Simple Fun Activity for Toddler at Home

Easy Fun Activity to Teach Shapes to Toddler at Home

Teaching shapes to toddler at home can be made a quite interesting event. One day I thought about creating a simple activity for him to let him learn different shapes. But I never wanted to teach him all the type of shapes because that way he will become confused. So, I started with only the […]

Simple Fun Activity for Toddler at Home (1)

Simple Fun Engaging Activity for Toddler at Home

Hello lovely Mommies, I am always on the lookout for finding some fun and engaging activity for my toddler who is now 4 years old. Its basically the afternoon time when he finds himself a bit bored. After lunch, he takes rest some times but at other times he just loves to play. I try […]

mom and toddler

My First Post on the Blog

This is my first post on this blog “Mom and Toddler” and I am feeling so excited to start. Now, if you are wondering as to what this blog is all about, then here I am sharing you all about my plans with regard to this blog: I have a son who is 4 years […]

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