Beautiful and Fascinating Rainbows

Many people love seeing a rainbow when it occurs. Rainbows are not only beautiful and fantastic displays of the master artist’s art work, they are fascinating, too. Many people don’t stop to think about the wonder behind rainbows when they see one, so it can be interesting to look at a few facts about them. * Rainbows are most often seen during or just after a rainfall, when there are a lot of tiny water droplets in the air. However, rainbows can also appear in fog, clouds or when there are crystals of ice in the air. Both water and sunlight are needed to make a rainbow, though, regardless of the state of the water. * In order for a rainbow to be seen, sunlight must be refracted by almost exactly 42 degrees to the eyes of the observer. The water or ice crystals act as billions of tiny prisms to refract the light, but it still needs to be 42 degrees of refraction. If the angle is too great or too small, no rainbow is seen, even if the other conditions are perfect for one. Additionally, to see a rainbow, the sun must be behind you and the water droplets or ice crystals need to be in front of you. * Since the rainbow is made from the refraction of light off of droplets of water or ice at a distance, two different people standing side by side won’t see exactly the same rainbow. They will each have a Continue Reading →

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In Loving Memory of Garae

About 11 years ago, we got a little black kitten and I named her Garae (pronounded Gah-RAY-ya). She was a tiny thing and adventurous, but from the very beginning, she was loving to everyone in the house. She especially took to me and enjoyed jumping or climbing up on my shoulder, where she’d curl up and go to sleep. As small as she was, she had a huge spirit, so much so that I named a character in my first book after Garae. In the book, Garae is a werecat, black, ferocious and seven feet tall at the shoulder. That kitten was only a few inches tall, but she did act as if she was seven feet tall. As Garae grew, she also showed that she had a keen intelligence. She was also an excellent hunter, but she knew that our pet birds were off limits. One memory was of caring for a rock dove that had been injured by a car. One day the dove got out of its cage and flew around the house. Garae caught it, but she used neither claws nor teeth to do it. She merely pinned it to the floor until I could get over to pick it up and return it to its cage. Garae was also our ‘good will ambassador’. I was rehabilitating wild animals periodically and she would greet them all with a sniff and a lick. Once, we rescued two orphaned baby ground squirrels. Garae gave them the customary lick Continue Reading →

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The Truth About Fad Diets

It is a really good thing when people want to eat right, though it is sad when they only do so because of excess weight or a medical condition. What is even more unfortunate is how many people are taken in by fad diets. In almost six decades, I’ve seen many and most of them ignore the basic rules of nutrition. Some of them are outright strange. Let me explain what I mean. Low Carbohydrate diet The low carb diet is one that is touted from time to time. The idea of this diet is to eliminate as many carbs as possible from the diet, with zero carbohydrates being the ‘ideal’. The problem is that our bodies get most of their energy from the digestion of carbs. Cutting out all carbs or even most of them can lead to serious medical conditions, not to mention a lack of energy. Our bodies require carbs. Our bodiesĀ also require sugar, so the closely related “no sugar diet” is also not good. Cutting down on the amount of refined sugar is a great idea, but that is entirely different. Fruits and vegetables contain sugars that don’t have as many harmful side effects as refined sugar, which doesn’t do much more than boosting glucose levels in the blood. Fructose or fruit sugar isn’t the same thing as glucose. The whole idea is that what the diet should actually be aiming at is a better balance of proteins and fats for the amount of carbs that Continue Reading →

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When You Have to Call Computer Technical Support

You are humming along just fine, then something happens and the system stops working as it should. You know that it is time to call technical support, but you want to have the best experience possible when you do. What are the tips that allow you to get the best service you can get? You might be surprised that you do have a lot of control over the amount and level of support you get. None of the ways to do this are difficult and they are pretty easy to understand. A good first step is to have as much of the information you are likely to need on hand before you make the call. For instance, if you are calling in regard to a computer problem, it is a good idea to write down the make, model, type of processor, amount of RAM and operating system. Note that you may not always know this information and may not be sure how to find it, but the more information you have, the more smoothly the call is likely to go. When you make the call, keep in mind that the technician is not your enemy; they are there to assist you. The technician understands that you are frustrated, however yelling, screaming or shouting profanities isn’t going to help you and may make the technician a little less inclined to help to the best of his or her abilities. By remaining calm and pleasant, you help the technician to help you. Continue Reading →

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