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It’s that time again…

Just as every day, I find myself struggling to keep working around this time in the afternoon. Why? It’s so frustrating, and I literally feel angry with myself. Why can’t I push myself to finish out the day? I’m not making  a massive amount of headway in my to-do list. I’ve done a bit of cleaning, and I’ve answered some… Read more →

Hello, Again…

I tend to be a little absent from my writing for a legitimate reason. My nausea is wildly out of control these days, and staring at a computer screen only serves to make it worse. I’m not sure what the deal is, but writing has become unbearable. I’m hoping that when my nausea subsides I can get back to writing… Read more →

Sooo Tired…

I feel like I can’t recover from my trip home. I am so tired, and I feel like I can’t get enough sleep. I mean, yesterday, it was all I could do to keep myself awake. I wanted to take a nap so bad, but my daughter was showing no signs of slowing down. So I just had to stick… Read more →

Caffeine Intake

Lately, I have been drinking a whole lot more caffeine that what I usually do. I’ve been feeling extra tired. I think it’s the stress of trying to save money and to get everything done. Even when I’m not working, my mind is going full throttle. As a result, I am wearing myself out. Even when I get a good… Read more →

Sleepy Me = Silly Me

I have this bad habit of working myself until I’m exhausted. I mean, at one point, I was going to school full time and holding down three jobs. I’m not afraid of working hard. But, sometimes it takes a toll on me. Every once in awhile, I get really sleepy, and I can feel just how hard I’ve been working… Read more →

So Tired

For some reason, I have been way sleepier than normal. On any given day, I am pretty tired. I keep up with the house, take care of a child, and manage to maintain my little writing career on a daily basis. And, when your job is your home, you do it every single day of the week. I don’t get… Read more →

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