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Adult Coloring Books

I admit it… I’m a sucker for anything that brings with it a feeling of nostalgia. Naturally, after seeing a coloring book marketed towards adults, I knew I’d eventually get one. I’d actually been wanting one since around January. I’d read that it’s super healthy for combating stress hormones in the brain. It helps you relax, lets your brain de-stress,… Read more →

My Favorite Kind of Pampering

Maybe it’s a girl thing, but I love to get pedicures. There is nothing quite as relaxing as having someone clean your feet, massage them, and paint your nails. It is one of the best feelings ever. First, they let you soak for a few minutes to soften your skin. Then, they clean around your nails, and scrub your feet… Read more →

How I Like to Relax

People with no kids generally don’t think that being a stay-at-home mom is stressful, but it is. I am always stressing out about something: money, cleaning, errands, raising the child, and just about anything else that might come up. And sometimes I need to de-stress. In general, a good book is my go-to. It helps me clear my mind of… Read more →

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