fourteen videos because I wanted to move on. I think these video demos are with OBSEV Foods, if anyone wants to google the site and check out the video demos.

Clash of Kings Dragons official TV commercial, Lyft, Family Farm Seaside, VEGA Conflict Battle Anywhere, Soul Hunters, Slotomania, Spades Plus Trailer 3, Stubhub, Play Juice Jam, Hearthstone TV commercial Comeback, and other video games. Sing karaoke duet demo on android with celebrities, which involved Flashlight demo with Jesse J.

I watched Star Trek Beyond official trailer, Ghostbusters 2016 official trailer, Nerve 2016 official trailer, Deepwater Horizon 2016 trailer, Finding Dory 2016, Suicide Squad 2016 official trailer, and Independence Day Resurgence 2016 official trailer. Star Trek Beyond looks like an interesting science fiction movie. Ghostbusters 2016 looks more entertaining the older crap versions because it has the crazy comediennes, Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Nerve looks like an interesting movie for young adults, while Finding Dory looks like a cute animated Disney film for kids. Suicide Squad, Deepwater, and Independence Day Resurgence look like the typical Illuminati promotion crap movies with shitty actors that suck.

Next, I decided to watch some videos that apparently went viral. The red carpet movie premier for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children involved interviewing Eva Green, which I am assuming is one of the actors.  Grilled shrimp summer rolls video, Strictly Come Dancing reality show elimination recap, LeBron James endorses Hillary Clinton clip, Taylor Swift breaks up with Calvin Harris, USA/Russia trade blame Syria after Washington drops ceasefire talks, Cleaning Window Screens Tips with Tony S. Jr., relieving allergies tips with a doctor, Kim Kardashian is safe in NYC after a Paris Robbery clip, ESPYS 2016 was big deal because it had Sports Icons, Middlesbrough Footballer shares taxis with tourist fans, IL Ragno Che Puo’Curare is about a spider venom that can kill bacteria, based on University of Ireland research news clip, some Breakfast tips and recipes  from food editor Jennifer Perillo for people on the go, Drake gives a 6-year-old girl Leah a birthday surprise, and many others, but I stopped at watching thirteen videos.