When You Have to Call Computer Technical Support

You are humming along just fine, then something happens and the system stops working as it should. You know that it is time to call technical support, but you want to have the best experience possible when you do. What are the tips that allow you to get the best service you can get? You might be surprised that you do have a lot of control over the amount and level of support you get. None of the ways to do this are difficult and they are pretty easy to understand. A good first step is to have as much of the information you are likely to need on hand before you make the call. For instance, if you are calling in regard to a computer problem, it is a good idea to write down the make, model, type of processor, amount of RAM and operating system. Note that you may not always know this information and may not be sure how to find it, but the more information you have, the more smoothly the call is likely to go. When you make the call, keep in mind that the technician is not your enemy; they are there to assist you. The technician understands that you are frustrated, however yelling, screaming or shouting profanities isn’t going to help you and may make the technician a little less inclined to help to the best of his or her abilities. By remaining calm and pleasant, you help the technician to help you. Continue Reading →

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