Absurdity After the Orlando Terror Attack

gun control and Orlando

I find it incredible that some people in the US, particularly in government, are trying the use the terror attack in Orlando, Florida, to further their agenda of gun control. Some people are even going to the extreme in absurdity to say that guns should be banned entirely. Of course, there are quite a few facts that are being ignored.

First of all, the right to own and bear arms is guaranteed by the US constitution. To enact a total ban, besides being extremely unwise, would mean repealing a very important part of the constitution, which is the guideline of how our country should be run. Why would it be unwise to enact much stricter gun control laws, though? The answer has been shown repeatedly.

Although it isn’t very intuitive at the surface, stiffer gun laws increase gun related crimes. Countries with the strictest gun control laws also have very high gun related crime rates. This includes homicide. The same is true in the United States. Areas that are very strict tend to be among those that are highest in crimes that involve guns. Both Orlando and Berkeley have tough gun laws. Both have had mass shootings in the past year. Places that have lax gun laws haven’t had the same issue. (Note that England has very strict gun laws and a couple of days after the Orlando terrorist attack, a lawmaker in England was shot and killed.)

It might not be intuitive, but the reason this is the case can be easily understood. A person set on shooting a place up is less likely to pick a target where there is a substantial chance that someone there will be packing a weapon. The would-be shooter won’t accomplish what they are after if they get shot before they can do what they mean to do. There are areas that have a large gun ownership population and these usually have a lower crime rate. That isn’t just a lower rate of crime for violent crime, either. Consider that a burglar is less likely to try to rob a house in an area where half of the people have handguns, rifles and shotguns in the house. This stands to reason, since the burglar’s chances of getting shot are greatly increased as compared to an area where only one in ten homes own firearms.

Statistics show that this is exactly the case.

In the case of Orlando, something else enters into the picture. The shooter didn’t just arbitrarily decide to go on a rampage, he was doing the shooting because he was a follower of a radical Muslim group that has very little other objective than to kill as many innocent people as possible. I submit that if he was dead set on the terror massacre, the weapon of choice would make little difference. For that matter, if he wasn’t able to procure his own firearms, he could have easily purchased one illegally, on the black market. Money wasn’t an object. Even a total ban wouldn’t have stopped him, though it would have put the innocent people at even greater risk, because nobody else would have had access to a firearm for protection.

It could be thought about this way; I’m a peace loving, God-fearing man. However, if someone was to threaten my family with bodily harm and death, I’d use whatever means were at my disposal to stop them and to protect my family. Doing so is actually supported by biblical passages. David wasn’t a violence loving man when he slew Goliath. He did this because his people were being threatened with extermination. He didn’t use an assault rifle to kill Goliath, but there were no firearms at the time for him to use. Still, he did use a weapon…and the strength and guidance from God…to defeat a much larger and battle tested enemy. Imagine what would have happened had there been overwhelming laws and regulations regarding slings!

If there is any message that can be taken from the tragic terrorist attack in Orlando, it must be that gun controls are making it easier for terrorists to commit acts of terror. If anything, the happenings at both Orlando and Berkeley show us that we should be relaxing some of the gun control laws that are already in place.



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  • I agree completely. Very well-said @rextrulove. People are posting that guns should be banned as if it will solve the problem. It wouldn’t work. If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Also, in countries where guns are banned, these terrorists are blowing themselves up! They would still try to kill as many innocent people as possible.

    I knew the moment that I heard about the terrorist attack in Orlando that anti-gun activists were going to jump on their soapboxes and anti-gun bandwagons. These terrorists target places where people won’t have guns for protection. Maybe if someone HAD been armed, they could have taken him down before he killed dozens of people.

    What we need to do right now is contact our U.S. representatives and U.S. senators and let them know that we’re not in favor of gun control. They’re going to try to use the Orlando massacre as a reason to take away our rights to keep and bear arms. No matter the state where you live, you can call 202-225-3121 to leave a message for your lawmakers. Several anti-gun bills are going before the U.S. congress in the coming week. We must defeat them before they destroy our freedom.

    • rextrulove says:

      You are entirely right, @kimdalessandro. There is even a great example of what happens when the government enacts extremely stiff gun control laws. That is exactly what happened in Germany in 1939. First, gun registration then harsher and harsher regulations. Finally it was gun confiscation, something our current president and Ms. Clinton have admitted to being in favor of. In the case of Germany, in 1940, Hitler seized control and there weren’t any people with guns to say otherwise. WWII began in 1941.

      To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, only slightly, the right to bear arms is totally unimportant…until someone tries to take that right away.

  • wolfgirl569 says:

    Well written. I agree completely. Come in our house and you could be staring down the barrel of several different ones. That is if you make it past the dogs.

    • rextrulove says:

      @wolfgirl569, you’d be right at home in Montana. Nearly everyone here either owns a gun (or several) or at least supports the right to own them, regardless of the kind of gun. Hunting is a huge industry in this state, but even if it wasn’t, people would get a bit ansy here if you tried to take away their guns. That includes most of the law enforcement here, who also support the right to own and bear arms. I rather wish that a few of the people in that Orlando nightclub had been packing. There would have been far fewer deaths.

      Radical Muslims are all for the idea of strict gun control laws. What they don’t understand is that the majority of Americans are totally against them. They are far too used to countries who have already given up their right to own guns. They are the ones that are controlled by radical Muslims. It irks the present administration (and possibly the next one) to be proven wrong yet again, so they come up with the hogwash about needing to control guns, taking them out of the hands of law abiding citizens so that only criminals can and do own them.

  • wolfgirl569 says:

    @rextrulove Too cold there for me. I hate winter lol. Most of the small towns here in Ohio are like that too. But then you get into the bigger cities and it changes some. I know it is still legal to open carry here but people would probably freak out if they seen me get out of my car and strap on a gun because no one exercises that right anymore. I remember just last fall a school near Columbus was put on lock down and cops called because a guy was walking home from hunting that morning with his rifle. I see that all the time out where we are and dont think twice about it. It is like anything else. If people dont like it they want no one to enoy it. And always use for the children as their favorite excuse. My kids grew up around guns and were shooting 22s by the time they were 10. I kept it by the front door often, because of needing to protect my chickens. They knew what would happen if they played with it. Moms wrath was a fate worse than death. But unlike many kids anymore, mine also knew that death was permanent. Many anymore are so sheltered that they dont even understand that. I have seen people get a babysitter for kids because a funeral would be too traumatic for them.But then the kid dont understand what happened to grandma or that favorite uncle. I think that is where some of the problems with kids shooting at other kids comes from. They dont understand that death is final so dont understand how dangerous a gun, knife or any weapon truly is. I too wish a good guy or two would have had a gun at many of these shootings. But sadly in many areas, and mine is one of them, almost all business post no guns allowed signs. As you said only the law abiding pays attention to it.

    • rextrulove says:

      @wolfgirl569, I actually don’t have a problem with businesses posting signs that say no guns allowed. Businesses have that right and I can understand why many of them would say it. I don’t necessarily advocate people walking around downtown with a tactical assault rifle strapped to their backs. There is a time and place for everything and most responsible gun owners know it.

      Like you, our kids were raised around guns, just as I was. We ate more venison growing up than all other kinds of meat combined. My father taught hunter’s safety courses. My mother could out-shoot most men and was an expert hunter. My sisters can both handle a rifle well, and my brother and I were taught how to handle firearms. We were all also taught to respect firearms and to not aim at anything we weren’t planning to eat. I think that is a pretty good rule. I taught my kids the same way and both my son and daughter can handle rifles and handguns. My daughter loves to go deer hunting, too.

      The pastor at our church is an avid deer hunter, as well. One of Montana’s biggest sources of income is from hunters, especially out of state hunters. In the area where I live, I’d say that it would be much harder to find families that don’t own at least one firearm, than it would be to find one that did. I know for a fact that my three nearest neighbors have rifles.

  • tallawah says:

    We never had Gun Crime in Jamaica until we passed the Gun Court Act in 1974. This made possession of an illegal firearm, (even one bullet) punishable by life imprisonment. {the mandatory sentences were changed in the 1980s so a judge has discretion)

    Since passage Jamaica has become one of the most dangerous places in the world.
    This is because it is nearly impossible for a decent citizen to get a gun, and one can rent guns from criminals.

    • rextrulove says:

      @tallaway, that is a wonderful testimony. There are quite a few people in the US who could learn from the experiences there. Gun control laws don’t control guns, they only control law abiding people who wouldn’t use guns to commit crimes to begin with. The guns are still there, even in places where they are outlawed. This is telling, too. If they are present even when it is a crime to have a gun, obviously the criminals are the ones who have them, by definition.

      Compounding the absurdity is the fact that there are people who try to use gun control for political purposes. Guns are not political and gun control shouldn’t be. A gun shoots just as well regardless if the person pulling the trigger is liberal or conservative.

  • wolfgirl569 says:

    @rextrulove I agree it is a business right to choose but at the same time that makes those big popular crowded spots prime targets for attack. They showed a video of the hunter, he was carrying the rifle properly, had his hunting gear on and even his license pinned in plain sight. Not to mention hunting season was in for several different things. A little common sense from the caller could have saved the guy some aggravation. He did not get in any trouble as he was well within the law including far enough away from the school that was put on lock down. It would have saved scaring some kids also. Some schools here are now allowing the teachers to take active trainer shooting courses and carry at school if the teacher wants too. I am very glad to hear of that happening. It has been proven many times that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.

    • rextrulove says:

      Oh, yes, @wolfgirl569. People do sometimes panic and go off half-cocked (pun intended). I put most of the blame on the media, who tend to blow things way out of proportion rather than simply reporting the news. Shootings (and stabbings and beatings and clubbings) have always happened, but in the past, the media didn’t treat it like chicken little, acting like the sky is falling. The way the propaganda agencies (formerly news agencies) are handling anything remotely related to a shooting, it is little wonder that people over react and act paranoid.

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