Simple Fun Activity for Toddler at Home (1)

Simple Fun Engaging Activity for Toddler at Home

Simple Fun Activity for Toddler at Home (1)
Hello lovely Mommies,
I am always on the lookout for finding some fun and engaging activity for my toddler who is now 4 years old. Its basically the afternoon time when he finds himself a bit bored.
After lunch, he takes rest some times but at other times he just loves to play. I try to engage him in drawing books, but then he is one of those kids who gets bored easily.
So, I kept on reading about some simple activities for 4 years old which he can do himself, finds interesting and fun to do plus it can be done easily at  home.
Since this is my activity based write up here, so I also want to add that I am a frugal mom and want to do activities from the regular things which we can get at home. I hate going out just for those things.
So, now over to the activity which I did with my son at home. Here is the final pic of the activity:
Engaging Activities for 4 Year Old
Final Image of the First Activity I Did with My Son


Engaging My 4 Year Old Son With This Fun Activity: 

The first thing I did was to create a pattern from a Snail’s Clip art in Photoshop. This was easily done within no time and next step was to get it printed. Here is the image I got after the print:

4 Year Old Learning Activities at Home

Fun activities for 4 years old at home


I took out some bigger picture so that it is easy for my son to paint them. Next, I cut each of them so he can take one image at a time and then color them.
I wanted to do something which can keep him occupied and entertained both at the same time. He seemed quite interested in this because this was the first time I did something like this with him.

Fun Filled Activities for 4 Years Old at HomeFun Filled Activities for 4 Years Old at Home


Thankfully he was loving all of this and very happy with the final result too. He was doing this with full concentration and finding it all so much of fun.

Fun Filled Activities for 4 Years Old at Home Fun Filled Activities for 4 Years Old at Home

The next step was the learning step with all this activity.
The first thing I did was to take all of these colorful snails and ask my son about all the colors he has filled in these snails.
So that way he learned all the colors which he has used. The next thing I did was to do some Maths with these snails:
Counting the snails in total.
No. of Snails of each color
Simple additions like 1+1, 2+1.
I have seen making him learn everything on copy doesn’t help him every time. With this fun activity, he was able to grasp things better.
The third thing which I did with these snails was to make him write the numbers and alphabets.
So, I took one of his copies and pasted these snails. Then I asked him to write the number below each of the snails. I loved the way he was writing it with so much of diligence something which he was not  doing before.
Then, I also asked him to write the spelling of SNAIL. I wrote on a rough sheet for him to see and write and he was able to do it.  This was a simple, frugal and fun filled activity for toddler at home which thankfully my son loved to do.
So Mamas please do mention in the comment box would you like to perform this activity with your toddler?
I would be happy if you too can share some of your easy and simple activities which you do with your toddlers at home. It is always good to learn from other Moms. I would be really thankful if you can give some love and share this post on Pinterest.

Simple Fun Activity for Toddler at Home (1)

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