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Inspirational Quotes

I love getting on Pinterest, and one of my favorite categories is the “Quotes” section. I like to repin quotes that mean something to me, and I scroll back through them when I am feeling sad or uninspired. Here are just a few of my favorite quotes that I’ve discovered: “Live every day like he’s deploying tomorrow.” I love this… Read more →

Letters to My Soldier

Every girl who’s dated or married a soldier has probably, at some point, written a letter to him. Basic training (aka boot camp) is probably the first time. I wrote to my soldier almost every day while he was in training. They were not allowed to have any phones, and the amount of time they had access to pay phones… Read more →

My Type of Guy

I think everyone is attracted to a certain type of person. They have qualities that they really like, and people tend to be more attracted to certain styles. Even a person’s hobbies and career path can have an impact on the type of people the attract. For me, I really like nerdy guys. Okay, so maybe it’s a cliche. Whatever.… Read more →

Such a Home Body

I think people are one of two things: Either you like to be out of the house, staying busy, and doing things, or you prefer to stay at home to do certain hobbies and activities. Me? I’m a home body. I like to stay home, and it doesn’t bother me to be stuck in the house for a few days.… Read more →

I Just Can’t…

I have this weird thing… I can’t clean the house when my husband is home. It’s such an odd feeling. But, when he’s in the house, I feel awkward cleaning stuff. I can do some chores, like dishes, or folding laundry. Those don’t bother me. But deep cleaning, like sweeping and mopping, or cleaning the bathrooms just never happens when… Read more →

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