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Running Behind

I started out waking up at like 7am this morning. That’s about normal, if not a bit early for me. Since my little one still wakes often throughout the night, I sleep in as late as the kids will let me. But, regardless, I always wake up tired. Anyway, I thought, “Sweet. I’ll be able to get a jump on… Read more →

It’s that time again…

Just as every day, I find myself struggling to keep working around this time in the afternoon. Why? It’s so frustrating, and I literally feel angry with myself. Why can’t I push myself to finish out the day? I’m not making  a massive amount of headway in my to-do list. I’ve done a bit of cleaning, and I’ve answered some… Read more →

Crossing Things Off My List

Each day, I write out a list of things I hope to get done. Usually, I aim to have it done by the time my husband gets home from work. That doesn’t always happen, and sometimes I work more after dinner together. Some days, I don’t even get close to finished everything. But, today is different. I’ve already managed to… Read more →


I’ve recently started trying to be more “mindful.” That is, I don’t push myself. If i’m fighting myself to get something done, and I’m searching for any way to procrastinate, which essentially results in an afternoon of nothing getting done (not even relaxing), I take a break. If I’m fighting myself to not get on Facebook while responding to emails,… Read more →

End of a Long Day…

It’s getting kind of late, and I’m beat. I had such a busy day, and yet I feel like I didn’t get anything done. It’s probably because I didn’t wake up until 10am. My daughter was up until past midnight, so she slept in. Since she’s usually my alarm clock, I didn’t wake up until she did. Anyway, I let… Read more →

Meeting Some Goals Today!

I’m feeling pretty good about my progress today. I had a slow morning, but I’ve managed to earn 400 points today, here. I spent a lot of time earning social points, though, which is why it took so long to earn that much. I am so OCD about making my points even. I started with 2652 when I logged on,… Read more →

Goals for the Day

Today got a late start. My husband and I were up late watching TV and talking, so we didn’t get out of bed this morning until about 8:30 or so. And, after watching a bunch of shows about food, we decided to go get some donuts for breakfast this morning. We went to Amy’s Donuts, which is somewhere we’d never… Read more →

Today’s Goals 10-6-14

Yesterday, I was able to cash out on this site, and I was so excited. I even got the money in my Paypal account within less than an hour! I am always so shocked at how quickly the admin on this site are able to send payments. I’m super appreciative, though. Anyway, I managed to get some stuff done yesterday,… Read more →

Today’s Goals 10-5-14

Today is Sunday, and I’m behind on a lot of writing goals. But I’m making a lot of progress. I am going to cash out today. There is no doubt about it. I am about 450 points away from the 10,000 point mark, and that’s only 9 posts. If I count this one, I only need to write eight more… Read more →

Goals for the Day

Okay. So maybe my day is kind of over. I mean, it’s almost 9 o’clock at night, and I’ve been up for quite a while. But my husband is busy with work stuff right now, so he’s not exactly wanting to hang out. We would normally be watching TV or something right now, but I feel like I hardly ever… Read more →

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