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I have been away for awhile, struggling to build my reputation on iwriter -a feat that I can easily say that I have achieved. Earning more than $1000 while working online is not easy especially if you have only been working for a few months but iwriter gave me an opportunity to get that amount (the biggest I had ever earned online).

As it is with most people, earning is one thing but spending is another. The latter is even more difficult. I could not just ponder around wasting my hard-earned cash, so I needed to invest it somewhere. I understand that it is not a big amount but hey, it is worth an investment. I went through multiple sites trying to get one that would give me a viable investment option albeit on a small budget.

The answers were plenty.

From a lending site to forex trading, it seemed like i was spoilt for choice. However, after a little more research, I found out that most of these sites will only leave you with losses and they are not perfect for a guy with only a small amount of money to invest.

I then stumbled upon an idea of a product review website. I knew it was not the easiest thing in the world but i decided to give it a try. I consulted the internet and the advice given seemed to be telling me ‘boy, the niche is good, but earning from it ain’t easy’.

My innovative and hardworking mind can not just give up on this.

I went ahead and bought web hosting from a good hosting online with fair prices and set up a product review site. I am also a web designer, with a new company running on the sideways (i’ll come to that later), so it was not that difficult to come up with a website.

It has only been a few days since the website went live and so far i’m getting around 4-6 new visitors per day with returning visitors being on a maximum of 2 per day. I can only attribute this to my ever growing knowledge in SEO.

I have to concentrate on getting traffic first but I also have to earn money at some point or later. With all these in mind, I have signed for an affiliate program but it is yet to be included in the website. I am thinking of writing the content in a better way first of all, add more content and then provide affiliate links. I know it is not easy, but I’m confident i will make it.

If you have  any idea on how such a site can be made even more profitable feel free to share. Anyway, I will be keeping you posted on the same, so keep on checking.

Its a wrap for now.

17. October 2014 by deezy007
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  1. I love your idea and you have really worked to make it true. Now I will make my contributions of ideas on how to make it better but what do you consider in return for me?
    Don’t forget you also got paid to write web content at iwriter!

  2. I will Jordana, keep checking out for a new post.

  3. So you created a new site to earn more or from this iwrite site?

    • Hi Dick, I want to diversify my source earnings, so I’m looking for places that would make me earn more. That is why I have created this new site to add to the earnings I get from iwriter.

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