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Soul Mates

When it comes to soul mates, there are so many theories that no one really agrees on. In fact, there are some that say soul mates aren’t even a real thing. For instance, some may say that love takes work. With all the people in the world, you’re compatible with more than one. Statistically speaking, they have to be right.… Read more →

Movie Review: Timer

I was browsing through Neflix the other day, and I came across this move called Timer. It’s about the future where people get timers inserted into their wrists. The timer counts down the the moment when they meet their soul mate. Some people only have to wait a few months or even days, while some have to wait many years.… Read more →

In This Moment

In this moment, there are many things. I am sitting on the couch, and I’m wearing my pajamas. I have on my blue sweatpants with my favorite black tank top. I’m super comfy, and I’m enjoying a little relaxing time right now. My brother is sitting in the chair reading a book. He is stressing because he has to write… Read more →

Gotta Love Rainy Weather

There is something about rainy weather that makes me feel good. I have really been loving my time in Colorado because of the weather. This summer and fall, especially, have been really rainy. And it’s great because it will be super sunny, then pour rain like crazy, and then the sun will come out again, all within the span of… Read more →


I only have one grandpa. He is my mom’s dad, and I have known him my whole life. My dad’s dad was never really in the picture. He left my grandma when my dad was 12 years old, and he never came back. They didn’t find him until about 10 years ago, and he became a drunk, addicted to gambling,… Read more →

Inspirational Quotes

I love getting on Pinterest, and one of my favorite categories is the “Quotes” section. I like to repin quotes that mean something to me, and I scroll back through them when I am feeling sad or uninspired. Here are just a few of my favorite quotes that I’ve discovered: “Live every day like he’s deploying tomorrow.” I love this… Read more →


When I was in Tennessee, I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit Memphis. I went with the marching band. Our football team was playing the big college there, and we got to go with them to perform at half time. It was such an amazing experience, and I’ll never forget it. I’ve never performed in such a… Read more →

Love to Read

I have always loved to read. My mom really fostered a love for books in my household, and my siblings both love to read, as well. She read us a bedtime story every single night, and she always made an effort to stock our rooms with new reading material. And it really stuck! I read all the time now, and… Read more →

Celebrity Crushes

Let’s be honest. We all have those celebrities that we are really attracted to. Maybe you saw them in an interview, and you loved how funny they could be. Maybe you admire their fashion sense, or you like the way they participate in charities. Or maybe you just really love the character they play. No matter what the reason, we… Read more →

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