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Today’s Progress 12-16-14

Holy cow. I just noticed the date, and I can’t believe that there are only 9 days left until Christmas. December has flown by, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Today has actually been pretty productive. I spent my entire day yesterday in bed because I was so sick. I didn’t even make dinner. We ended up… Read more →

Getting Into Gear

Okay… this post will mark 500 points earned for the day so far, which is the halfway point towards my goal. I also got an article put up on another site, meaning more potential income. I hope it gets edited quickly. This point also means that it’s time to get up and start cleaning. I have a lot to do… Read more →

Daily Gratitude List 12-1-14

With the holiday season in full swing, I think it’s so important to remind ourselves of all the wonderful things we have. Especially with Black Friday and all that shopping, we can get caught up with the things we don’t have. But, those are just material things. I am definitely feeling grateful for many of the things I already have.… Read more →

Today’s Goals 12-1-14

Today, I woke up pretty early. Normally, I’ll sleep well past 8am, but, for some reason, I woke up around 7, and I was wide awake. I laid in bed and looked at my phone until my little one woke up. We came downstairs, had some breakfast, and I procrastinated getting started with my day. On the bright side, I… Read more →

What a Day

Well… I needed the car today, which meant I had to get up and take my husband to work. We had to be awake by 6am, which is way different from my normal wake up time of 8 am. Needless to say, I was pretty tired. I took him to work, and headed back home. I wanted to get the… Read more →

Dexter Kind of Sunday

Today, when I woke up, the clock said that it was about 8 am. But, realizing that daylight savings time had just happened, I knew that it was really 9 am. That’s pretty late sleeping, even for me. I miss when getting up around 7 am each morning was easy for me. I felt like I was able to get… Read more →

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