Freya the Catblog Cat on SEO

cat  in drawercat  in drawerI, Freya, the Catblog Cat, understand that Human 1 says she has to start thinking about SEO in my blogs. Is this, I ask, Something Extraordinary Of  an eating nature? To be honest I am more interested, myself in the fact that we have some extremely delicious food that Human 1 is mean enough only to give me two packets at a time of.

We cats do not usually overeat so I don’t see what the fuss is about and it wans’t me on the table trying to open a packet with my paws. That was some other cat. I just feel hungry and like eating this morning and sh….don’t tell Human 1 but I just sneaked the milk in her cereal bowl.  I think it might have been for me anyway bas she left it on the floor.

Human 1 has been waging war on a dog. I will call him Mr Very Bad Dog because he keeps leaving a calling card on the grass and that is not allowed. Now people want Human 1 to put up a CCTV camera to catch the bad dog at it, Human 1 says this is extreme.  The Humans in this village do like it tidy, and people have been advising Human 1 on strategies to catch the Human on the end of the bad dog’s lead. I think she is going to resort to a hard stare. Human 1 is worried the dog might bite her is she says anything. If it does I will bite it. Love from Freya, the Catblog Cat and a Human who is not good at SEO. (She read somewhere to put me in the first and last paragraph.) That is why you have my picture twice today.

All images in this blog are of me, Freya the Cat blog Cat and my Cattyright
All images in this blog are of me, Freya the Cat blog Cat and my Cattyright

It is a Disaster

All images in this blog are of me, Freya the Cat blog Cat and my Cattyright
All images in this blog are of me, Freya the Cat blog Cat and my Cattyright

This morning is not the sort of morning any cat respecting cat should have. As mornings go, it is a disaster.

Firstly, there is the issue of how I was sitting very comfortably and thinking about breakfast on to of Human 1. I completely disagree with her view that it was her body so she could move it if she wanted. I stalked out of the bedroom with my tail waving in disgust and I hope she saw.

I had to spoil the effect of my dignified exit because Human 1 was clearly forgetting I had an empty breakfast bowl. I had to speak to her very loudly. I gave her my best “meow,” but that is when disaster struck.

Human 1 searched all the cupboards and we are both out of breakfast. Honestly, she should be more careful to keep supplies in. I am making do with cat biscuits which is not the same at all and planning to keep on pestering her till she goes to the shop.

I went with Human 1 as far as the village shop once and I know it gives you bags with cat food in. I try to make sure Human 1 understands that the odd occasion when they come into the house without it is not acceptable.

Meanwhile, I have gone into hiding because Human 1 has the comb in her hand and I do not feel like that kind of attention and I don’t have a flea.

So far, no sign of Mr BadCat this morning. He couldn’t steal my breakfast anyway, because as I told you, there isn’t any.

If you are a blogging cat, then please do talk to me. I have quite a few round the Interact on the Internet and would love to make more. Human 1 things there are some groups we can join here on Blog job, but she can’t work out how to yet.

This is me, Freya the Cat blog Cat.
This is me, Freya the Cat blog Cat.

Come on, how many blogs can a cat have? I seem to blog all over the place but we are posting less on places like Bubblews because it is not filling the dinner dish. Also I am busy writing a book with the help of my human.

In case you don’t know me because you never found me on Bubblews or Persona Paper, I am an Oxfordshire village cat and have never really named my human, so I call her Human 1 and my great friend and supplier of Catbiscuits lives next door and I call her Human 2.

There is also the Boy. He is Human 1’s son and a cat called Iris owns him.

You need to know I have my own Cathouse as an extra one in the garden and continually wage a war with a most unsavoury character who is a ginger cat we call Mr BadCat.

Human 1 says I can only post on Blog job on Mondays as she thinks she would like to have one blog for each day of the week.

She has not decided what the other blogs will be and I may need to lend a paw. Just as long as Human 1 does not get so carried away writing she forgets to fill my dinner dish. This has been known to happen before.

Excuse me, I have to go now and stare hard at the very barky dog outside. Purrsonally, I have always escaped from any collar put on me and think dogs have to be very stupid to allow themselves to be on a lead.

I have a Facebook page and would like you to like it.

Hopefully my Human can figure out how to share my blog posts to it, but she says it will take a while to figure out this Blog job site.

Love from Freya, the CatBlog cat.