Absurdity After the Orlando Terror Attack

I find it incredible that some people in the US, particularly in government, are trying the use the terror attack in Orlando, Florida, to further their agenda of gun control. Some people are even going to the extreme in absurdity to say that guns should be banned entirely. Of course, there are quite a few facts that are being ignored. First of all, the right to own and bear arms is guaranteed by the US constitution. To enact a total ban, besides being extremely unwise, would mean repealing a very important part of the constitution, which is the guideline of how our country should be run. Why would it be unwise to enact much stricter gun control laws, though? The answer has been shown repeatedly. Although it isn’t very intuitive at the surface, stiffer gun laws increase gun related crimes. Countries with the strictest gun control laws also have very high gun related crime rates. This includes homicide. The same is true in the United States. Areas that are very strict tend to be among those that are highest in crimes that involve guns. Both Orlando and Berkeley have tough gun laws. Both have had mass shootings in the past year. Places that have lax gun laws haven’t had the same issue. (Note that England has very strict gun laws and a couple of days after the Orlando terrorist attack, a lawmaker in England was shot and killed.) It might not be intuitive, but the reason this is the case Continue Reading →

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