Old feelings…

One could fall in love many times during the course of a lifetime, but the first rush of love always holds a special place in our hearts. The novelty, like the first drops of dew on an untouched leaf, of the feeling makes it special and unforgettable.

There had really been nothing so special about this day…

except that, YOU WERE BACK

I don’t know. I ain’t even sure if it must really be a reason to consider this day a SPECIAL one.

While reading all the messages you sent me days ago (which I WONDER WHY I’VE JUST NOTICED TODAY),my heart was really beating so fast that I almost faint…my eyes got misty out of the blue..


i rapidly burst into tears when i’ve read the last words,

i’m sorry in a million ways, i hope we could still be friends.”

Believe me, I hope so too, but you think it’ll be that easy? DON’T YOU THINK IT MUST’VE TOO LATE NOW?

God knows how much I prayed that everything between us wasn’t over yet… that there’s still a way to bring you back to me…that there’s still a chance for you and me to become US…

God also knows how hard I tried to delete you from my system, how I wished I could forget how much you mean to me, how much I resisted to love you more every waking day. But God didn’t grant me these.

Just this morning, my friend asked me this question.

“What if he comes back?”

You know what I said?

“I’d act as if HE WERE NEVER GONE.”

But now, I don’t even know if I could still pretend as if you were never gone, as if everything was so okay that we can easily patch things up.

I swear, it ain’t that easy to do.

At this very moment, THERE’S JUST ONE THING I WISH:


So bear with me please.

This is only one thing I ask of you. Tell me everything I have to know.

So I can now completely go on with the life I should long have.

I hope someday everything will all make perfect sense.


 I don’t exactly dedicate this to you. Let’s perhaps say, this is for that someone I thought you were. 🙁


This was written on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 1:40am and was first published on Facebook notes. This is a throwback of feelings now. 

Start of something positive


I have learned about blogjob since 2015 after seeing posts from my friends and colleagues in social media and other online forums. I have also seen a lot of people being paid just by doing anything in the said site, so I decided to sign up immediately and create my own personal account. Initially, I was too eager to accumulate points (which are convertible into cash) so I ended up adding some new friends, liking and commenting on every status I see, joining groups, posting on forums and of course, creating my own blog. 
But time went on and I have become too busy with my offline office job, so I typically ended with nothing in blogjob. How unfortunate, right? 
And now, after how many months that had passed, I stumbled upon this site again. I logged in to my account and revisited my personally created site which is not surprisingly empty. Lol. Also, I’ve had a lot of new friend requests and group invitations which I approved immediately and earned me some points.
This time, I felt something different with blogjob. My burning passion to write is awakening. I want to make my second encounter with blogjob a sweet and wonderful experience. I want this to become something worthy of my time and effort. 
So from now on, I will be starting to post my original blogs about everything under the heat of the sun. 
“Michie’s Random Musings” will be a perfect title for my first site here in blogjob. Yes, it is only the first, because I am looking forward to be creating more sites in the coming days. Those sites will tackl emore on movie reviews, restaurant reviews, travel getaways and my online earning programs. 
I am really so excited about this. I just do hope that everything will be going well. 
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