Holiday Open House

Holiday Open House

Tomorrow we will be going to the Holiday Open House at the antique shop where we have our booth.  We went up yesterday and straightened our booth and took some new things.  The road where this shop is located is home to a whole string of antique shops.  It is referred to as Antique Alley.  All of the shops are having their open houses tomorrow so it is quite an event.  They do this type of thing often, so they are always promoting each other. We have really enjoyed being part of Antique Alley and selling our antiques there.

After we make a few stops on Antique Alley tomorrow we will head on down to Whitesburg .  We have an appointment to do some appraisals for one of our regulars.  So, tomorrow will be a full day for us.  We are getting better at our time management and we will really be saving time and money by being able to do these appraisals tomorrow as we will be close by anyway.  We might figure this stuff out eventually.

Today Harold has been out cutting some wood for the stove and taking care of some other chores. I think that we are finally starting to be able to mark some things off of our to do far as the home improvements go.  I am really loving the way that our home is feeling right now.  We are really starting to get back to the cozy hideaway feeling that I have been trying to accomplish.   The addition of the wood stove has added so much to the feeling and ambiance that we have tried to create.

As we have a full day tomorrow we will (hopefully) be enjoying a cozy day at home on Sunday before heading into another busy week in getting ready for the holiday.




I write about my sister Wanda all the time.  I also have another sister, Margaret, that I never write about.

Years ago, Margaret and her religious beliefs turned away from our family.  Even when my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she only visited her twice in the months before she died.  I haven’t spoken to Margaret since then because in my heart I do not feel as if I have the ability to forgive her the pain my mother felt because of her.

But right now I am really feeling torn.  Margaret has a daughter named Laurie.  Laurie recently turned fourteen years old and it weighs so heavily on my heart that I want to get to know her.  I would love to really be able to be an aunt to her.  She recently started to text me and she is such a sweet girl.  It makes me want to really know all about her.

I want to know who she is.  I want to know what food she likes to eat and what kind of clothes she likes to wear.  I want to know who her crushes are and how she likes to wear her hair.  I want to know all of the little unique things that make her who she is.

I saw a video on Facebook of her singing at church and she has such a beautiful voice.  I had no idea that she was so talented.  But then again I have no idea about anything.

And so I am torn.  I want to get to know her, but in order to do that I would have to reach out to her mother, and I feel as if that is something that I just can not do.  But if I don’t, I don’t know that I would ever get to see Laurie again.

Antique Show at Calvary College

Antique Show at Calvary College
Antique Show at Calvary College

On Saturday Harold and I set up to sell at an antique show at Calvary College, in Letcher, Kentucky.  It was the first time we took part in a show like that, but we really enjoyed it.  We met a lot of great people also.

The gym was full of great antiques and primitive items for sale.  There was everything from advertising signs to Hoosier cabinets.  It was an antique lover’s paradise.  Everything was organized so nicely by our lovely hostess, who also provided a selection of nice soups to warm us up on the chilly day.

The Calvary College Campus, which is now a retreat center, was the perfect atmosphere for the show.  The lovely old buildings and the farm like scenery was a beautiful setting nestled among the hills which provided a breathtaking backdrop.

We had a very successful day and sold quite a few of our goodies.  I did four appraisals on site and made an appointment to do an estate appraisal on a collection of stoneware crocks on Friday.

We were also delighted by the horses, cows and alpaca that live on the campus.  Not to mention the curious cat who made several rounds throughout the gym checking out all of the items.

The reenactment of the Civil War battle at Leatherwood was taking place right down the road so we saw several Northern Yankees and Confederate Rebels in their full get ups come wondering through.  This really added to the ambiance of the day.

This was probably one of the best experiences that we have had since we have been in the antique business.  It was a lot of work in packing, unpacking and then packing and unpacking again.  But the hard work was worth it and truly paid off in the end.  I am really looking forward to our next antique show wherever it may be.

Deer Me!

Deer Me!

One of my favorite things this summer has been watching the deer that roam about the campground.  We have had at least four sets of twins, a couple of single babies, and all the mommies and daddys.  Last night I counted 13 in the lower field at one time! Nature is amazing!


DSC00121Apart from the deer, we also have wild turkey in abundance and there has been talk of a bear that has been seen by several people in the area.  I think it is possible that Harold and I are the only people who haven’t seen it!  It was never seen on the campground, but several of the campers saw it up on the main road on the way to the park.

I worry that the deer are getting accustomed to people driving up and stopping to admire them and take their picture and that will have a sad ending when hunting season begins.

This is a very populated area and Harold says that it will become overpopulated soon, which also would have a negative effect.

There are also some elk herds close by and while they are not here, it is only a short drive to the sites where they can be seen.  We had some campers who went out and watched the elk and brought back videos of the young bucks rattling horns with each other.  They were surely a site to behold.  The population of elk is increasing at a fairly rapid speed here, so it will not be long until the herds spread out and cover larger spaces.  The herds we have now were brought in from other states, but Kentucky has proved to be a great natural habitat for them and they have made themselves at home rather nicely.  Most of the herds made their homes on reclaimed strip mining jobs right now.

I am so thankful and so blessed that I cant live every day surrounded by this beauty.  Sometimes I forget that it is a blessing and I take it for granted .  Then all I have  to do is take a step outside to be reminded!

Oh What A Season

Oh What A Season

I have been away for this blog for a while.  The reason for that is my husband and I have been managing a campground.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but in all actuality it wasn’t what we had expected it to be.

I didn’t expect that we would have to deal with such rude people and I didn’t really realize just how nasty people are. People don’t mind leaving their filth behind.

I don’t mean to say that it was all bad, because it wasn’t.  We did meet a lot of wonderful people and we made some new friends.  We did make some great memories, but at this point I’m not sure if the good will outweigh the bad.

I think that the main issue was that the campground is owned/leased by the fiscal court and so many of the issues that came up were very political.  I have never been a political person before now, but that sure has changed.

The whole experience will be good for a few good blog posts anyway.  I sure did learn a lot in the past five months.

I’m glad that it is behind me and that I am free to move on to something new.  While it was an experience I looked forward to, it sadly enough, became one that I now regret.

And I do have plans of how to fill my time now.  I have a lot of things to do that I have been neglecting because our days have been so full at the campground.  I’m looking forward to getting these things done.  We have a lot of work to do on our house, to really make it a home.  Yes, we are going to be living here at the lake year round now, so that is something new and different.  (And more to blog about!)

Parlor Chairs – Before and After

Parlor Chairs – Before and After
Parlor Chairs – Before and After


I love a good project and I love a good bargain! I love when a good bargain turns into a good project! This was one of the best that I have had in a long time!

I found these great parlor chairs at a thrift store. I bought them for a unbelievable price of $12.00 for the pair! Yes! the pair! I paid $7.00 for the Gentleman’s chair (the one with the arms) and $5.00 for the Lady’s.

They looked rough and dirty, but they were sturdy and strong. I knew that they had so much life left in them and I was excited to bring that life to them.

I stopped and got my favorite flat black  paint and the red material was a pair of red drapes that I found at another thrift shop on the same day.

I smiled a little when I was standing in line with my chairs waiting to pay. The two ladies (a term I use loosely) behind me were talking about my ugly dirty chairs. It’s ok though. They didn’t see what I saw. I knew they would be beautiful again.

And I think they are! I wasn’t sure about the fabric at first but the more I look at them the more I fall in love with them!

The little table / stool in the middle was my husband’s find for the day. He found it at the same thrift store and picked it up for a few dollars. It was really rough. We redid it to match the chairs.

So, my total cost for all three pieces, when finished, was less than $20.00. Not too bad! I think that they turned out great and the will be perfect in my living room when we get the remodel finished in there!

This has been one of my favorite projects that I have done in a long time!



Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Baby It’s Cold Outside!
Baby It’s Cold Outside!

It is dreadfully cold!

We’ve had freezing rain and ice everywhere! My DH has gone across the hill with his nephew so I’m pacing the floor waiting for him to get back!

I’d rather have snow any day than this stuff!

I got an early start this morning! I got up at eight o’clock. So I got a lot of work done this morning. I wanted to get a jump on my deadline for next week as I probably won’t work very much Thursday and Friday as I plan to spend those days with my sister.

I am usually not a morning person at all, but I feel like I really did accomplish quite a bit this morning. Maybe it’s time to create a new pattern of sleeping! I keep telling DH that, but we always end up staying up too late and then sleeping too late.

But it’s ok! We both work independently and our nest is empty. We’ve no one to answer to but ourselves! So we sleep when we want and we eat when we want and every day is different and new! It’s a great life!

A few years ago if someone told me I would be living this bohemian type of lifestyle I would have never believed it! I worked many years in the community mental health center and worked my way from administrative assistant in human resources to department manager of housing budgeting in the fiscal operations department. Life was very structured! DH worked as a pro-tech at a Nestle prepared foods factory. He was a line boss and his life was very structured! The only problem was our structured lives ran on different shifts! So for over ten years we basically saw each other for lunch on Monday through Friday and spent Sundays together.

Now we are together all the time practically. Alone! So we are embracing this new freedom of living!


Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day
Girl’s Day

In my family, the tradition of “Girl’s Day” began years ago. It all started with my sister, Rosie, and I taking our mom out for her birthday. Just us girls.

And when I say we took her out, I mean we took her out! One year we took her to Nashville, Tennessee for the last show of the Grand Old Opry at the Ryman Theater. We spend a great weekend touring around Nashville.

Another year we took her to Savannah, Georgia and she got to see the ocean for the first time at Tybee Island. It is a moment I’ll never forget. She was so surprised. She simply said, “I never thought I would get to see the ocean.”

Even though our mom’s gone, my sister and I still have Girl’s Day. Now we usually try to do something about once a month, just the two of us. Of course, it’s not a trip to Nashville or Savannah. But we get out and go shopping and have lunch usually. Once we took the weekend and went to Indiana to visit an uncle. But usually it’s just a day.

This month our girl day is on Friday. January 16th. Which would have been our Mom’s birthday. So it is really fitting that we would have our day then.

We generally take turns deciding what we do on our day. She’ll decide one month and I’ll decide the next. Last month, being December, we went out and did some Christmas shopping and had lunch. The month before we went shopping for outfits to wear to BabyBoy’s wedding.

She says this month it is my turn to decide where we go and what we do.  So, that’s something I need to figure out here in the next couple of days. We always have fun on Girl’s Day! It’s always a relaxing and enjoyable time for us. It’s just a little harder to figure out what to do in the winter time!


Country Ham Biscuits

Country Ham Biscuits

One of  the things that has become a tradition in my family is getting together for brunch.

We usually try to do this once a month and it is usually on a Sunday when everybody’s schedule suits.

One of our favorite things that we have is country biscuits with ham. I know that sounds a little ordinary, but we love them.

The last time we had them we tried a different sauce with them. We had them with a dijon mustard butter and they were over the top!

Instead of using just a regular dijon mustard we used Grey Poupon Mild and Creamy dijon mustard made with white wine. The mustard butter was very flavorful and the mustard taste wasn’t over the top at all!

41aq+0v08aLThis was the perfect combination with the biscuits and ham. I am not a big fan of mustard, but this was so good! It truly was mellow and creamy and really delightful.

We always buy the ham ends and pieces from our local grocery store and the frozen Pillsbury biscuits, so theDSCF6030y are quick and easy to put together.

Everyone enjoyed them so much. But of course we made some without the dijon butter, because some of our crew just does not eat mustard on or in any dish.

I think we have found a real winner here! Country ham biscuits are a true Southern comfort food, and it is a go-to menu item in our family. They are a perfect addition to any brunch or party menu.

We have a local catering company who makes the best country ham biscuits, and I can not figure out what the sauce is that they use for them. It is completely different from the dijon butter that we made. Our biscuits may not be on the same page as theirs, but they are a close second!


My First Moment

My First Moment
My First Moment

Hello!  Thank you for coming to share some mountain moments with me!

My name is Michelle and I live in the beautiful mountains of Southeastern Kentucky.

Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. (This first post is always the hardest!)

Apart from what I’ve already told you,I will try to just hit on some of the big things in my life.

I am forty-one years old. Wow! A sentence like that can really take the wind out of your sails sometimes.

I am happily married to the most wonderful man that has ever graced the earth with his being. We have been together for about twenty-five years, but we have only been married for fifteen.

Together we are blessed with one of the greatest blessings a person could hope for. Our wonderful son – I call him BabyBoy because I’m his mom and he can’t stop me.  BabyBoy turned 22 last year and in November he got married. So he is out in the big world taking a new journey with her.

So my honey and i have an empty nest.

What do I do with myself now? I make my money by doing internet research and being a fact finder. I enjoy it very much. It not only allows me to work from home it also brings home the bacon. And you will come to learn that we enjoy bacon very much.

My DH and I are also in the business of buying, selling and trading antique and vintage items. We have been pickers for many, many years. We used to have a shop in town but the rent was raised ridiculously and we just couldn’t afford it. Plus living way out in the country like we do just made it difficult. We still do online sales and private sales. Once you get bitten by this bug, there’s just no stopping it!

What else? I blog. I do freelance writing. I cook. I am a Kentucky enthusiast and a history freak. I have a deep seated dream to someday do something or make something or write something that will be pinterest worthy.

I am glad that you are here to take this journey through life’s mountain moments with me.

It may be a curvy windy road, but together it can be a really enjoyable ride.